Police Arrest Precious In Nicetown For Vicious Hit-And-Run

Precious_Coleman-1024Precious Richardson Coleman, 29, is facing a particularly strong prosecution case in a remarkably disturbing criminal case. Coleman is accused of purposely running over Beatrice “Dee Dee” Spence, 24, and her uncle Damon Watson, 37. She allegedly targeted Spence with her 2004 white Dodge Durango in a jealous rage — resulting in the amputation of Spence’s leg. A video before shows her speeding up in the Nicetown neighborhood of Philadelphia, jumping the curb, and then backing up on the street before fleeing. She is charged with two counts of attempted murder and related offenses. The attack also left Spence without a home after her mother ran out to help her with fried chicken cooking on the stove. [Warning: the story below has foul language]

Coleman mistakenly believed that Spence was dating her boyfriend.

The two women had a long-standing feud. Witnesses say that at 5 a.m. Friday, Coleman drove to Spence’s house and knocked on the door. She reportedly yelled “It’s Precious. Tell your daughter to stop fucking blocking me on Instagram!” She then allegedly threw a brick through the window. Spence’s mother then filed a police report. A few hours later, Coleman called Dee Dee Spence and said that she was coming over. At about 2 pm, Spence reportedly waited for Coleman on the sidewalk with Watson, her uncle. Coleman appeared at the end of the block and then allegedly ran both of them over. Spence was pinned against the porch and her leg was almost completely torn off.

Spence’s mom, Danika Spence, heard the hit-and-run and ran out of the kitchen to help her daughter with turning off the stove where she was cooking fried chicken. As she tried to keep her daughter alive on the street, the oil burst into flames and gutted their home. Spence lived in the house with her mother, two sisters (Alissa and America), and a niece.

In torts, we often have to deal with the question of liability for injuries sustained escaping a negligent or intentional act. For example, jumping out of a careening taxi can expose the tortfeasor to liability for the resulting injuries if they were responsible for the underlying danger. In this case, few would criticize a mother who ran immediately to the side of her daughter to try to save her life in such a horrific attack. While Coleman sounds “judgment proof” financially, an argument could be made that the crime (and tort) was the proximate cause of the fire even though normally leaving chicken frying on the stove would be negligence.

What is clear is that Precious’ time on social media is close to over. She left parts of the car on the street and a video showing the attack. There are a host of witnesses as well as path of destruction in her wake. Most prosecutors would offer little in terms of a plea bargain with such an evidentiary foundation.

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  12. Aside from everything that had nothing to do with what happened, is the nonsense of Instagram. someone may lose a leg because a mental case saw something on Instagram. Could we find out some things to help us really see the problem? Does Precious work? Or is she on Federal/State aid? Is this a free Obama phone? Does it include Instagram? Both free from Feds. Where did she get the car? My point, which these answers would show, is people have nothing to do with their lives. They just breathe. Does she have a high school degree? Why not? Is the total reason for her that day to drive a car into somebody she think dissed her? Then we have an entire house burned down. All because of Instagram, well not because of, but because she had access to Instagram. I don’t have Instragram. Not a money thing, but why? How does Instragram improve my day? Someone did an article during Ferguson. iPhones. In the hundreds. I don’t have an iPhone. Again, I could buy one, but why. Have you seen pictures of people in line to buy the new IPhone? Do they appear as successful, hard working people? Where do they get that kind of money? And before everybody says it isn’t my business, it is if it’s our tax money everybody!

    What gave her the idea that she had a right to run over somebody? What gave all those looters stealing things that belong to someone else the idea that this was a lucky night? Stealing all those things that belong to someone else?

    I, at this moment, cannot find one reason for this. In some way are privacy rights involved. She read someone else’s Instragram, kind of like opening someone else’s mail? So to everybody who wants nobody to have a gun, I want Instragram outlawed. It’s the same thing. You’ll say it isn’t Instragram’s fault. Well, if someone shoots a gun it isn’t the gun’s fault. What useful, necessary reason does Instragram provide? Zero, just trouble. And the only thing that could stop someone getting shot is a good citizen with a gun!

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    Squeeky Fromm
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  14. Squeeky

    Will you personally sign my copy of your first published book of poems? 🙂

  15. @bam bam

    Don’t forget, Precious used a “white” Durango to run down black Spence, which is probably code speak for something or another. Anyway, an Irish Poem came to mind:

    Insta Ram???
    An Irish Poem by Squeeky Fromm

    There once was a town we’ll call “Nice”
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    Squeeky Fromm
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  16. In my opinion, people have become bitter and jaded by the race card being played every single time, by the mobs rushing to destroy their own communities at the instigation of Al Sharpton et al. The rushing to judgement. The people on this very blog declaring wrongly that Michael Brown had his hands up and it was cold blooded murder because they “just know.”

    Injecting non sequitur racism is a means to portray just how ludicrous it is to automatically apply it to every situation.

    But this is a serious, tragic attack and I pray for the girl’s recovery and adjustment to losing her leg.

  17. So tragic. That poor girl, losing her leg, and her home. Thank goodness no one died in the fire.

    Out of control people like Coleman just keep going until they end up dead or in jail. They’re just not satisfied or stopped until they’re forced to.

    Gee, I wonder why she thought her boyfriend wasn’t committed to their relationship.

  18. Gigi

    Don’t get her angry. She might just open a can of whoop a$$ on you and run you down with her Dodge Durango!

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