Toronto Man Fired By Employer After Being Shown Insulting Female Reporter With Obscene Expression

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 8.20.44 AMWe have another case of a man fired for obnoxious conduct outside of his workplace. While we recently discussed this issue with regard to academics, it is increasing common for private employers to fire people who make themselves notorious with thuggish or insulting conduct in public. The latest is Shawn Simoes, who appears to have the mentality of a three year old and taunted a female report with a disgusting sexually explicit heckle on television. He was an engineer with Hydro One, which fired him after the scene was posted outside of BMO Field.

Reporter Shauna Hunt was surrounded by a group of juvenile men who seemed to wait to get the insult on the air. They wanted to embarrass Hunt by using FHRITP, which stands for “f–k her right in the p—y.” The two men speaking with Hunt actually laugh which is equally disgusting. Hunt says that two men “in a row” shouted the offensive phrase while passing by and “I could hear these other guys conspiring to do it,” Hunt added.

Hunt then confronted the group of men in a wonderfully balanced but firm way. One of the men however then proceeds to explain how using the vulgar expression is incredibly funny. “It is f——- hilarious … it’s f—— amazing, and I respect it.”

He later sent an apology to Hunt though I find it bizarre that a grown man would have to be confronted in public to suddenly realize that he is a thug with a toddler’s mentality.

His company did not like the exposure and fired him. There is of course a difference with the Duke and Boston University professors who were voicing their views of race relations and social issues. Having an employee espousing the value to degrading women with vulgarity expressions presents a different issue for a company that has hired employees to perform specific engineering or business tasks.

As we discussed recently, people who achieve such infamy on social media tend to find that their reputation can follow them with devastating consequences as in the case of Adam Smith.

It is encouraging that the team is planning to take action against all of the men but it is only considering a ban for a year. Why not just ban the men entirely? That could only be a net benefit to every other fan and send a message that boorish thugs should stay home and watch on television where they act like total morons in private.

I honestly cannot even imagine why these men — at least six in number — think that such an insult is so funny. It reflects a sad reality about the upbringing and values of too many people — not just in the treatment of women but basic civil conduct.

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  1. bettykath – a lot of sexual abuse victims do not report it to their families out of shame and confusion. I, too, wonder if this was a repressed teenager who was desperate to at least see what the female body looked like, or a sexual predator.

    I don’t follow the Duggars, but I read a magazine article where one of the daughters got married, and received her first kiss on her wedding day. Were none of the kids allowed to kiss the opposite sex before marriage? That can lead to a lot of frustrated hormones.

    So, I’m not clear on what motivated Duggar. What I do know is that I feel very sorry for the girls. They’re in the media, so having this out there must be very painful for them.

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