Toronto Man Fired By Employer After Being Shown Insulting Female Reporter With Obscene Expression

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 8.20.44 AMWe have another case of a man fired for obnoxious conduct outside of his workplace. While we recently discussed this issue with regard to academics, it is increasing common for private employers to fire people who make themselves notorious with thuggish or insulting conduct in public. The latest is Shawn Simoes, who appears to have the mentality of a three year old and taunted a female report with a disgusting sexually explicit heckle on television. He was an engineer with Hydro One, which fired him after the scene was posted outside of BMO Field.

Reporter Shauna Hunt was surrounded by a group of juvenile men who seemed to wait to get the insult on the air. They wanted to embarrass Hunt by using FHRITP, which stands for “f–k her right in the p—y.” The two men speaking with Hunt actually laugh which is equally disgusting. Hunt says that two men “in a row” shouted the offensive phrase while passing by and “I could hear these other guys conspiring to do it,” Hunt added.

Hunt then confronted the group of men in a wonderfully balanced but firm way. One of the men however then proceeds to explain how using the vulgar expression is incredibly funny. “It is f——- hilarious … it’s f—— amazing, and I respect it.”

He later sent an apology to Hunt though I find it bizarre that a grown man would have to be confronted in public to suddenly realize that he is a thug with a toddler’s mentality.

His company did not like the exposure and fired him. There is of course a difference with the Duke and Boston University professors who were voicing their views of race relations and social issues. Having an employee espousing the value to degrading women with vulgarity expressions presents a different issue for a company that has hired employees to perform specific engineering or business tasks.

As we discussed recently, people who achieve such infamy on social media tend to find that their reputation can follow them with devastating consequences as in the case of Adam Smith.

It is encouraging that the team is planning to take action against all of the men but it is only considering a ban for a year. Why not just ban the men entirely? That could only be a net benefit to every other fan and send a message that boorish thugs should stay home and watch on television where they act like total morons in private.

I honestly cannot even imagine why these men — at least six in number — think that such an insult is so funny. It reflects a sad reality about the upbringing and values of too many people — not just in the treatment of women but basic civil conduct.

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  1. Annie, could be. Why didn’t the sisters report it to their so supportive parents? Maybe Josh’s actions were God’s will?

  2. Bettykath, I wonder if the sisters hesitated to tell the parents until after the fifth girl, not a sister had reported him. This supposedly went on for over a year. I also wonder what sort of sex ed these kids were or were not given. I read that when the sisters were interviewed by police they admitted to police they didn’t feel entirely safe in their home.

  3. Interesting article on the Duggars. They tried to handle it as a family matter and then took it to the church. Duggar told a cop who did nothing (and who is now serving mucho years for child pornography). From Duggars pov, he had done the right thing and the cops weren’t interested. It was probably a church lady who alerted the Harpo staff, who alerted the police. The investigation was when the police came to him. It seems to me that his victims were his sisters, the available females. This doesn’t suggest to me that he is necessarily a sexual predator, just a curious 14 year old trying to deal with the changes in his body. Which leads me to wonder what kind of sex education the Duggars teach. Otoh, don’t 14 year old boys tend to walk around carrying something in front of them, just below the waist, with lots of questions?

  4. Nick:

    “I refuse to toe ANY ideological line. Most folks are that way really. Chris Rock does a great bit about how most of us have liberal views on some topics and conservative on others. That’s the way it’s supposed to be.”

    It’s true. That’s why Chris Rock quotes can be used to support Liberal and Conservative and Libertarian agendas. People shouldn’t be so tightly bound to a cause that they become closed minded.

    “I don’t think Karen gives a rat’s ass about it.” And true. “To each his own” are words to live by.

  5. Every sort of family can have problems. Feminism doesn’t cause bad behavior in men. Multiculturalism doesn’t cause bad behavior in men. Anti religious sentiment doesn’t cause bad behavior in men. Don’t blame these things for bad behavior in men. A bad father in the home is worse than no father in the home. To encourage couples to stay married for the children’s sake if all the children see is strife does not make for a good solid family. People should wait to get married until they are mature enough. Same with having children.

  6. Interesting article about Josh Duggar. All it said was that as a teenager he admitted to something involving underage girls. How underage? Was he 14 and they 13? 10? Consensual? Attempted rape? Feeling repressed? Flashing?

