Oregon Reportedly Allows Children As Young As 15 To Secure Sex Change Without Parental Notice Or Consent

336px-Seal_of_Oregon.svgRainbowFlagVarious states have moved to allow children to secure birth control without the knowledge or notification of parents, including schools that reportedly will implant IUDs in children as young as sixth graders. Oregon however is going further still and reportedly allowed 15-year-olds to get a sex-change operation at state expense under its Medicaid program. What is curious is that Oregon officials are thus far refusing to discuss the program with media despite its obvious importance to the citizens of the state. If these reports are inaccurate, we should hear it directly from these officials. If this story is true, we are witnessing a significant change in our notion of parental rights without even a passing conversation over the basis and scope of such changes.

I have long been a critic of moves to exclude parents from notification of such procedures as abortions as a violation of parental rights. The idea that a child might be able to get such a sex-change operation without notification, let alone approval, of parents is astonishing. The notion that your son could return your daughter without notice is like a scene out of some sitcom.

Yet, Oregon Health Authority spokeswoman Susan Wickstrom said that the age of medical consent is set by state law and that age is 15 in Oregon. That allows the teenager to secure a sex-change operation and seek state coverage from the Health Evidence Review Commission (HERC). Since gender dysphoria is classified by the American Psychiatric Association as a mental disorder in which a person identifies as the sex opposite of his or her birth, the basis for refuse such an operation may be limited.

We have been discussing how medical and psychiatric experts are now approving the raising of boys and girls as young as five as the opposite gender. This obviously is a much more permanent course of change.

Nevertheless, Jenn Burleton, founder of the Portland non-profit group TransActive, insists that requiring parental consent would lead to more stress and even suicide: “Parents may not be supportive. They may not be in an environment where they feel the parent will affirm their identity, this may have been going on for years.” That is certainly true. However, they also may be supportive. They are a family and the parents raised this child.

It is important to note that a long list of criteria must still be met for such approval to occur. However, it is the lack of parental involvement that concerns me the most.

HERC estimates that as many as 112 Oregon kids may be gender dysphoric. The cost of cross-sex hormone therapy, puberty-suppressing drugs and sex reassignment surgeries are expected to be as high as $150,000 per year. However, HERC argues that the costs must be balanced against the education in suicides. It predicts that procedures will avoid one suicide a year with an average cost per suicide attempt in the U.S. is $7,234. Putting aside the merits of the program as a whole, that type of cost-benefit arguments seems highly questionable and illusory in my view. That does not mean that this program cannot be defended on medical or psychiatric grounds, but I do not believe that these are costs that are easily compared or measured.

In the end, we need to have a long-delayed discussion about parental rights in this nation for the array of different procedures and services for children without the notice or consent of parents.

What do you think?

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  1. “So part of it is we have to break through our kind of private idea that kids belong to their parents, or kids belong to their families, and recognize that kids belong to whole communities.”

    – MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry

    The word parents means community and the word community means parents.

    Put this woman on the Supreme Court. She is uniquely qualified.

    1. forgotwhoiam – what I like about the Melissa Harris-Perry thesis is that if I leave my kids in the car with the windows rolled up and they die, the community is just as guilty as I am.

  2. I didn’t read the other replies because….sigh. Just because. I’m a big proponent of all the LGTBPDQXYZ and whatever other initials get stuck on the end–live and let live, whatever floats your boat, IDIC infinite diversity, marriage rights, all of it.

    But, you know, we’re always hearing about how kids brains don’t fully form until well after adolescence– it’s why they do stupid shit that kills them and why they make the best soldiers, right? So maybe, just maybe we shouldn’t be enabling young people who can’t physiologically come to grips with their own mortality to make major, irrevocable life decisions regardless of parental involvement.

    I used to live in Oregon, so I’m wondering (but not enough to look it up) if this was one of the many ballot measures that routinely get passed? Maybe it would be better to mitigate the conditions that drive kids to want that change so early and provide counseling to prepare for a pretty damn big process.

    I say this, but I obviously don’t understand what it must feel like to be so out of place inside my own body. If one of my kids felt this way, I’d want to know so I could talk it through and help them navigate.

    Finally, I don’t equate this with birth control, however–I was an accidental pregnancy and doing the right thing ruined my parents’ lives. If a condom from the school nurse spared my kid that fate, then by all means–because I know how i was as a kid, and abstinence is a joke. I’d take a poke at any pretty girl in the vicinity, and there was never any shortage of “good girls” willing to let me–an argument against the pipe dream of abstinence only, and if favor of making emotionally vulnerable minors from acting impulsively.

  3. Marshall: Confucius say, “He who farts in church, sits in own pew.”

    1. Max-1 – I am not the one claiming that people are born gay. I am just say that if they are then there must be a gene or gene combination that causes it.

  4. Confucius say…”he who go to bed with itchy butt…wake up with stinky finger”…Confucius say

  5. Annie
    If God hates gays… maybe he’d stop straight people from birthing them.

    1. Max-1 – there is no evidence to prove that straight people birth gay children. If you assume that one is born gay, one or more of the parents must carry a ‘gay’ gene.

