Chad Outlaws Burka After Suicide Bombing

150px-Burqa_IMG_1127There is an interesting story out of Chad where the country has outlawed the wearing of Islamic veils over the face of women. The country took the step after a suicide bombing by the Muslim group Boko Haram used a burka-wearing man. France has been criticized for outlawing full veils or burkas so the move by a country with a majority of Muslims is surprising.

Police announced that they will arrest anyone wearing an Islamic veil that fully covers the face.

The bombing on Saturday killed 15 people and wounded 80 in the capital of N’Djamena, when a man disguised as a woman blew himself up. The man targeted the main market entrance for his massacre. Many of us around the world continue to be mystified that such men believe that they will be rewarded for such acts, including the use of a religious outfit to disguise their crime or, as in other recent cases, the targeting of people praying at mosques and churches.

Boko Haram has now reportedly killed more than 15,000 people and left another 1.5 million homeless.

28 thoughts on “Chad Outlaws Burka After Suicide Bombing”

  1. When you enter a country, you abide by their laws, if pointed out to you. I’d love to see “no face coverings” at every entry to this country.

    Or, if you don’t like our laws, don’t come here. Refusal to remove veils should result in a seat on the next plane home.

  2. The crime is blowing people up with explosives. The crime is murder. Never mind what the murderer is wearing at the time. Wearing a burka, or a Santa suit, or a clown costume is not a crime. If someone wears a costume that covers their entire body and face, like a burka, and does so for religious reasons, this is only being consistent with the insanity of their religion. In a free country like the USA, it is not a crime to practice religion. If someone kills other people in the process of practicing their religion, then they should be prosecuted for murder or manslaughter, the same as someone driving a car through a crowd while on the way to work. Driving a car is not a crime unless people are killed or injured because of it. Cars or driving should not be outlawed.

    When people wearing burkas start killing people often enough, everyone will start avoiding being around them. When crowds disburse at the sight of someone wearing a burka, there will be no one left to be killed except the person wearing the burka, and maybe other people wearing burkas. Oh, well. This would reduce the incentive to be a burka bomber and the practice would quickly stop. Imagine that. Simply avoid crazy looking people and you won’t suffer the consequences of their craziness. Simple logic instead of more oppressive laws.

  3. justagurlinseattle
    It is amazing how many people who are not Muslim or who do not wish to associate with Muslims accept fear based propaganda and then form an opinion from it… Correct, it is a choice. And to read comments about Muslim women being ‘subjected’ and ‘oppressed’ based on a garment they CHOOSE to wear. Albeit, the Taliban and ISIS enforcement of these garments do subject all women in that immediate society, however it would do us all a favor to also remember that this is NOT the choice of women living in such conditions and we’d be far better off laying blame upon these women, also.

  4. Max, I have… and many wear it due to WANTING to, by choice… NOT because they are forced to.
    Nobody in the western world would say these same things about Nuns, and many also
    cover themselves due to religion.

    I am a bit torn on the subject..

  5. Nick
    “Muslims have abused their freedoms and they therefore are losing one.”
    = = =
    Exactly what ‘freedoms’ have ‘Muslims’ abused that requires subjecting a population as a whole over?

    Keep in mind, just because one fanatic does something wrong, it doesn’t make you guilty for their act.

    Ergo, bye bye Confederate flag… perhaps?

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