Georgia Man Arrested After Reportedly Caught On Video Putting Weed Killer In Co-Worker’s Water

Roundup_herbicide_logo06232015-Dunton-AnthonyAnthony Gerald Dunton has allegedly confessed to a bizarre crime: he was reportedly filmed putting Roundup weed killer in the water bottle of a co-worker. When he confessed to the crime, Dunton insisted that he was only trying to “mess with him.”

The co-worker in Georgia thought that his water tasted odd and was suspicious when it formed when shaken. The co-worker set up a camera and captured Dunton removing the bottle and then returning with it. This was done four or five times. Even worse for Dunton are videotapes showing him wiping off the bottle to apparently remove the fingerprints.

He is now charged with four counts of aggravated assault, though I am not sure why this crime does not meet the standard for attempted murder. He was released after making bond.

He may want to find a lawyer because the “just messing’ around” defense is not very promising.

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  1. I read “legal Insurrection” fairly often, but I am banned from commenting due to a dispute I had with Professor Jacobson about his poor management of Word Press. The lovely young lady he’d hired to administer it for him was stricken with a stroke, way too young, and is still in recovery over a year later…very sad. I contribute to her care when I can. I have a friend in Israel who also reads regularly, who runs a flawless Word Press blog, and knows Prof Jacobson personally, and will comment on my behalf if I ask her to do so. So far I’ve not had the need to ask…and would never ask for her intervention. I was probably a bit too smart mouthed in my criticism and just hacked the good Professor off…my bad as much as anything. For a while, at least, his blog was the vortex of the WP depths of doom…swallow more than it accepted at times. I’d hope he’s fixed that by now. I actually agree with him most of the time, but it is what it is…I was rude I guess and paid the price.

  2. Ari, I’ve used that word 100 times. I think JT has cleaned up the language here in case there is a vetting for an appointment coming up. It’s a great word, but his blog, his rules. Being on campus makes all subject to the speech code mindset.

  3. Nick I have to laugh if the filter grabbed the term poop-bird. It is among the most common terms in the military, especially the USMC. It’s the guy/girl who just can’t get it together, or doesn’t want to (why did they enlist?), and who is always fouling up a maneuver. Glad it was redeemed from the vortex of doom. I’d hate to be without it as a term for the inept among us.

  4. @NickS

    I read your comment over at Pansies. Do you have a link? Maybe Penelope can do something with it? The inmates there are going absolutely bonkers. Down With The American Flag!, and now Down With Broadway! Down with Judy Garland! Down with Mickey Rooney! Whew! And Mick Dumdell came out with a weird one, too. . .

    My goodness! Don’t give that boy a can of gas, or he’ll poor it on the fire!

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  5. LOL! No, just a great word I got from Elmore Leonard. It’s a damn shame JT has now banned it, if that is the case.

  6. Ari, Isaac continues to show his ignorance and contempt for the greatest Constitution ever written. This is merely another example in a long list.

  7. Darren or JT, I just had a comment put in moderation. I surmise it is for using the great Elmore Leonard’s favorite label, “sh@tbird.” I have used that word many times w/o moderation. Please edit my comment as needed to get it out of purgatory. Thank you.

  8. Isaac, You like to shoot from the hip, then parse. You suggested this guy be sentenced to life w/o parole. That is the way we speak of sentencing in this country. I had to translate your angry, “Lock up for the rest of their life.”

    Having worked for over 3 decades in our justice system, a flawed one, but the best the world has ever seen, this is my analysis. I see why JT thinks this guy was undercharged. However, I did some research and the statutes in Georgia regarding aggravated assault and attempted murder are ass backwards. The maximum sentence for attempted murder in Georgia is 10 years. The max for aggravated assault is 20 years.

    If convicted, a presentence investigation should include a psychiatric evaluation. A sentence would be computed on the results of the psych evaluation, the probations officers assessment of the defendant regarding prior criminal history, remorse and acceptance of responsibility, employment history, AODA issues, family situation, health, and maybe a few other indigenous criteria. If the jerk has a violent criminal history I would recommend the max of 20 years. If not, I would recommend less than the max using the aforementioned criteria. No way would, or should, this guy get a life sentence for this offense. That is ludicrous. Your “species” comment is bizarre. Homo sapiens, even the most despicable, are protected by the greatest Constitution ever written. Your inability to accept that is why you have so much of a problem w/ this country and its laws. Understand, when I worked for the prosecutors office and when I was a probation officer I saw killers and rapists walk because we couldn’t prove the charge. It caused me many sleepless nights and much anger. But, I would not want it any other way. Innocent until proven guilty. All “species” protected by our great Constitution. You could be just as dangerous as the killer who walks. You want to destroy and rewrite our Constitution. I can accept killers walking. I cannot accept changing our Constitution, unless done so as indicated within the framework outlined in our Constitution. Not because some uniformed hoser doesn’t like it.