  6. @ Knuckle Duster

    Oregon is the new “gay” haven

    Depends on where you are in Oregon. Portland(ia), Eugene and some of the hippie dippie havens where it is uber liberal. However, much of Oregon is still redneck, farming, logging territory. My husband is a native Oregonite and many of his relatives are still there. Just like California which has some decidedly NOT blue areas, there are deep pockets of conservative areas.

    So don’t be deceived by the uber liberal areas and think that all of Oregon is Portland. Neither is all of California San Francisco.

  7. Oregon is the new “gay” haven…the fruit boots all wear Birkenstock’s…and hug trees, just before finding someone to who will let them “toss their salad”…get my drift?

  8. “So part of it is we have to break through our kind of private idea that kids belong to their parents, or kids belong to their families, and recognize that kids belong to whole communities.”

    – MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry

  9. It is certainly ironic that the gay community has gone so far in some jurisdictions, such as California, to attempt to outlaw circumcision, which they describe as “mutilation.” Yet they are all in favor of teens having their bodies cut up and their sex organs swapped out like some “pick your part” junkyard, if the kid feels that he or she “identifies” as the opposite gender. This would make a great sci fi novel, except it is all too real and all too creepy.

  10. Regarding parental rights, good parents, responsible parents, caring parents, would be there all along the way with their child.

    I consider myself a good, responsible, caring parent and as such I realize that the age of 15 is too young to make such an irrevocable decision. Having had a teenager and been one myself, I know that the whims and desires of that age seem to be so very strong, but given time, they change. Sometimes from moment to moment. To allow a child to make such a serious decision at that age, or to encourage such a life altering procedure, as a parent, verges on parental abuse.

    If I were in this situation, I would be sympathetic to my child. Allow him or her to express their feelings Accept that they have these feelings. If necessary dress and act in the role they think that they need to be and support that decision. But under NO circumstances would I allow medical or hormonal procedures at such a young age. I would strongly insist that no medical procedures be taken until they are older. Much older and have had the opportunity to really consider all the ramifications of making this unchangeable choice. Think it through and do not let emotions make your decision in this.

    Once they are older. Say over 24….and have thought it through completely and thoroughly then if that is my child’s decision, I would not stand in the way and would accept that decision.

    This type of thing is not a whim. It is not just getting something like a tattoo which if you regret later you can have removed or can cover up. To allow a child that we don’t allow to drink, drive, have bank accounts and sorts of other activities to decide to mutilate their body and make a choice that they may regret later and which CAN NOT BE UNDONE.

  11. These teens aren’t just waltzing in clinics and demanding a sex change operation, as had been noted there are YEARS of therapy, counseling and treatment as well as a team of doctors and psychologists and psychiatrists.

  12. I’m sure there will be a run on sex change operations now among teenagers. Get yours while they’re hot! This stuff is hilarious, truly. The hysteria is over the top.

  13. Paul,
    Still not considered mentally competent to vote for the very people declaring they are of age to completely change their sexual identity.

  14. “Blasphemy against God. Good grief, lol. I wonder if treatment for other disorders of genetic or developmental origins are a blasphemy against God. After all God allowed them to be born that way, so he must’ve ordianed it?

  15. I am a parent in Oregon and have 2 teen daughters. This new sex change law is a blasphemy against God. There’s no other word for it. ONLY FOX National News had this story broadcast yesterday. Today, FOX 12 here in Portland, OR. had it on. I called 3 other local TV stations about it. One denied it being a new law, so I asked them if my 17 yr. old daughter could now in this state of OR. get a sex change without my permission using our hard earned tax dollars through Medicaid. He would not answer, but hung up. Another station said they were reporting it today. Another claimed they hadn’t heard about it-(yeah right!)-but would “pass it along to the right person.” The news stations here in OR are trying to protect the LGBT Community. They care not that most people don’t agree with the LGBT Group who are pushing their perversion upon the public by making it legal and corrupting laws and taking away religious freedoms.

    1. Martha Neils – the nice thing about not reporting it is that the kids will not know about it.

  16. Po

    “if true”

    You don’t need anything to be true, well researched, printed in its totality, or evolved in any way to bring out the rabid. If it is true that someone 15 years of age can walk into a hospital and legally change sex, without any other visits elsewhere, without any input by professionals, of which there are many, as is illustrated by the plethora of bushwhacking cherry pickers that make up a large proportion of those who post here, then indeed Oregon has made history. However, the Friday Tabloid has been, as it often is, cursory in its reporting. I would think that a youth of 15 would be obligated to make some stops along the way before going under the knife. Regarding parental rights, good parents, responsible parents, caring parents, would be there all along the way with their child.

    There are many laws on the books to address the extreme cases but that make little sense when seen all alone.

    1. issac – you have to be 21 to drink but 15 to get a sex change operation. Something fishy here.

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