Police Search For Jonathan Turley In Alleged Murder Case

_82998818_jonathanturleyThis title might not be too surprising for some who always thought I destined for the gallows, but it was a bit unnerving for me. Jonathan Turley, 33, appears to have gone on the lam after allegedly stabbing a man five times over a scarf dispute. The murder occurred in 2008 as we discussed.

Turley was originally charged with attempting to murder Anthony Braniff on January 1, 2007 but pleaded guilty to wounding with intent three days before his trial. He also pleaded guilty to making threats to kill the party hostess Joleen Drummond and her parents. Braniff had gone to a party while it was raining and mistook Turley’s scarf for a towel and used it to mop his head. Turley became enraged and a fight broke out with Turley being head butted. A while later, Turley attacked Braniff with a kitchen knife and stabbed him five times in the upper body.

Turley is believed to be trying to return to Northern Ireland. Many of my relatives are reportedly from Ireland. He apparently has a violent past and was on bail when he asked for a compassionate release for a few hours. Police say that he then decided to run.

He was given eight hours to return to Magilligan Prison at 8pm, but never showed up. There has been criticism over the delay in informing the public. Turley may have been sighted in Belfast and then Newcastle.

For those of you already making inquires, I have witnesses for all of the times in question.

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  1. Yep, white guy is approached by one cop who goes away when told “no, I don’t have to provide id”.
    Black guy is immediately met by cop with gun aimed at him and told to lie down in the street, as is his pregnant videographer. Then three, fxking 3, more cop cars arrive to handcuff him and take him away.

  2. Bettykath, it’s lucky he wasn’t shot on sight. No denying there are two forms of policing in this country, one for whites and one for blacks. Thanks for posting that.

  3. I just re read rex msg. Ya know he only might get to post once and a while. Maybe he doesn’t know sos. If he is really rotting in an alabama prison because someone pretened to be him. We can’t let that stand. Worse we don’t know….maybe prisoners only get to be on line every so often….maybe they use ‘that’ call for a dud. I think turley owes the dude if he is still really in prison fo someone else. But will turely take the time to actually care and pick up the phone and dial. I don’t think turley will…..he counts on the government to make it right. Cuz that is the liberal mo no human to human…..just govt to human. I bet turely has never looked a con in the eye….despite 5ooo federal felonies….to see they are as every bit human as we are…..so they packed the crabs in plastic instead or cardboard….tasted the same so who gives a fux.

  4. rex above ….did alabama give you ten days or ten years on fake id ? Cus no one in their right mind who was innocent would come out after ten and be like updy do…..they’d be suing…..and a lawyer would be making a handsome commish.

  5. I knew it when I saw you with the statutues….trying to hide behind cavier and fine wine….but a knife in the study? We are at the precipice of a constitutional melt down….and no gun? You suck.

  6. turley, turley, bo burley
    banana fanna fo furley…

    If the first two letters are ever the same..
    Ya drop them both and say the name..
    Like Lloyd, Loyd friggin f o loyd and
    Larry larry is so hairy
    That’s the only rule that is contrary.

  7. It’s a ‘separated at birth’ moment… Thanks for sharing the laughs.

  8. Chinggis think it good Prof Turley have alibi. Chinggis have alibi also. Lots of yaks with Chinggis when crime done.

  9. Maybe they will use this to get the wrong man’s property by using a search warrant that only has his name on it. That would be a USCA 4th Amendment violation. Good thing he is not in Alabama or he would get a 10 year day to sentence like I did. And the cops knew I was not the one pictured in their warrant. First and Last name same different middle and social security number.
    By law the evidence was the results of “The Fruits of a Poisonous Tree” doctrine, but they still used it to get a 10 year mandatory sentence.
    Who knows maybe this will finally require the Law Enforcement sect to have a valid 4th Amendment warrant as required by established written law.

  10. Funny, he doesn’t look like a scarf-kinda-guy. . .more like an ascot-kinda-guy.

  11. Well, hopefully this won’t cause delays when you fly domestic or international!

  12. Stick with your story about “having witnesses”, and you should be OK, Professor.
    If you have DC license plate, however, stay out of Idaho.
    They wouldn’t care so much about the murder rap as the invasion of their territory by a motorist from a jurisdiction that has legalized recreational pot.License plate profiling, with the help of license plate reading equipment, is a real problem there.(Roseen v. Idaho).
    Be prepared to be told that “your eyes look glassy” …that’s part of their script.

  13. The Irish mean gene missed you. The Italian mellow gene is dominant.

  14. I just Googled my name for giggles. Musicians, actors, engineers, CEO’s popped up. Nothing to creepy.

  15. Thanks for highlighting on your blog so it will live on in cyberspace and be attached to your good name indefinitely.

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