Saudi Arabia Posts Ad For Swordsmen To Handle Increased Beheadings . . . No Experience Required

220px-Traditional_Ethiopian_picture170px-Ministry_of_Interior_Saudi_Arabia.svgWe have previously discussed Saudi Arabia’s infamous “Chop Chop” square where the country’s medieval Sharia law is carried out for everything from apostasy to drug dealing to murder. The Kingdom has had a bumper crop of executions this year with as many beheadings already this year (85) than the entire 2014 period (87). The work appears to be exhausting their executioners so the Kingdom is hiring eight new executioners. While the Saudis insist that this is a humane form of execution approved by the Koran, the fine print on the advertisement is notable: no experience is needed for those who want to cut the heads off people in Chop Chop square or handle amputations under Sharia law.

Not only is the civil service ministry accepting applications without any minimal qualifications, applicants will be exempted from the usual entrance exams. The advertisement emphasized that applicants will be required to perform amputations like cutting off one or both hands of people guilty of theft.

We showed a recent videotape of a Burmese woman protesting her innocence before being beheaded by a swordsman on a public street in the Muslim holy city of Mecca. The executioner forces her to kneel in a pedestrian crossing and cuts her head off in compliance with Sharia and Islamic principles.

Not surprisingly, the executioner job is posted as part of the “religious jobs” section.

53 thoughts on “Saudi Arabia Posts Ad For Swordsmen To Handle Increased Beheadings . . . No Experience Required”

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  2. I don’t see why the Saudis shouldn’t get to head the Council on Human Rights. The Arabs are hosting the World Cup Soccer extravaganza and they can’t even field a team without importing and nationalizing players from all over Africa. The head of FIFA may be a Jordanian. Along with the US oligarchs they explain to us mere bleacher occupants how the world is run. If you don’t deserve it that doesn’t mean you can’t buy it.

    It would make a great theme for a movie. It would be interesting to see who would play these straight faces.

  3. Saudis are savages, pure and simple…they make Pol Pot look tame by comparison…even Mugabe has more restraint…

  4. Karen S, will you be working to eliminate all, even the concept of, pain resulting from highway accidents; maybe rodeos or snow skiing and parachuting, not to mention war?

    Once you eliminate even the most infinitesimal electrical pulse crossing a thread of a synapse even suggestive of something adverse on earth, will you go galactic…universal? No pain for any entity throughout all of infinity! I’ll drink to that.

    Were you against the death penalty for the Muslim terrorist who murdered and disarticulated people in Boston. Funny how criminal scum, including but not limited to Muslim terrorists, can sentence random, innocent people to the death penalty but rational, coherent and responsible people can’t.

    Imagine that, an evil entity might perceive something “…until it dies of blood loss.”

    And we can’t have the extremely rare mistake or “miscarriage of justice,” resulting in the death penalty. That unfortunate random event is left to ships at sea, planes in the air and automobiles on the freeways, right?

    Has anyone ever mentioned the word ridiculous in your presence?

    I don’t suppose you’d be interested in signing my petition to repeal the 19th amendment?

  5. Could experience gained near Raqqa in the Islamic State count as experience?

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