Massachusetts Couple Announces That It Will Raise 5-Year-Old Biological Girl As A Boy In Controversial Transgender Case

Gender_differences_male_femaleWe have previously discussed the issues surrounding decisions to raise children according to their non-biological sex at a young age. Now, a Massachusetts couple has decided that their five-year-old daughter must be a boy and has decided to raise the child a such. I will readily admit that I am not an expert in this field, but as a parent of four I find such a decision to be highly troubling and premature. A five-year-old child seems far far too early to make such an extreme change. Indeed, this determination was made a year earlier.

The child is now called Jack Lemay rather than Mia Lemay. The change occurred after, at age four, the parents took the child to a family therapy team which concluded that the four-year-old was transgender.

The mother, Mimi, insisted that what she saw as a “psychological burden that I don’t think anyone should have to deal with, especially not my child.” She said that the child began early on saying that she liked boy things and saying that she was a boy. The father, Joe, said that “he was showing real signs of a lot of shame and self-hatred.” Now, as Jacob, they say that the child is thriving.

They are indeed the parents and must act according to their best judgment for their child. However, as a friend, I would have strongly discouraged such a change at such an early age.

What do you think?

Source: CBS

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  2. When I was six years old, I began to self-identify as a dolphin and eat only cans of tuna fish. But my parents wouldn’t let me persevere in this behavior and I’ve hated them for it ever since. Now with flipper and fluke implant surgery on the horizon, I may finally make the transition. The Delphinidae community will certainly be more accepting of me than the Homos.

  3. BJ looks like some “little-chick”, whose loftiest ambition in life is to run around Calabasas in some “Tinkerbell” get-up, replete with heels and hose…either that, or it’s the biggest publicity stunt since Geraldo opened up “Big Al’s” vault, for all to yawn at….

  4. transgender is another form of “paraphilia”…a “psycho-sexual”, dysfunctional maladaptive thought process!…a vile temptation…their is NO trangender gene…more odd-ball “flim-flam…

  5. Thanks Max, even though they did have difficulty being open to their friends and family about their son, after three years they did that and more. Good for them!

  6. Annie,
    Good interview on the CNN interview. Thanks for posting that.
    It’s important to get these messages out there. It does get better!

  7. BFM, thanks. I’m a determined person and not much scares me. That may be good or bad…depending , lol.

  8. BFM, yes I can agree with you that it’s more difficult raising children on one’s own. I was married for 20 years, my oldest two kids were in their first year of college and a senior in high school and my two youngest were ages 10 and 7. It was incredibly difficult to work full time and raise young children, but yep it can be done successfully with much hard work. My four kids grew up to be wonderful adults any parent could be proud of. Having a profession in healthcare was my saving grace. I imagine it is incredibly difficult without a decent amount of income, for those moms working minimum wage jobs. Supportive family is also of utmost importance. My kids grandparents were always willing to help with my kids.

    1. “It was incredibly difficult to work full time and raise young children, but yep it can be done successfully with much hard work.”

      I hope your children realize how lucky they are to have a wonderful mom like you. And, of course, you are all lucky that you had the education, the skills, and a good job to make it all easier. But something tells me you would have found a way to get much the same results no matter what.

    1. Max-1 – I do not think it makes a difference whether the person has one or two parents as to whether they well be gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender, or cisgender.

  9. Paul I think Chaz Bono was in his 30’s when he had the sex reassignment surgery. I have no idea if Cher was married at that time.

  10. I haven’t been able to find a study that indicates a higher incidence of LGBT in single parent families. Here is a Christian family and how they dealt with their 16 year old son coming out to them. Excellent discussion after the short video clip.

  11. Squeeky, LOL! I just saw the Applewhite video. That nut bomb operated out here in SoCal, where nut cases abound! And, being a coach of many years, I know the power of positive reinforcement. You have been doing a great job not replying to people that foment strife, and engaging people like Bob Stone who are worthy people to discuss. I am giving you a virtual pat on the back!! It will get tougher as you move forward. You will be taunted, you will have things you say misrepresented, etc. Write to JT if it is way out of bounds and he will delete. He has deleted several comments I requested just the past few days or so. Or, bounce stuff off people like myself, KarenS, DBQ, and others.

  12. BFM,
    Most of these transgendered children have two parents in a marriage and family with siblings who have no gender dysphoria. Plus, there seem to be an equal number of transgendered boys identifying as girls and vice versa in these families. I don’t think we can rightfully blame gender dysphoria in single mothers. Perhaps you are just speaking of other issues that children of single parents experience?

    1. Inga – Cher was married when her daughter decided to become male?

    2. @I. Annie: “. I don’t think we can rightfully blame gender dysphoria in single mothers. Perhaps you are just speaking of other issues that children of single parents experience?”

      My remark was in the trans thread but in response to a comment related to percentages of single parent families. Over the past several decades there has been a huge increase in single parent families.

      I don’t take a moral position on single parent families. And I am sure that single parent families can provide the necessary love and attention to the children. But to act as though it makes no difference whether a family has the added resource of two parents or only one parent makes no sense to me. I don’t care if it is something as simple as changing a tire on the way to drop off the kids at school. Having too parents there or an additional parent easily available on call makes the burden much easier.

      It does not even matter if there are children. Running a household is easier with two adults than with just one adult – getting dinner on the table, shopping, laundry, lawn work and scheduling the occasional repair man, not two mention today’s virtual necessity for two incomes.

      Leave out the morality. Two adults in a household makes a lot of sense. Children just add to the tasks, complications and the need for two heads and four hands.

      The fact that single parents frequently get good results is a tribute to their dedication and stamina – not a recommendation for their approach.

      I am not aware of any data to pinpoint the cause of trans children so I would not claim that single parent families lead to trans children.

      However, I would guess that the percentage of trans children in two parent families is about the same as the percentage of trans children in one parent families. Any significant difference in the incidence of trans children would be very interesting.

  13. BFM, Another great comment. ANY person w/ knowledge KNOWS a child gets short changed w/ only one parent. Even if that one parent is a solid, stable, person, the kids still start w/ an 0-2 count on them. If the parent, almost always the mother, is unstable, then it’s doubly tough. That is not saying the kids can’t do well. But, it’s usually the boys that don’t get what they need, more than the girls. The great Daniel Patrick Moynihan predicted the demise of the inner city back in the 70’s, due to single parent homes. The illegitimacy rate was in the 20th percentile then. It is now over 75% and climbing.

  14. @BFM

    I think you have to have a commercial drivers license (CDL) or something like that to sign up for the course??? And can you imagine—a 5% illegitimate birth rate! I DVR’d this off TCM last night, and watched it today. They also had the one about the Vietnam soldier who came back from the war as a zombie, but I saw that one a few months ago on El Rey.

    I will be off and on today, because Comcast internet is sucking big time.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    1. ” And can you imagine—a 5% illegitimate birth rate!”

      I think one of the worst mistakes for the past few decades was the development of the view that most any single parent can raise a child.

      It is one thing to be a celebrity with a boat load of money or a well educated professional making a carefully thought out choice for single parenthood.

      It is a very different prospect to be a young single woman, with little education and few job prospects and a baby on the way.

      Having said that I don’t agree that moral condemnation is useful. Sanctimonious platitudes don’t do much to change behavior and they don’t help children at all.

      BTW – totally different subject: I am still looking for that sex course ace reporter George Putnam promised us.

      And is this George Putnam the same George Putnam associated with Amelia Earhart? I think Amelia looks about two full step too fast for George. But who can ever tell about attraction?

      Amelia, come fly me to the moon.

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