911 Called Over Stuffed Toy Tiger

By Darren Smith, Weekend Contributor

tiger-yawningIn another bizarre example of what people will call 911 over, Camas Washington Police responded to an “animal problem” call of an SUV driving around with a tiger atop its roof. For reference purposes, tigers are not native to Western Washington.

Surely to the surprise of the caller and other tiger/bigfoot chasers of Washington the tiger was actually a stuffed toy.

Connor Zuvich was recreating at Lacamas Lake with friends when a truck came by and dumped litter and a large stuffed tiger. He then tied the tiger to his rooftop and drove around the lake several times. Apparently the fearsome sight garnered the attention of a frightened citizen who called for help.


Camas was dispatched and an officer responded to the complaint. After some investigative work, it was determined that in-fact the tiger was not real and posed no significant threat.

It should be noted however that fake animals, especially large cats, remain an underappreciated menace to Western Society.

By Darren Smith


Photo Credit Connor Zuvich

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13 thoughts on “911 Called Over Stuffed Toy Tiger”

  1. HAH again, Don de Drain! I would say you win the prize for that tail, but it would be a cat-ass-trophy. And you can tell your Paw that I’m not getting catty with anyone for saying so. Kitty will understand I’m just trying to whisker gifts into the sand box with her other treasures. Know-what-I-mean?

    1. Max-1 – not sure if it will make you feel any better, but I was locked out of commenting on a couple of threads yesterday. It did clear itself up though.

  2. From the photo above, Jennifer, it appeared to be life-sized — of a small juvenal tiger — and very natural colors and striping patterns. I can understand someone being mistaken about it being real from a distance, and I’m kind of an amateur expert on the subject of tigers. 🙂

    1. Tyger – as I said before, driving by on the freeway, I would have made the call.

  3. I heard this story on the radio. What I liked was the reporter stated the cops had a good laugh about it. See, cops are human folks. They are just like us!!

  4. Going by that realistic tiger on the freeway would have me reaching for my phone.

    On a sidenote. We do know that one or more large cats (possibly panthers) are roaming England. Cougars roam the Phoenix area. And wild animals do get loose periodically. We have an African adventure locally where you have to stay in the car and drive thru the adventure.

  5. Too funny. Nice little article, and a great photo of a tiger laughing!

    I suspect the litter dumped was for the stuffed tiger’s litter box. (What? A big cat needs a sand box, too.)

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