University of California Gives Students Six Gender Identity Categories

200px-University_of_California_Seal.svgThe University of California admissions department has updated its applications to reflect alternative genders. However, the school has not simply added “transgender” or a third option. Instead, it has added six gender identity categories.

Students will now be able to select one of the following:

1. male
2. female
3. trans male/trans male
4. trans female/trans woman
5. gender queer/gender non-conforming
6. “different identity” to describe their “gender identity.”

A site at the University of Wisconsin defines the fifth option in the following way:

Genderqueer: An umbrella term for people whose gender identity is outside of, not included within, or beyond the binary of female and male;
Gender non-conformity through expression, behavior, social roles, and/or identity; See also Fluid, Non-Binary.

A question about sexual orientation features three possible responses: “heterosexual or straight,” “gay or lesbian” or fill-in-the-blank.

The changes are the result of a council assembled by UC President Janet Napolitano formed a council to advise her on LGBT issues in 2014. The expansion of options is likely to spread quickly across the country.

44 thoughts on “University of California Gives Students Six Gender Identity Categories”

  1. If I choose “gender non-conforming,” how can anyone prove if I’m lying or telling the truth? Isn’t it what I believe to be true?

    I expect to see this category used a lot, to benefit from affirmative action.

  2. Karen S, how much more craziness do you need to see before you stop supporting gay equality? Supporting gay equality is like supporting anarchy and chaos. You might as well say that you support equality for alcoholics.

  3. Isaac can make sense, as evidenced in this comment. Of course, this comment makes him a “HOMOPHOBE!”

  4. What I don’t understand and what irritates me if even slightly is the use of conventional heterosexual terms by gays. Two guys or two girls are not husband and wife. Logic prevents this along with the ownership of the terms by history. The gays are partners. As much as it irritates me, if only slightly, it demeans the gay relationship. It is as if saying we are just like you when they obviously are not.

    A lot can be understood through names and labels. Gays are missing the point in not identifying with who they really are and what they really deserve. They are two people of the same sex thus not appropriate for words illustrating two people not of the same sex. They are two people committed to a domestic relationship thus should be afforded the legal conditions of this relationship with advantages and disadvantages. The rest is so much crap.

  5. In the new “overreach” paradigm of indulgence and mysticism of post-“tipping point” America, liberal/collectivist indoctrination defines aberrant and deviant as normal and lawlessness holds dominion.

    “A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the people discover they can vote themselves largess out of the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidate promising the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that democracy always collapses over a loose fiscal policy–to be followed by a dictatorship.”

    ― Alexander Fraser Tytler

    Is America looking at the specter of Tytler’s “dictatorship?”

    The inmates have taken over the asylum.

  6. Perhaps what we are missing here is that fact that if your son or daughter goes to a state school, signs up for the dorm and gets a “gay” (or whatever else he/she may choose to be)– your son or daughter is obligated to be their roommate.
    Just wondering if any other parent

    1. Squeeky

      How many genders do they teach in Spanish these days?

      Or are students in CA just expected to learn Spanish en calle?

  7. PlatosCave:

    Good point. Are they offering drilled down gender identity choices merely for research purposes, or is the next step some sort of Affirmative Action?

  8. I support the equality of gays.

    But I have to admit that I do not understand the difference between trans gender and body dysmorphia. Is sexual dysmorphia simply a mental illness where someone’s body doesn’t feel right to them? In which case, we should not encourage major surgery because it is driven by mental illness?

    I have seen some lovely, slender boned trannies who could pass. But most trannies still have the heavier bone structure and wider rib cage of a man. If the dysmorphia makes them feel like they are supposed to look like Halle Berry or Kate Upton, no amount of surgery will be able to satisfy them. The concern I have is that if surgery is inappropriately encouraged, the end result might be a crushing disappointment. Are we being careful about psychological screening before transformation to ensure that the patient will actually be healthy and satisfied with the result?

    Statistically, transgender people suffer from a very high rate of depression and suicide, from myriad causes. Trans gender does not correlate to sexuality, so there are very real consequences in choosing a mate. If a straight man transitions to female, but he still wants to date females, who is he going to date? If a gay man transitions to females, who is he going to date? Gay men are attracted to other men, not women, so his dating pool just shrunk considerably. That is the crisis that people undergoing transition can panic about.

    In some ways, transgender people are the most lonely in the world. There are the feelings of not accepting their bodies, as well as complicated sexual issues and an identity crisis. I don’t oppose transition; I’m just worried it might not be appropriate in all cases. I just want them to be healthy and happy. In a prior job, I spoke by phone with someone who was undergoing the transition, and was in the legal process of changing gender. She was under so much stress, we had an impromptu good cry together. She was in so much anguish. I always hoped everything ended up OK for her.

  9. Not only are we leaving these kids a truly screwed up world, we give them six choices on gender!!! Beyond absurd.

    I was always a girl/woman. Now I’m just an old woman. What a relief.

  10. Like @TheButcher I wonder, “Only six?”

    That can’t possibly cover every situation. Someone’s bound to feel left out if his or her own version of gender-reality is not reflected on the application. This will lead to lawsuits and needles costs to an already cash-strapped university system.

    Arizona’s had some doozy governors: Evan Mecham, Fife Symington to wit, but Napolitano took the cake. And completely unqualified for her last two positions. But she’s definitely where she belongs now and hopefully the komrades of Kalifornia will keep her.

    1. ModernMiner

      I guess Michael Savage needs to start calling Napolitano “Big Cis”.

  11. Its part of the next phase in “Gay Rights”—the assault on heteronormativity. The Gaystapo Organization has to have a constant influx of revenue, so there has to be a constant source of outrage. There are people who make their living off this kind of crap.

    The same kind of people who used to sit around and try to reconcile the concept of “one God” with the “Trinity” have grown tired of that outdated stuff, and need some new Holy Mystery to unravel (for pay, of course)—so now we have “Gender Experts” instead of seminarians. Of course the High Muckety-Muck has to be something beyond the ken of your average person. Gots to have an expert! Like these “Experts of Gay Bullying!” Who ended up teaching kids about anal sex:

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  12. What no TV ? Transvestites are not listed as their own category. I mean if you are going to have all these man made genders and mock God, why not include all the perversions ?
    And what is this stupid dimgray color for fonts that has been the ridiculous fad for months now so we cannot read anything well ? Whole letters do not eve show up so you do’t know what he word is. Get back to the normal black fonts for goodness sakes ! If you want us to read what you write in articles get back to the black !

  13. So the sexual orientation actually has 4 responses, as the final one is much like #6 – something else.

  14. Wow, tough crowd, surprised there are so many haters (of people who are different) on Mr. Turley’s blog, The US is supposed to be the bastion of individual freedom to be who you want and purse your individual happiness.

    But if the problem is that labels don’t work to describe everyone, how do people think the solution is to create more and more labels? I’m a gay man but I have much more in common with straight comedian Bill Burr than I do with Richard Simmons, Rosie O’Donnel or Kaitlyn Jenner.

    No one should be discriminated against, but what business is it of a university what gender their students are, or who they are sexually attracted to? The answer must be the same as race, they will use the information to enforce diversity. But just as with race all this accomplishes is accepting some students who aren’t prepared for a university education and don’t graduate.

    If universities want to promote diversity, they should WELCOME it with “no discrimination allowed here” policy statements, not force it with hidden quotas. And our government should be offering free university-prep help to ANYONE who wants it, if we want to overcome past discrimination and move toward true Democratic equality.

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