Report: Illegal Immigrants Account for Roughly 75 Percent of Drug Possession Cases and 30 Percent Of All Federal Sentencings

UnknownA little discussed report by the United States Sentencing Commission has been released with an astonishing figure: Of the more than 2,200 people who received federal sentences for drug possession in fiscal year 2014, almost three-quarters of them were illegal immigrants. In addition, illegal immigrants reportedly made up more than one-third of all federal sentences for all crimes.

Unfortunately, the comments of Donald Trump have sucked the oxygen out of the public debate on the significance of such crime trends. According to new data from the United States Sentencing Commission. While crimes by illegal immigrants are slightly down (38.6 percent of all federal sentencings in 2013 but 36.7 percent in 2014), they still represent a huge percentage of such offenses in the federal system given that they represent an estimated 3.5 percent of the U.S population. There is available data from the states, though individual states likely have figures.

This includes 20 percent of the kidnapping/hostage taking sentences in 2014 and 12 percent of the murder sentences. Another 19.4 percent of national-defense related sentences are attributed to illegal immigrants.

If you combine both illegal and legal aliens, the population represents almost half of all sentences — 42 percent of all federal sentencing in 2014.

These figures are according to the Washington Examiner and have been reported on other sites. I went and looked at the Sentencing Commission report and confirmed the figure on non-citizens but I could not locate the specific numbers on illegal immigrants. If anyone has a link, it would be great to add it. Here are the general sourcebook tables from the United States Sentencing Commission.

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  1. On a cold day a couple years ago, a Utah neighbor of mine (IIRC in the Provo/Orem area) rode his bike to and from work. He stopped at the rail way tracks. A young female “undocumented alien” could not see through the steamed up windows of (I kid you not) her CADILLAC ESCALADE. She pushed the bicyclist into the train and murdered him.

    To what “penalty” did the scum of the earth Utah Prosecutor agree? Well, like any money grubbing bureaucrat he looks for low hanging fruit, by which I mean the easiest defendant from which he can suck blood (money) to pay his bills. In this case, our dear little undocumented alien’s finances are cash gray market underground economy. If this was a working class white male defendant he would have sucked his blood dry, no doubt.

    So the prosecutor agrees to something like one year (either prison or probation, can’t remember) then deportation, after which she can return illegally over the border.

    I hope she stays in her third world shite hole, but that’s a pipe dream. If she does return and kill again, I would prefer it be the prosecutor or one of his immediate family members instead of someone less culpable like her first poor victim.

  2. Is it possible that citizens get arrested/tried in state courts and illegals are often tried in federal and this is more of a jurisdiction issue?


  3. PCS,

    I imagine that some anti-American, counterculture, collectivist liberals and the SCOTUS will “interpret” that invasion, conquest and “Reconquista” are clearly mandated by the Constitution.

    You know, Article M, Section 9, “Congress shall make no law against a Mexican invasion…or the free exercise thereof…”

    Liberals believe invasion and conquest will “transform” and improve America.

    The Constitution exists FBO (for the benefit of) foreign citizens without any possible concept of standing.

    On the basis that the “Reconquista” itself is unconstitutional, all rights of citizenship and voting rights and citizenship must be rescinded, revoked and nullified, with the illegal aliens currently enjoying illegal amnesty and undesirable invading “Reconquista”, “La Raza” Mexican invaders, compassionately repatriated as soon as possible. Interim status must be non-voting, no-entitlement “guest worker” without preclusion by union thugs.

    If Lincoln could suspend Habeas Corpus and conduct his unconstitutional “Reign of Terror” and the SCOTUS can rewrite the English language, usurp the power of the legislative branch and “legislate from the bench,” actual Americans can revoke citizenship and voting rights of illegals, amnestistas and otherwise unvested foreign beneficiaries of entitlements.

    Is “Amnesty” illegal? Is it legal to arbitrarily make an illegal act legal? Congress represents the new “Sovereign,” the People, it doesn’t dictate to the People as totalitarian government. If illegal aliens are allowed into this country, it must be by treaty with ratification or amendment by ratification – both of which must require majorities or super-majorities. The representatives must go to the People for a decision.
    The People who were Americans before invasion by “asylum seekers,” refugees, illegal aliens and emancipated foreign citizens, must cast the votes on existential issues including the question of whether America should allow itself to be invaded and subjugated by foreign invaders.


    “To admit foreigners indiscriminately…would be nothing less than…to admit the Grecian horse into the citadel of our liberty and sovereignty.

    – Alexander Hamilton

    1. forgotwhoiam – we already have a federal court ready to hold everyone in contempt. Not sure when the next court date is, but the administration is losing in this court.

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