University of California Gives Students Six Gender Identity Categories

200px-University_of_California_Seal.svgThe University of California admissions department has updated its applications to reflect alternative genders. However, the school has not simply added “transgender” or a third option. Instead, it has added six gender identity categories.

Students will now be able to select one of the following:

1. male
2. female
3. trans male/trans male
4. trans female/trans woman
5. gender queer/gender non-conforming
6. “different identity” to describe their “gender identity.”

A site at the University of Wisconsin defines the fifth option in the following way:

Genderqueer: An umbrella term for people whose gender identity is outside of, not included within, or beyond the binary of female and male;
Gender non-conformity through expression, behavior, social roles, and/or identity; See also Fluid, Non-Binary.

A question about sexual orientation features three possible responses: “heterosexual or straight,” “gay or lesbian” or fill-in-the-blank.

The changes are the result of a council assembled by UC President Janet Napolitano formed a council to advise her on LGBT issues in 2014. The expansion of options is likely to spread quickly across the country.

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  1. Unless a quota system is involved, officially or unofficially, why is the school asking anything about gender or race on an application?

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