Police Issue Arrest Warrant in Gruesome Murder Of D.C. Family After Linking Suspect Through Leftover Pizza Crusts

image0071432175830Police have identified and have an arrest warrant for the man suspected in the gruesome murder of a family and their housekeeper in Washington, D.C. Police are seeking Daron Dylon Wint, 34, in the murder of Savvas Savopoulos, 46, his wife Amy Savopoulos, 47, their 10-year-old son, Philip, and housekeeper Veralicia Figueroa, 57 in the family’s Northwest Washington home. What is most striking about the story is that the lead came from the crust of a pizza ordered to the house during the family’s long ordeal in captivity before they were beaten to death. The DNA reportedly matched Wint who have a long criminal history.

The family was held overnight on May 13th. It was disclosed this week that Savvas Savopoulos’s personal assistant dropped off a package containing $40,000 in cash at the home — money that was going to be used to start a new a martial arts business. The four were brutally murdered and the house set on fire. Missing was the money and a blue Porsche owned by the family. The car was later torched in a church parking lot in Prince George’s County.

Savvas Savopoulos was the president and chief executive of American Iron Works, which supplies metal to large building projects across the region.The couple has two teenage daughters away in boarding school.

Police report a flurry of calls from the husband to business associates that night as well to a housekeeper telling her not to come in. The money for the pizza was left outside the door of the house for the delivery man.

crop_358Savopoulos__326143170075028B08AB700000578-3086952-Detectives_believe_the_couple_s_10_year_old_son_Philip_Savopoulo-m-18_1431991715278The thought of what this family, and particularly this child, must have gone through during their captivity and murder is truly nightmarish. Even in a city accustomed to violent crime, this case has been chilling for the city and surrounding areas.

7837926_GA neighbor told media that he recognized Wint shortly after the homicide as someone who was “hanging out” on the front porch. Wint has a long criminal history that includes domestic violence, burglary and assault.

The DNA link on the pizza shows how far forensics have come in such crime scenes. It also shows that, even after torching a house and a car, such evidence can survive.

Authorities offered a reward of up to $25,000 for information leading to his arrest and conviction, and asked that anyone with information about the case call police at 202-727-9099.

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  1. These kinds of crimes, especially against a child, make me ill. It takes a gutless coward to torture and beat a child to death. These kinds of crimes are exactly why people defend the 2nd Amendment.

    I hope every friend he thinks he has turns against him, he’s found soon, and then sent straight to prison. I’ve heard that inmates have a special enmity for fellow cons who hurt kids.

    Thank God their girls are safe, but those poor people and their poor little boy.

  2. @anonymous then process him, book him for trial, and arraign under sentencing. See how far he goes with Bubba in his own cell. He won’t be able to take it too well.

    I’m so glad that those two daughters were safe. I knew what would happen if they were there. It’d be another Petit Jr. incident again.

  3. @ bam bam

    I too question the large amount of cash as a business transaction. We all know that if the money were taken from a bank account in such a large sum, or even broken into some smaller increments, there would be a CTR filed.

    Money laundering and under the table business transactions come to mind. I think there is more to this story.

    Like others, I feel for the surviving children. How horrible for them to have their family wiped out and their lives irrevocably changed by this crime.

  4. Better to take him alive and squeeze him for information, first. They “system” will take care of him later.

  5. There are 2 surviving daughters that were away @ boarding school. That’s for whom I pray. The dead are @ peace w/ God, is my belief. It is the living that suffer and need comfort.

  6. Did Wint deliver the pizza for a pizza delivery company? If so, so what?

  7. My thoughts and my prayers go out to this family. What a horrible tragedy. Lives taken for nothing.

    I must admit, though, that I did find something unusual in this story. I understand that the money was to be invested in another business, but do well-educated, successful and affluent individuals, such as these, conduct business using cash? That’s the part that seemed out of place. Wouldn’t a business investment, of this magnitude, have been conducted using a check or a cashier’s check? I’m not trying to blame the victims. Not at all. Just trying to make sense out of the $40,000 cash transfer. I understand that less sophisticated and legitimate people transact business in this fashion, but its occurrence here seems peculiar.

  8. I hear what you are saying Nick, but I feel (once again, maybe more out of naivete…) that this is a particularly brutal and heinous crime. Maybe as Rick above points out that there may be a lot more to it by the time it is all laid bare.

  9. Issac, it certainly seems that way. Without broadening the focus too much, it’s just troubling to hear about all the exonerated folks when you talk about capital punishment. But yeah, we can hope something will happen so he doesn’t cost a gazillion bucks in a high profile court case and end up getting social security for the rest of his life.

  10. Now, if ever there was a candidate for the death penalty, if he is guilty of killing these four, this scum is it. The best solution is for him to wax himself. However, I find the arguments by those against the death penalty most interesting in these cases. The ,’less than nothing’, killed a father, a mother, a child, and a housekeeper for $40k then burned the house down. Down here on earth, how does that not call for the death penalty?

  11. The statistics may have changed, but a decade or so ago, despite all of the money poured into the insane War on Drugs, your chances of getting arrested smuggling drugs into the US were LESS than 10%. For a case like this horrible one, the odds of getting caught are much higher. After all, the victims were wealthy. The lower he socio-economic class of the victim, the less resources expended. And, that occurs even w/ police depts. headed by black chiefs.

  12. that threat of punishment is not that effective in deterring crime.

    The threat of punishment is quite effective in deterring crime when the punishment is both (a) likely and (b) imminent.

    This is likely a major contributor to why lower income communities suffer from high crime. Middle and upper classes support police more often than lower classes.

  13. If the DNA test was done with errors, Daron should lawyer up and turn himself in and contest it.

    But he’s on the run. Better spend that $40K wisely. If the video surveillance can be cleaned up, that would be another problem for the defense.

  14. I’ll stir the pot… There has been a recent ideal (guess it goes along with the lack of personal responsibility that was borne out of the 60s) that threat of punishment is not that effective in deterring crime. I wonder if this happens as much in Saudi Arabia? Especially since they are still on the lookout for more Chop Loueys. Hmmmmm.

  15. So they were held overnight until 40k in cash was delivered the next day. It looks like someone with inside information planned this and brought Wint in on it. So all police have to do is find out who among the insiders (bank, new business, old business, accountant’s office) has links to Wint.

    It’s mind boggling how stupid most criminals are. It’s shocking to realize we live among people who are capable of such actions. I hadn’t realized there were other daughters living away from the home. How devastating for them.

  16. Holy crap–that sounds like DeathWish! Only no Charles Bronson left…

    What a horrible story. I hope there are follow ups. It will be interesting to see how this all washes out in the end.

  17. Torture makes a man hungry. However, if the DNA testing was done by the FBI lab I wouldn’t set my sights too high on the result. The FBI lab has had all sorts of problems.

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