Police Search For Jonathan Turley In Alleged Murder Case

_82998818_jonathanturleyThis title might not be too surprising for some who always thought I destined for the gallows, but it was a bit unnerving for me. Jonathan Turley, 33, appears to have gone on the lam after allegedly stabbing a man five times over a scarf dispute. The murder occurred in 2008 as we discussed.

Turley was originally charged with attempting to murder Anthony Braniff on January 1, 2007 but pleaded guilty to wounding with intent three days before his trial. He also pleaded guilty to making threats to kill the party hostess Joleen Drummond and her parents. Braniff had gone to a party while it was raining and mistook Turley’s scarf for a towel and used it to mop his head. Turley became enraged and a fight broke out with Turley being head butted. A while later, Turley attacked Braniff with a kitchen knife and stabbed him five times in the upper body.

Turley is believed to be trying to return to Northern Ireland. Many of my relatives are reportedly from Ireland. He apparently has a violent past and was on bail when he asked for a compassionate release for a few hours. Police say that he then decided to run.

He was given eight hours to return to Magilligan Prison at 8pm, but never showed up. There has been criticism over the delay in informing the public. Turley may have been sighted in Belfast and then Newcastle.

For those of you already making inquires, I have witnesses for all of the times in question.

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  1. Full disclosure: I swore I’d not return here. However, due to what, so far, with the new format and what seems to be a moderation of off topic rants, I am willing to say I was wrong, that it can be controlled. I said as much to Professor Turley in an email. So long as it is, I will remain, as a reader (which I never quit) and as an occasional commenter.

    On topic, I am amused that a miscreant has Professor Turley’s name. No way of knowing how many of exact name to me folks are miscreants…but there are some 8000 of them/us nation wide….heck, 80+ just in Michigan alone. In a way, it is “protection” of anonymity, but I’d still prefer not to be locked up because some ax murderer has my same name. Hasn’t happened, yet, but it could. If it does occur, I won’t be blaming the police. I will calmly document who I am, one who has no use for an ax in interpersonal relationships. 😀

  2. Bettykath, wow. That seems like assault and battery and attempted kidnapping. Unbelievable! Unmarked car, cops in plain clothes who don’t want to give their names and badge numbers, manhandling 14 year old girls? I hope their families get some justice, it’s scary when your teenager can be snatched off the street by ununiformed cops in unmarked cars, for pressing a button. Why didn’t they call the girls’ parents and uniformed cops to the scene?

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