Putin Does Not Twerk: Women Jailed For Twerking In Russia

Russia-jails-women-in-twerking-video-at-WWII-memorialA Russian court has sentencing two women and a teenager to 15 days jail time for twerking. That’s right, twerking. The women filmed a dance video with twerking in front of a World War II memorial. The timing could not be worse — or better — depending on your perspective. The Putin regime is using the 70th anniversary of the Allied victory to rally citizens. The court ruled that the twerking constituted “hooliganism.” You will recall that this is the same undefined crime used to jail two members of punk band Pussy Riot to prison for two years for an impromptu protest at Moscow’s main cathedral in 2012.

Five women were found guilty of “hooliganism” but two of them were spared jail due to poor health.

The anniversary of the victory is a sensitive subject with some countries vehemently rejecting questions over their role in the war, such as the recent controversy dealing with Poland and the holocaust. For Russia, the historical debate continues. The country lost more than any other nation in the war and carried on a heroic struggle against the Germans. However, Stalin originally signed a non-aggression pact with Hitler under the Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact and agreed to carve up its neighbors with him before Hitler turned on Russia. People in Finland and other countries have strikingly different views of the Russian role in the war, particularly at the outset.

What is striking about this story is that there is no indication whether the women were trying to make a political statement or merely selected a public area as a back drop. It is also not clear if you need a permit for such a filming in front of the memorial. The memorial itself is shown at a distance.

Twerking-bees-dance-russia-schoolIt appears to be the twerking that is driving the charges. Russian police are also investigating a dance school in the city of Orenburg after a YouTube video showed school girls dressed as bees and twerking in a sexually suggestive Winnie the Pooh routine sparked outrage. The video led to the school being temporarily shut down.

This is all Miley Cyrus’s fault.

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  1. Bring out the psychological evaluations on Putin! Lol american Justice!

  2. Squeeky

    Here, in the US, there is a crime of desecrating a cemetary. It’s not such a stretch to consider this memorial, which I would assume many Russians view as a symbolic repose for those killed during WWII and never properly buried, as a cemetery, of sorts. While no physical bodies are buried there and no vandalism occurred involving the destruction of actual headstones, I can understand that the twerking, specifically filmed in front of this location, was considered as a similar actionable offense in Russia. The Russians are not so PC. They call it like they see it.

  3. Nick

    Not to mention those Canadians who are in on the great conspiracy of Russia owning all the uranium in the world. Actually it the profits from the uranium. The movement of uranium out of Canada and the US is controlled by the governments. Even if Putin’s grandmother owned a uranium mine in Canada or the US, the uranium can not be exported unless Ottawa and DC permitted. Also US nuclear reactors use Russian uranium products to fuel them. So, when you turn on your lights it may start in Russia.

    This is just another BS political witch hunt or bush whack, take your pick.

    Nick, there are enough valid things wrong going on. The A’s just dropped four straight. Get your priorities straight.

  4. Pussy Riot are an unstable group of “girls” who have been found on video to have done illicit things back in Russia. One was dancing in an Orthodoxy church; another Riot member was found putting a chicken up her genitals; and a few of the women in the Pussy Riot were found performing an orgy with the slogan “F&&& Medvedev”.

    As for this one, it is quite clear and evident what Putin is doing. He is ending the twerking so more girls and boys don’t end up having to be lost teenagers, having so many babies just like we have here. Russia is being seen by the West to be the best country out there with a mdodicum of sensibility regarding protecting the youth from guilty pleasures such as homosexuality, twerking, sex before marriage, etc. Something America faile d to do.

    However, they do have a booming prostitution, yes they do. They also encourage underaged sex trafficking as well. There was a video a few years back the Ministry of Interior were undercover, investigating the issue of sexual trafficking. Russian teenagers went missing, and were found being sold in parking garages, and other places.

    Police, alone, could not combat that themselves. There was also a picture of several underaged girls who had posed with Russian army soldiers in scantily clad clothes. The google words were “Gog and Magog”. Oddly enough these girls showed up in a picture but unfortunately, Google pulled that photo. It is no doubt those soldiers were using them just because they are part of the Army.

    Then again, Putin was ex-KGB and that alone tells a lot about him. Yuri Andropov would be so proud of him as he was the one who failed the Communist coup against Gorbachev and Yeltsin but Putin? He had succeeded a coup of his own without ever associating Communism with his own goals.

  5. @bam bam

    You are right, That would be like people doing a twerk video at Arlington, or in front of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Fifteen days in the hoosegow is an appropriate punishment.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  6. It’s not about being arrested for twerking. I’m usually not the one to defend the Russian government, but saying that these arrests resulted from mere twerking misses the point here. It’s about shooting a video, of people twerking, specifically shot in front of a sacred memorial which commemorates the tragic and devastating loss of life during World War II. Did these idiots have the proper permission/permits to shoot a video on this property? If not, that alone is actionable. I’m with Vladimir on this one.

  7. I’ve seen some dancing that was criminal. Think Elaine from Seinfeld. 🙂

  8. Russia is a conflicted country. It has a booming slightly illegal prostitution industry, and Putin himself was well known for cheating on his wife.

    But to make sexually explicit dance moves on TV! The horrors!

    What a wrecking ball.

  9. When Fortune Magazine does their richest people in the world, they never name the RICHEST person, Putin. He doesn’t even make the list. Well, he is the richest man in the world, the most dangerous man in the world, and w/ the help of the Clintons, now owns half of the uranium IN THE US!

  10. The Republican Party loves Putin so they are just salivating and wondering how they can get away with creating an anti-twerking law.

  11. BarkingDog

    The French have had one for some time. Putain is French for ‘whore’. It is used as an exclamatory mid range curse word, as in ‘putain’ that BarkinDog is getting on my nerves. So, every time there is a weasel like move from a dictator, one can exclaim, ‘putain’ or ‘putin’, somewhere in-between ‘dam’ and ‘sh*t’.

  12. I am with Putin on this one. The Russians take the people who died to protect the Motherland very seriously.

  13. Hooliganism: tool law in Russia. Making eye contact and running from police: tool law in US.

  14. I think that in the American lingo we need to interpose the word putin for punk.
    Example: That kid is a friggin putin.

  15. I fear that my comment wont pass WordPress but the Russian citizens need to have a pussy riot.

  16. Putin’s KGB hooliganism? Lets see what Putin does with charitable outreach. I’m trying to see how Russia helps Nepal earthquake victims. Only found spit in bucket from Russia next door neighbor.

    Russia’s Ministry for Emergency Situations has offered aid to Nepal in eliminating the aftermaths of a major earthquake that struck the Himalayan nation earlier on Saturday, the ministry’s press service told TASS.
    Specifically, it is prepared to dispatch a team of more than fifty rescuers to Nepal.

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