    It also says he told his family, went to the police, apologized to the girls and their families, and everyone got counseling. He also told his fiancee AND her parents 2 years before proposing.

    From the article I have no way of knowing specifically what he was accused of and neither do you. I do not follow the Duggars, but I certainly hope he is not a pedophile, because I do not think counseling can ever take away the urges to harm children. It may have been teenage experimentation or something darker. Who knows. By all accounts he acted responsibly in coming clean.

    Being religious does not mean people suddenly become Jesus Christ, sinless and perfect.

  7. With that kind of disjointed reasoning no nuclear family can ever have problems, especially if they are religious.

    The consequences of the erosion of the nuclear family are undisputed in the literature. Divorce throws up some roadblocks for kids, but an absent father with no financial support is the hardest of all to overcome, statistically speaking. Don’t blame me; blame the data.

  8. What unintended consequences came home to roost in the Dugger family. Christian, conservative, family oriented with a mom and dad in the home.

  9. Personally, I think there are many causes of the erosion of our values. The Great Depression was a period of such adversity that people valued thrift, perseverance, responsibility, and pulling yourself up by your bootstraps. WWII along with its rationing, misery, and astronomical loss of life made those who survived pamper their children, which theoretically led to the hedonistic rebellion against conservative values. Unfortunately, free love and drugs also led to skyrocketing STDs and drug addiction.

    Once again, the pendulum has swung towards insulating children from negative feedback, and making them Little Emperors instead of a beloved member of the family. Teaching manners is considered old fashioned, with the obvious results. Boys are not taught to be gentlemen. Girls are not taught to have self respect. Fathers are considered extraneous and the nuclear family unnecessary, but I’ve mentioned many times the statistics of kids born into single mother homes with an absent father.

    Actions have consequences and a lot of those unintended consequences are coming home to roost.

  10. Dugger resigned from the very anti gay Family Research Council. I wonder what Pogo would blame Josh Dugger’s behavior on?

  11. Elaine:

    “Who has eliminated games that have competition? I see lots of young kids participating in competitive sports these days. Because you read about some schools punishing kids for acting like kids doesn’t mean that all schools do it.”

    Actually, it’s quite common nowadays that “everyone gets a trophy” and no one keeps score. We also give out awards for just about everything so the kids who didn’t excel academically don’t feel bad. All that protection of their feelings makes them unsuited to fight adversity or face the real world, where you don’t get a sticker just for showing up. Plus, boys are often prohibited from rough housing at recess. Girls develop verbally faster than boys, who use physical play to make friends. With that play prohibited, they can be at a loss as to how to make friends or get that energy out. It’s a matter of the pendulum swinging between extremes.

  12. Pogo Hears a Who
    1, May 20, 2015 at 10:48 am
    “I am arguing that it is an unsurprising though unintended consequence of man-hating feminism, multiculturalism, and anti-religious behavior; that civilized behavior has died out because of them.”

    Nice attempt at whitewashing what Pogo actually said, lol.

  13. And it certainly wasn’t feminism as Pogo said, that made these jerks act like this. Blaming feminism for such behavior is absolutely outrageous.

  14. Pogo:

    “My theory is that society has degraded in the last 50 years and, as a result, uncivilized (even anti-civilized) behavior is on the rise.”

    I think people are deliberately misconstruing your position. 50 years ago our culture on a whole valued manners more. Men were not supposed to curse in front of women. Yes, it’s true that there are more protections against discrimination now, but our society’s values on polite respect and decent public behavior is indeed eroding. There are many papers written about it from a sociology perspective. How many people bemoan that utter lack of manners in children today?

    To see a modern society that elevates manners and etiquette to an art form, one must travel to Japan. There are layers of nuance in body language, tone, and phrasing that takes years to learn. Unhappily, that complexity is eroding there, as well, as elders regret the coarsening of culture.

    I do not think these men on the video would fare well in Japan.

  15. randyjet – great post at 9:50.

    Pogo – Feminism no longer means what I thought it did growing up. I’ve always felt a woman can do any job she’s qualified for, and she should be bold enough to prove herself. Feminism roared away from that basic concept into lowering the bar for certain jobs, pushing children to play with toys they don’t want to, and, I’ve heard a decidedly anti-male tone in some prominent feminist activists. I think that inserts a lot of drama and injustice in what should be an uplifting message of equality and perseverance.

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