Chicago Mother and Children Attacked By Mob Allegedly Yelling Racial Slurs . . . Police Charge Case As Misdemeanor Property Offense

250px-municipal_flag_of_chicagosvgWe have been discussing the national debate over hate crime laws and the standard for investigating particular cases but not others as in the recent case out of Cincinnati. A new controversy has erupted in Chicago where a woman, Susan Pedersen, says that she was attacked in her car with her children in a black neighborhood by a mob yelling that she did not belong in the neighborhood. She is white. However, two alleged attackers were charged only with misdemeanor criminal damage to property. While the case has received relatively little attention and more details would be helpful, critics have charged that a black driver surrounded by a white mob in such a circumstance would have resulted in both a state and federal hate crime investigation. There is also a question of how the police and prosecutors have charged this case generally as a property damage case even without the alleged racist motivation of the mob.

The attack occurred near the University of Chicago where I went to school. The mother had just dropped a friend off at the University of Chicago when she stopped at a red light and found her car surrounded by several dozen young people. She says that they were yelling racial slurs about her being white and smashing her windows with the children screaming inside. The group even reportedly used a bicycle to smash the window when their fists did not suffice.

As I have mentioned in prior blogs, I often heard accounts of white students and family members entering into some nearby neighborhoods and being surrounded and even roughed up due to their race. One of my sisters and a friend once went into such a neighborhood by accident and two African-American officer pulled them over to tell them that they could not stay in the neighborhood because they would likely be targeted due to their race. Likewise, when I was in college, I drove off campus and was similarly confronted at a red light by about five men who told me to get out of the neighborhood and tried to open my door while calling me racial names. For the record, this was one of only a couple times that I have faced such racial anger and I would not attribute that conduct to the vast majority of neighborhoods with predominantly African-American populations.

There are obviously countervailing stories of African-Americans facing the same response in some white neighborhoods. Some of those cases have received national attention and resulted in hate crime prosecutions or special enforcement efforts.

The question is when such crimes should be defined as hate crimes if they are motivated by race. It is not clear why some cases are immediately characterized as possible race cases and subject to federal intervention while others are not. Conversely, some have criticized the hate crime laws more generally because of what is perceived as undefined standards in enforcement as well as the ability to charge crimes directly linked to the conduct like assault. The laws also raise free speech issues in some cases.

My greatest concern is that an attack on a mother and children in a car is viewed by the police and prosecutors as simply a misdemeanor property offense and not assault or other crimes. Even if this is not to be investigated as a hate crime, it was clearly an assault on this family if the account is true. Thus far, the police and prosecutors appear to be undercharging this offense as a purely property offense in my view. Even removing the race element, there is still a car with broken windows and a terrified family who merely appear to have driven down the wrong street. Of course, if there are additional facts that have not been reported like some traffic dispute or altercation, we should be told about it. If this mother’s account is true, the handling of the case seems deeply troubling.

Source: ABC

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  1. And the American Founders said, “you’re free, be self-reliant; adapt to and live with the consequences of freedom.”


  2. forgotwhoiam:

    Anytime we kids encountered obstacles, or things didn’t go our way, my Dad would say “it builds character.”

  3. Karen S.,

    “When I was a young woman in college, it was a common saying that a woman had to work twice as hard as a man to get half as much credit. Most women I knew, including myself, viewed that as the impetus to try harder.”

    How many people have been born, lived, struggled and died in circumstances that they didn’t like, knew could be improved and were not those of the King or Queen of England?

    You must have been the only one.

    The next thing you’re going to tell us is that you were horrified when you found out that nature forced women to go through childbirth?

    And probably the “white man” was responsible for all of that, right? Every person on the planet is a victim and the “white” man is the devil, right? Jeopardy is rigged, right?

    Is the purview of government to entertain and repair every last ill, real or perceived, in the lives of every last individual, including foreigners and otherwise illegal aliens? Is every person on the planet an “American-in-waiting” – waiting for their “free stuff?”

    Have you ever heard of “self-reliance” in your American experience? Have you ever heard the line, “here’s a quarter, call someone who cares?” Is there anything the government DOESN’T have to ameliorate or even address. “Womb to the tomb,” right?

    14 billion years of universal history and the physical axiom of “white supremacy” is a faux artifice contrived by evil white devils, right? Comrades Stalin and Mao will fix that with “social engineering.”

    Jeopardy is fixed, right?

    Freedom is the only thing of perpetual value that governance can provide.

    This ship has gone right off course and needs extensive and monumental correction.

  4. Inga,

    Ariana blurted … “What the f**k is that? I hate Americans. I hate America.”

    Ariana Grande expresses comprehensive hate against Americans or “whites.”

    Let’s hear your rationalization and apologist’s position on the revelation by this Mexican.

    Is hatred of “whites” racism?


    Kate Steinle was killed in San Francisco by an illegal alien Mexican. Was that racism?

    Or does racism only exist in “W” people?

    San Francisco Supervisors attempted to rationalize their “Sanctuary City,” of course that does not involve racism, as Asians, Mexicans and homosexuals among them minimized their personal exposure and could have been perceived as being anti-white in the protestations.

    Was Obama racist when he didn’t mention the murder of Kate Steinle or attend or send emissaries to her funeral as he did with Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, et al.?

    Was Obama racist when he chose candidates for AG from a pool that excluded “W”hite people and appointed an African 3 times?

    Oh hell no. Only Americans are racist, right?

    You might start processing facts and read the law – start with the writings (intent) and practice, in 1789, of the Founders, the Preamble, Constitution and Bill of Rights.

    Your positions can be located with great facility in the Communist Manifesto.

    You should just reveal your true position and begin a lobbying effort for the imposition of the rule of the Communist Manifesto in America and the complete voidance and nullification of the Preamble, Constitution and Bill of Rights. Ruth Bader Ginsburg has. You and she would look good together.

    The Communist thesis is governmental control of industry, redistribution and social engineering.

    The American thesis is freedom and self-reliance.

    In America, people have to adapt to and live with the consequences of freedom.

  5. All the stuff where white racism is used by blacks and negligent authorities as an excuse breeds more white racism. That is why unabashed racists like Tom Metzger say “WORSE IS BETTER” because more racist abuse against whites is about the only thing happening will teach the selfish and individualistic whites out there to stick together.

  6. Hate crime enhancements are unfairly handed out to whites and not others. We all know this. The ACLU knows this too. Back when these enhancements were first brought into law the ACLU had a few phony discussions about whether or not to oppose them. It was just window dressing because the fix was in from the start– the “Civil rights agenda” of the ACLU in attacking “white privilege” was more important than equal protection for whites.

    This why people suspect that the ACLU has an anti-white agenda and they are basically correct in respect of this one particular point, no matter how many kluckers the ACLU represents in the meantime.

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