Illinois Judge Rejects Prison Time For Defendant In Alleged Knock Out Attacks

7224086_GWhile the rest of the country has been trying to find a way to deter the savage game known as “knock out” (where men randomly punch pedestrians to see if they can knock them out), Judge William Mays in Quincy Illinois appears less than steadfast in his approach of the “game.” Mays had Lamar Coulter, 21, in his courtroom and a compelling record of what appeared two knock out crimes. Nevertheless, Mays let Coulter go without prison time — giving him probation instead.

Coulter was arrested after two separate incidents on June 27th of a 37-year-old man and two 18-year-old men who said that they were suddenly punched by a man who fled the scene in a car. Police arrested Coulter and Calvin L. Snell for robbery and the three men were taken to a hospital.

Even if one believes that this was not the knock out game, these were three assaults allegedly committed by Coulter and his friend. Even with no felony record, that is a pattern of violent acts that would seem to require something other than 24 months probation and 270 days in jail. The prosecutors had asked for four years in prison. With day-for-day good time credit, Coulter could be out in 90 days. Coulter was also ordered to pay $14,796 in restitution to the victims.

Coulter was apparently visiting Quincy with Snell, who was about to attend Quincy University (and seemed to celebrate his higher education by victimizing random people). Snell was expelled and he is scheduled to be sentenced next month.

This strikes me as a rather light sentence for violent acts even for a first offender.

What do you think?

56 thoughts on “Illinois Judge Rejects Prison Time For Defendant In Alleged Knock Out Attacks”

  1. Snaps for Jane she uses her intellect and does not shout out meaningless jingoism. Please please please please tell me what jail time accomplishes …. really

    1. Nothing, 99gus, unless it is accompanied by some effective behavior modification therapy. And most jails don’t do that.

      1. Tyger – I cannot think of behavior mod being used in most jails. Sheriff Joe uses some with his teens.

  2. If the drug war hadn’t filled up the prisons with NON-violent prisoners, they’d have room for the violent ones.
    You would think the NON-violent “crimes” would be the ones getting the breaks!!

    1. John – if you think drugs are a non-violent crime watch a druggie jonsing for a fix.

  3. PhillyT

    The reason we have more people incarcerated per capita is because of the US justice systems penchant to incarcerate at the drop of a pin and the fact that soft and harmless drugs like pot are illegal. Violent crimes however demand close and effective attention. The perp must be taken off of the street and dealt with, first with the objective to reform or made to understand and then if that doesn’t work, jail for long enough to insure that the public is protected. From the video, it appears that these guys have a screw or two loose. Probation should be absolutely out of the question. That is just one sick joke on top of another.

  4. PhillyT

    Speaking the truth. These “criminals” are merely pawns for people in powers. Moreover, in droves these criminals give more credibility to people like lawyers and police officers, etc.

  5. When we have more of our population incarcerated than anyone else in the world, and a for-profit prison system that not only pays its investors well, but bribes the local communities into feeding it more prisoners, it’s time to take a good long look at what the hell is wrong.

    And please don’t try to feed me any nonsense about “if people would just stop breaking the law” because we all know that is total BS.

  6. There was a time when these guys were given uniforms, ones with big fancy hats, and sent in the first wave. Sometimes it worked, they either got killed or it changed them for the better. France made the FFL out of them. Now that was a good idea. Thousands of loose ex-soldiers of the Napoleonic and subsequent wars were doing just what this mindless idiot was doing and other stuff. Instead of locking them up, costing money, and ruining their lives even further, the king at the time, Louis Phillipe used them to conquer and subdue countries for France’s empire. This guy would make a great special forces candidate, five years being a true real tough guy or twenty with no parole in jail. We are a nation of the law and the laws, but mindless law is sometimes worse than no law at all.

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