    Finally, your bringing in other people less dangerous serving life sentences. Irrelevant to this matter.

  9. Issac siad…

    The Constitution is a good thing, but not perfect, and certainly not effective when perverted as it is these days. i.e.. 2nd amendment.

    How on this green earth did you conflate this thread with the 2nd Amendment? There is nothing “perverted” in the 2nd amendment. I’m one who thinks “open carry” is absurd and stupid, but as the old saying goes…try to take away my side arms, which I conceal and handle responsibly, and you”ll need to pry them from my cold dead hands. Not because I am vicious, but because others are…and the police, good as they might be, cannot protect us all all of the time. I’ve fired in anger and in defense long ago, war being what it is, but for the past 40 years I’ve never even pulled my pistol. Give those of us credit who deserve it rather than condemnation of an entire amendment. We are the least threats you can encounter. Anywhere.

  10. Does anyone know if the man who was poisoned is a targeted individual (TI). This type of thing happens to targeted individuals all the time. TI’s and probably many unwitting citizens are under second by second surveillance even while going to the bathroom. it isn’t suicide watch but it is human experimentation.Half the country that is making money from this crime and the other half is oblivious. Attorney Myron May was a TI for criminy sake. Lets stop listening to the paid government internet trolls and start listening to people who are trying to raise the alarm. my website is &
    I am not crazy and I know what I am talking about. Thanks for reading this.

  11. Paul C… …there were not tablets regularly available in the 1950’s…at least that I knew of at the time. Today, hell yes, I’m gonna use the tablets issued in RVN (10 years later) plus filters (new ones are really good) before I touch any water in places I did not grow up in…even there, at times I worry…a few years ago Detroit had “issues” with its water and for several months all tap water was hyper chlorinated…enough so algae would not grown in it for 10 days plus even in bright sunlight in a dog water dish. Man that stuff really stank, too. Today we are back to normal with very clean water. Enough so that I have friends from the boondocks who bring 10+ 1 gallon bottles to fill and take home with them. Go figure…they were originally city rats so maybe it’s a matter of “taste.”

  12. Nick

    Read the whole post. The guy should be locked up or at least monitored for as long as he is potentially dangerous, which considering what he did, his response, and his age is pretty much until he dies. I realize he is a species protected by the Constitution but there are those doing life in jail who are infinitely less dangerous to the people out here. Unfortunately they slipped through the cracks in the Constitution. The Constitution is a good thing, but not perfect, and certainly not effective when perverted as it is these days. i.e.. 2nd amendment.

  13. Under the terms of the Monsanto Protection Act, Round-Up is harmless and always will be so.

  14. I. Annie said …

    Gut bacteria imbalance has been linked to many chronic issues … to mental disorders

    Yes! And thank you, that’s my excuse from now on πŸ™‚ [They’re coming to take me away, ha ha, they’re coming to take me away…]

    PS: Severe bouts with giardia & subsequent dysentery in my teen youth seem to have never completely left me. For some reason the symptomatic issues seem to recur now and then. Not fun. Hint: if you’re a flatlander in a beautiful high mountain setting, do NOT fill your canteen from that lovely clear run off water in streams … you did not grow up with resistance to it and the sundry alpine grazers and ungulates have pooped in that run off copiously. πŸ˜€

    1. Aridog – didn’t they teach you to put the water purification tablets in it? Geez, city boys!!

  15. Isaac, You are claiming that this offense should be life in prison. Here in the Constitutionally protected USA, that would constitute cruel and unusual punishment. You don’t put someone in prison for life, if no life was taken. You do have a vengeance streak in you vis a vis criminals. I would love to know the back story on that. Liberal on most issues, reactionary on criminal prosecution. Your childish response shows deflection from the issue @ hand.

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