Egyptian Woman Arrested For Dancing On Video for “Inciting Debauchery”

Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 6.15.32 PMWe have yet another prosecution in Egypt in the name of public morality. Reda el-Fouly is shown dancing in a low-budget clip entitled “Hands Off,” or “Sib Eddi” in Egyptian Arabic. The clip below contains no nudity but a lot of sensual moves to the music of a singer named Mena. That was enough to arrest el-Fouly and seek the arrest of her boyfriend, Wael Elsedeki.

She has been charged with “inciting debauchery” after Ahmed Bakly and his fellow prosecutors concluded that the video “disrupted morality” — whatever that might mean.

The boyfriend left the country for Tunisia.

So a dancing woman in Egypt is an alleged felon for endangering the morality of the country. If it only takes the sight of a dancing woman to disrupt morality in Egypt, the country would seem to be overwhelmingly predisposed to debauchery.

Source: Times of Israel

17 thoughts on “Egyptian Woman Arrested For Dancing On Video for “Inciting Debauchery””

  1. Well… she sure incited me to debauchery, and ruined a perfectly good keyboard in the process. Guilty!

  2. On the slightly brighter side, inciting debauchery is only a misdemeanor in Egypt and even committing debauchery will only net you a few years in prison at hard labor and a small – sub $100 – fine.

  3. Squeeky

    Great video, not to mention some snappy tunes.

    If only they could possess, what the French call, that certain je ne sais quoi found (in abundance) in my girls. 🙂

  4. Funny, somehow this video got past the censors in Egypt.

    You go girls!

  5. IMHO, the statement above should read, “the every country would seem to be overwhelmingly predisposed to debauchery.” Egypt is just trying to nip over-sexualized crap in the bud, sooo I don’t blame them. They don’t want to end up like the rest of the world. It is probably a hopeless battle.

    That being said, the topic of Arab dancing girls is fun! Here are some of my faves!


    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  6. Let me rephrase that. “Only a certain class of person” could dance in public.

  7. What is the punishment nowadays for “inciting debauchery?” Are there no more Egyptian dancers?

    It appears that nudity is not required for the video to be considered porn under the current strict regime. I hope this woman is going to be OK.

    Although I disagree with their law criminalizing the video, this lady is not a good representation of Egyptian dance, which can be very beautiful. I love all styles of Middle Eastern dancing and music. One of my instructors was a lovely Egyptian, who told me that many years ago, only a “certain class of person” could dance in Egypt. Egypt had become much more cosmopolitan by the time she’d grown up. She studied many forms of dance, including ballet, and is a gifted, expressive performer. It saddens me to think that Egypt is sliding backward to a more repressive time.

  8. I am with the court on this one. There are a couple of crotch shots that would not get past the censorship board.

  9. funny he the other half of the dubatuary fled to tunisia….it takes two to tango….so the rest of them ‘looked’ ? they are in trouble…..

  10. If the arrest is due to her makeup, then I fully agree with it.

    Tin, Islam is individual first and foremost, it is all about personal choice, until the patriarchy takes a hold of it and molds it into a repressive system. As for every orthodoxy, the ideal gets lost to the practical.

  11. Perhaps they ARE “overwhelmingly predisposed to debachery.” All religions are a reflection of the people who created them, and Islam doesn’t leave much to individual choice; the premise appears to be that people must be very strictly controlled in all aspects of their lives, and that punishment for departure from these strict rules is swift, certain and especially brutal.

  12. She needs to ease up on the falafel, couscous and the drag queen eyeliner. Funny what passes for sexy in Egypt.

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