Massachusetts Couple Announces That It Will Raise 5-Year-Old Biological Girl As A Boy In Controversial Transgender Case

Gender_differences_male_femaleWe have previously discussed the issues surrounding decisions to raise children according to their non-biological sex at a young age. Now, a Massachusetts couple has decided that their five-year-old daughter must be a boy and has decided to raise the child a such. I will readily admit that I am not an expert in this field, but as a parent of four I find such a decision to be highly troubling and premature. A five-year-old child seems far far too early to make such an extreme change. Indeed, this determination was made a year earlier.

The child is now called Jack Lemay rather than Mia Lemay. The change occurred after, at age four, the parents took the child to a family therapy team which concluded that the four-year-old was transgender.

The mother, Mimi, insisted that what she saw as a “psychological burden that I don’t think anyone should have to deal with, especially not my child.” She said that the child began early on saying that she liked boy things and saying that she was a boy. The father, Joe, said that “he was showing real signs of a lot of shame and self-hatred.” Now, as Jacob, they say that the child is thriving.

They are indeed the parents and must act according to their best judgment for their child. However, as a friend, I would have strongly discouraged such a change at such an early age.

What do you think?

Source: CBS

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  3. I’ve cited Prof <Mech several times here…so here is a resource resource for his works. Another guy who has studied the Denali wolves up close and personally is Leo Keeler, a photographer I actually know in Montana, originally from Alaska, best known for his work with the McNeil River Brown Bears in Alaska. His photo stories of the Alaskan wolves (the Toklat Pack) in Denali are quite good, with approaches without harm….some of his wife, quite coincidently, literally inches from wild wolves without harm. To do this you must know yourself and not emote fear or nervous tension…not always so easy to do. The wolf will know it and “reason” accordingly. Man has not had a great reputation for benevolence with their kind…and they “know” that too.

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    1. Aridog: “lets just say my one time in high school Chemistry of flushing a chunk of raw potassium down a toilet wasn’t among my greatest moments”

      If you were looking for an explosion, then it wasn’t a great moment.

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    1. When I finally became responsible for my god daughters pit bull a trainer told me they live in the present. Months Later I was surprised to see him alert and start looking around when I took him back to his old neighborhood and the laundromat where he spent most of his first few months.

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      I am just not sure dogs are any more trustworthy than politicians.

      1. BFM: “I am just not sure dogs are any more trustworthy than politicians.”

        The unconditional love of a dog …

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        Where shall I place my trust?


        That’s a tough one.

        1. “The unconditional love of a dog …Or the Machiavellian impulses of a politician. ….Where shall I place my trust? …Hmmm…..That’s a tough one.”

          In the words of Tina Turner ‘whats love got to do with it’?

          I am not saying dogs are dishonest. Before our marriage, Blanche would steal baked goods cooling on the counter and then leave the empty pans on my future wife’s bed – just in case there was any question about what actually happened.

          Just don’t leave your lunch unattended.

          1. bfm – my politicians do not require that I feed them twice a day and then pretend I did not feed them.

  5. Aridog

    When you can figure out what has been going on with Turley’s server since the 16th of April, let me know. all I have received since then is one thumb up from Rafflaw. I have a New Computer. I trashed the Avast from because Cnet is a buggy Domain and they are all buggy together and I installed the free one from the forum and it is the correct size and works. But the extensions still do not work for gmail and should automatically work for Yahoo.

    As far as people go. I am weird also. I Identify with weird people and dolphins and animals. Personally, I think people have a lot of work to do to overcome their sadistic and critical human natures. Their minds are in the gutter and their “image” has quite a ways to go before it is in “Gods”

    Animals are born with love and honor and no true intellect and we honor the intellect. Now, why is that?

  6. Upon re-reading most of this thread, it occurs to me that I may be weird. Why do I not even think about it when I meet someone who is effeminate or otherwise seem to possibly be LGBT? It just never occurs to me. Am I odd? Only the publicity shills make me notice, otherwise, the people I know, or meet, are just people. Like me, or you, or anyone human. Maybe the reason I adore dogs is that they do not make these judgments, they just adhere to those they like without analysis. Same for horses. Cats…well, cats, all of mine at least, are just odd themselves, but I like them too. Been that way since a kid, and later in college, up through today. I grow weary of all this debate and entrapment set ups because they’d never occur to me. Even this Crowder guy has finally admitted that his video is a mash up of old stuff, edited to exclude those Muslim bakers who do not say “no” … since I live no more than one block, two at most from the places he went, I appreciate his honest revelation. Again, I’d ask…what is the point of this identifying differences, rather than commonalities?

    Yep, I am convinced I am an odd ball. 😀

    And quite happy to be one.

    Full disclosure: many years ago I was a violent and ugly personality who’d attack anyone I thought was being judgmental or otherwise harming people who were different, by any measure. The violence part solved nothing…so I quit it. For now.

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