Ultra Orthodox Man Stabs Six At Jerusalem Gay Rights Parade

israel1Yishai Schlissel, an ultra-Orthodox Jewish man, stabbed six marchers in the annual Gay Pride Parade in Jerusalem. What is equally disturbing is that Schlissel was just released after serving 10 years for stabbing participants in the Gay Pride Parade in 2005. Schlissel immediately demanded a court held in accordance with Jewish law, a request which was denied.

Schlissel left two people in serious condition.

A decade ago, he wounded three marchers not far from the spot of his most recent attack. He was only released a month ago — a testament to his fanatical hatred of homosexuals and extreme religious beliefs. He explained to police that as a faithful Jew he had come “to kill in the name of God.” He was released from prison a month ago.

Orthodox Jews have long targeted Gay Pride marches for protests, though recently in New York the community actually hired Latino men to dress them up as Orthodox Jews to protest for them. An ultra-Orthodox news website referred to the Jerusalem Gay Pride Parade on Thursday as “the Parade of Abomination.” Muslim and Christian groups also denounced the parade.

After stabbing his victims, Schlissel reportedly told people to get out of the way so he could escape.

Notably, the Orthodox community did not appear to shun Schlissel. Instead, he was interviewed on an ultra-Orthodox radio service nearly two weeks ago, and he used the occasion to assure fellow Ultra-Orthodox believers that “The battle is not over. Those unclean people want to continue defiling Jerusalem.” He also insisted that people must go to confront the people in the parade and that the goal must be “to disperse them, even by force.” None of that appears to have led the government to put him under surveillance or cause other Ultra-Orthodox Jews to call the police. Those are questions that are now being asked by many.

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  1. Why would anyone have a problem with a country occupying its own territory? After almost 2000 years, the Kingdom of Israel, or rather, its immediate successor, is back more or less where it belongs. Instead of being grateful for being able to live there rent free for all that time, the holdover tenants- squatters, really- have chosen violence.

  2. And here is a rabbi, Karen, who is saying the same thing I have been saying…which shows, again, either your deceptiveness or your hypocrisy.
    As I said before, i am all about facts, facts, facts…facts galore!
    “…Still, the settler movement and religious Zionism bear special responsibility. The sad truth is that from its earliest days, the settler movement has been tainted with terrorism. In the early 1980s, the euphemistically named “Jewish underground” organization committed a series of outrageous terrorist acts. Its members killed three students at an Islamic college in Hebron, attempted to assassinate the mayors of three Palestinian cities, planted bombs that led to the blinding of an Israel Defense Forces demolitions expert, and were finally caught while attempting to blow up five buses in East Jerusalem. In 1984, 15 members of the group were sentenced to prison.
    Three terrible things then happened, each worse than the next. First, despite the severity of the crimes, which included the premeditated, random murder of innocents, settler groups launched a public campaign to win the release of the prisoners. The campaign was led by Rabbi Yehuda Hazani, a disciple of Rabbi Tzvi Yehudah Kook. Second, the campaign was successful, gaining support of Jews in both Israel and America; in less than 7 years, every one of the convicted terrorists was free, including three who had been sentenced to life in prison. And third, many of these terrorists went on to assume positions of leadership in the settler movement.”
    read more: http://www.haaretz.com/beta/.premium-1.669391

  3. And since you are still around, Karen…more facts for you:
    From none other but Norman Finkelstein, whose mother escaped the Holocaust and made it her life mission to let what happened to them happen to no one else. Which he also made his, though it costs him his much, including his jobs.
    Norman Finkelstein ‏@normfinkelstein 3m3 minutes ago
    Israel reportedly fired 20,000 high-explosive artillery shells, 14,500 tank shells, 6,000 missiles & 3,500 naval shells into #Gaza (into a trapped population made up mostly of women and children.)
    #Gaza ranked third globally in 2014 for the number of civilian casualties due to explosive weapons, a majority heavy explosive weapons.”

    INDISCRIMINATE AND DELIBERATE TARGETING OF CIVILIANS AND CIVILIAN OBJECTS in #Gaza https://www.byline.com/project/13/article/220


    Are you still able to justify it?

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