Suge Knight Reportedly Shown In Videotape in Lethal Hit-and-Run

220px-SugeRap music mogul Marion “Suge” Knight is facing a murder charge in a hit-and-run death on January 29, 2015. The video below has now been released which shows why police have treated this as a murder case (warning the video is graphic). This is the type of video evidence that makes it very difficult for a defense attorney to penetrate the minds of a jury.

The hit-and-run incident that left one man dead and another hospitalized in Compton, California. Terry Carter, co-founder (along with Ice Cube) of Heavyweight Records and a friend of Knight, was the fatality. The second victim, filmmaker Cle Sloan, suffered a mangled foot and head injuries. Police say that Knight had argued with the men and followed them to a burger stand parking lot.

Last week, Knight, 49, was transported to a hospital after he told a judge that he was suffering from blindness and other complications. He is jailed without bail on murder, attempted murder and hit-and-run charges. He has fired his attorneys but from the looks of this video he should instead be hiring more.

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  1. Hard to make a claim of self-defense when you can drive away – but hey OJ got off – so anything may work.

  2. alyssa

    people who believe Suge’s defense proves he should not be found guilty of murder. killing, yes. murder? HAIL no, mane.

  3. Bill M. wrote: “Unless, unless, the jury is composed of — how would you say?”

    …people who believe in the presumption of innocence?

  4. Assume it was a gun that is seen. Absent proof that “Where were you last, Knight” is a recognized Psychic, his self-defense defense will be hard to sell. Unless, unless, the jury is composed of — how would you say?

  5. I am in no way defending Suge Knight (who is an absolute degenerate), but this video might (heavy emphasis on the might) help his defense. Knight’s attorneys are essentially arguing that the people on the set were armed and Knight feared for his life. The full video (different than the one linked in the post) clearly shows someone removing something (not clear what it is) from the waistband of the guy Knight ran over. Knight’s lawyers are saying it is a gun.

    Quote from the LA Time Article about the case: ” Toward the end of the footage, someone is seeing taking a black object away from Sloan while he’s on the ground, but the image is grainy.”

    Bottom line: Knight nor the people he ran over will ever be confused with members of the Vienna Boys Choir. Not saying anyone deserved to die, but this case is not that clear cut.

    Here’s an article from USA Today:

  6. It seems to me that the one identified as “Terry” may have had something in his hand or was just raising his right hand in an instinctive defensive gesture. Was he armed?

  7. This is the ilk young, black, males revere. That is in the top 3 reasons of what is wrong in the inner city. As the sportswriter Jayson Whitlock points out, a prison culture has been embraced by black men in the inner city. Incredibly self destructive behavior.

  8. issac: “So when the guy that was driven over was hit the first time was that a gun that went flying?”

    “Another person is then seen taking something off of Sloan’s body — a possible gun — as Sloan lays injured in the street.

    At least two other unidentified persons are seen as well, one who watches the incident unfold and another who walks up to the scene and then promptly walks away.”

  9. So when the guy that was driven over was hit the first time was that a gun that went flying? Is this a case of self defense? This is a job for Dershowitz. The ghost of Johnny Cochran must be itching to get involved.

  10. So, is he going to get a fair trial? I don’t see how this Youtube was Photoshopped but I could be wrong. I mean…..

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