Tanzanian Election Warning: No Witchcraft

180px-lassa_witch_doctorsWith the exception of the controversies involving involving Christine O’Donnell and Sarah Palin, witchcraft has not been a persistent problem in this country’s elections. The same cannot be said for Tanzania. Indeed, the problem is so great that the government has released a warning to candidates in the October elections not to engage in witchcraft in an attempt to improve their odds. The warning is primarily meant to protect the country’s 30,000 albinos who are often murdered so that people can use their body parts in witchcraft.

Deputy Home Affairs Minister Pereira Silima said that โ€œI want to assure my fellow politicians that there wonโ€™t be any parliamentary seat that will be won as a result of using albino body parts.โ€

There is a black market for black magic with witch doctors paying up to $75,000 for a full set of albino body parts. Some albinos, as we have perilously discussed, are disfigured after gangs cut off arms or feet to use on potions. The saddest aspect is that relatives will sometimes be culprits in the crime.

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  1. There are two other factors concerning albinism in Africa. It is more prevalent, than elsewhere, and those with the albinism have health problems due to their complete lack of UV protection:


    Albinism is typically estimated to affect 1 in 17,000 people worldwide. In some regions on the African continent, it affects 1 in 1,000. Living in Africa without innate UV protection can lead to cancer, blindness, and other severe health issues.

    Plus, the high incident rate produces a great many more potential victims to homicidal superstition. What is most appalling is that since it’s rare for people to survive to adulthood, between the health problems and murder, many victims are now children.

    I hope this issue gets more public attention than our fascination with reality TV.

    This also segues into why I believe it is unfair that our closest neighbor, Mexico, pours so many illegal aliens into our country, taking up all the available spots. Why should any country get such preferential treatment at the expense of others? What about these kids? What about people in Bangladesh, Tanzania, Latvia? We need to stop illegal immigration in its tracks and make everyone go through the system, fairly. Everyone gets a background check, health check, and if they commit a serious crime while they’re here on a visa, they should be deported after their sentence. And our immigration rate needs to be tied to our economy. In times of high unemployment, it stands to reason that immigration should be lower than in times of low unemployment. If our citizens are already having trouble finding a job, you don’t import millions more people to fight over those jobs. We see that here in CA. Our water resources are dire, in part because we can’t build any new reservoirs or dams because of environmental concerns, and we’ve designed our state for decades to maximize drainage, rather than recharge underground aquifers. Citizens are required to cut their water use significantly, regardless of whether they have already conserved more than their neighbors, and yet our population has a huge growth rate from illegal immigration every year. Mathematically, we cannot reduce our water use if our population keeps growing indefinitely. Plus, this punishes those who already cut back all the water they could. It’s easier for their water hogging neighbor to curtail water use, just by washing his car twice a week instead of four times. But for someone who already has a grey water system, rain barrel, and water wise xeriscaping, he gets a large fine if he can’t further cut another 40% in some areas. I imagine it will be the pets, livestock, and horses who will end up suffering the most, as they get abandoned.

  2. We could have Edgar Winter be the spokespeople for the Albino Refugee Fund. His albino brother, Johnny, died last year.

    I did not know about the albino holocaust in Africa. Ignorance is everywhere.

  3. Witchcraft definitely exists. It’s latest spell is known as Teuvo ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I agree completely with Karen S. on this issue. This is precisely the sort of problem which refugee legislation could substantially alleviate. I fear that it will require decades of education to overcome the culturally embedded fears that drive these atrocities.

  5. Murder or maiming of albinos is rampant in the African continent. It breaks my heart that education has not eradicated such an ignorant, vicious practice. Not even children are immune. In fact, since albinos are often murdered, children may be the only source for this homicidal practice.

    I have long felt than African albinos should be automatically granted refugee status for entry to the US for this reason.

  6. What is an albino? Is this something to do with Al Sharptongue?

  7. Isn’t Hillary running on a I AIN’T GONNA TAKE NO PRISONERS platform? She can’t run on a promise of not dismembering others; she’s already been there, done that.

  8. LIsten to Rubio, Cruz, Palin, etc and then try and tell the difference. The only difference is the body part. That is reason enough. Other than the body part, no difference.

  9. Many immediately dismiss the obvious insanity of this, and then go on to drink the blood of a sky-god on Sundays.

    Um: it’s all crazy.

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