Rhode Island Man Arrested For 41st Offense In Two States

8330477_GThe arrest of Brandon Hayes, 30, in Rhode Island may have seemed like a routine traffic stop and possession case until police officers checked his record. Hayes had succeeded in racking up his 41st arrest in two states. That is 38 arrests in Massachusetts and two in Rhode Island including gun and drug charges. The case is a prototypical example of habitual offender in the criminal justice system.

Hayes was a passenger in the vehicle stopped for traffic violations. The trooper said that he smelled marijuana and found three bags of marijuana on his person. The trooper also said that Hayes removed a loaded handgun from his waist and put it under the passenger seat when the car was pulled over. A 9mm pistol was recovered. Drug packaging material was also found in the car.

Hayes was only released recently after serving 18 months behind bars for a 2012 assault conviction.

These charges could bring 10 years. What is clear is that his record will militate heavily toward a maximum conviction.

24 thoughts on “Rhode Island Man Arrested For 41st Offense In Two States”

  1. Some people are just bad. They get their kicks out of swindling, stealing, and doing other things against society.
    Society didn’t harm Mr. Hayes. His parents and he himself brought this dooming gloom on his life. He is harmful to society and should be made to pay for his consequences with a long jail time and put on the chain gang. Do they still have those??

    1. Yes some people are just bad. Take cops for instance, 99% of the time they interact with the public there has been no victim. No crime has taken place, and they are nothing more than criminal rights violators.

      I have been harmed by bad people wearing a blue uniform, many more times than I have bee harmed by someone committing a real crime and harming me. In none of those cases have the bad people in blue ever solved the real crime much less devoted much effort to doing so.

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