Federal Agent Carjacked and Kidnapped By Four High School Students

fedagentjacked_smallFour high school students picked the wrong guy to allegedly kidnap and rob. Texas border patrol agent Armando Alaniz was was vacationing with his family in Florida and was packing up his car when four teens jumped him and threw him into his car. Gregory McDonald, 19, Dante Askins, 18, and two other teens, 15 and 16, are accused of pistol-whipping the agent, tying him up, robbing him, and then abandoning him at a vacant drug house in Orlando. What is interesting is that an OnStar vehicle security representative called the car after the victim’s wife called police. The agent heard someone screaming for help and notified police.

The agent was confronted at gunpoint in an Orlando hotel parking lot Wednesday night as he was packing up his car. He was forced into the backseat, pistol-whipped, tied-up and robbed of his wallet. His was then held captive for two hours. His harrowing ordeal ended when the carjackers ditched the car at a vacant drug house and fled, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office said.

Askins, who is a reputed member of the street gang Death Over Mercy, added to his problem by being picked up Thursday in a stolen car. He was previously charged in a serious offense but avoided prosecution. In 2013, he was charged as an adult at 16 with attempted murder in a drive-by shooting targeting a member of the rival Gorilla gang. His co-defendants received lengthy sentences but the charges against Askins were eventually dropped.

The four face charges of armed kidnapping, carjacking and battery with a firearm. Askins has additional charges of multiple counts of stealing cars, resisting arrest without violence, burglary and possession of burglary tools.

SheriffDemmings300Sheriff Jerry Demings (right) stated that “[t]hese high-school students were playing a dangerous game, and they got caught playing a dangerous game.” That comment struck me as rather odd. Hanging on the back of city buses and running on roof top is a dangerous game. Carjacking, kidnapping, and pistol-whipping people are serious crimes committed by serious felons. The victim was beaten and robbed. I fail to see how the word game would come into play on any level of this crime.

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  1. Ari, Randy like to shoot from the hip when he speaks. I hope that using that metaphor isn’t a micro aggression! He’s been busted on that here previously.

  2. Oh and Randy, I KNOW where Bernie is from, have relatives in Vermont. And, I have read and heard him speak on the 2nd Amendment. I’m smarter and more experienced than an angry washed out, union pilot. I give a little love to a socialist and his followers don’t like it. Liberals are more predictable than the tides.

  3. Randy does not understand that white liberals and BLACK liberals will allow poor black people in big cities be slaughtered as long as the liberal agenda of disarming law abiding citizens is “progressed.” Black politicians are the Judenrate of our times. And, you dissed DiBlasio’s wife by failing to mention she is a “former” lesbian. I think that she should be credited w/ all her privileged status. Do you think she prayed out the gay? LOL!!

  4. JT has coined the term “Uber-Presidency” when referring to the current administration but he would more accurate to blame our “Uber-government” for bringing us to a “constitutional tipping point”.

  5. Foot note: By “gift transfer” I did not mean a “straw man” deal…I meant such as the pistol I gave to my daughter a while back…she has a CPL and had to go through the same FBI vetting as I do.

  6. randyjet I have a serious and sincere question for you. You say or imply that teenagers can buy pistols at “gun shows” un-vetted by the FBI as I am when I buy a pistol….even though I have a CPL in good standing. Where I live even a gift transfer requires the vetting and paperwork.

    Would please cite a couple states or locales where this public sale is possible legally?

    1. Last time I checked Ari, Texas allows private sales of guns at gun shows and among private owners and buyers. Dealers DO have to run the background checks here. The straw purchase of guns is outlawed in Texas, but there is no practical way to check on that unless a crime is committed with a gun that was sold or given to a felon.

  7. There are some of us who favor Second Amendment rights are of similar stripe with it comes to other Constitutional rights. We get called Lib Tards and what not if we favor a fair trial for some person. The Oath Takers are doing the folks of Ferguson, Saint Louis and Missouri a fine service. You may recall that on the night that the Grand Jury No True Bill was released on Officer Wilson the Ferguson Police had been told to stand down, the Saint Louis County Police had been told to stand down, and the national guard was holed up nearby but told by Governor Nixon not to protect the stores along West Florissant or elsewhere in Dellwood and Ferguson. Those stores were looted and burned. The workers and owners were of a variety of race and ethnic backgrounds. The thugs did not just go after whitey. Had the Oath Takers been there the thugs and arsonists would have gone away. This activity is at the heart of the Second Amendment. In days of old when knights were bold and rubbers were not invented the American settlers bore arms to protect themselves from Indians or Brits. If our government goes to hell in a handbasket then we have the right to form a militia to reimpose our Constitution and our rights. The store owners in Ferguson have a right to form an armed militia. Jay Nixon needs to resign. Belmar needs to shut up.

  8. Lou:

    Actually, you might be surprised how gun control laws affect law abiding citizens. As a gun owner myself, I can tell you that magazines are low limited to only 10 rounds, with more limits on the horizon. Many types of guns are no longer available. I know someone who bought 3 or 4 firearms for no other reason than a new law was passed that was going to ban them. Many people think “assault weapon” means an automatic, but those are already banned. There’s no such thing as an “assault weapon”. The term is often applied to anything that looks remotely militaristic. But realistically, a pink Barbie gun is just as deadly. The highest rate of gun violence is done by gangs, and those gangs are highly active in places with the tightest anti-gun laws. Obviously, since by definition gangs do not follow the law, only law-abiding citizens do.

    The problem that law abiding citizens have with gun registration is that there have been too many times where states go after guns that were bought legally, and then later outlawed. That is the single biggest driver of the anti-registration movement.

    Personally, I support background checks, including at gun shows and between private parties. But the states have to actually report the required data. Around 25 states only reported 100 mental illness restrictions or less, for example. You will recall that Cho should never have been able to buy the gun with which he shot up Virginia Tech, but his court ordered mental health treatment was not reported to the instant database.

    There have been so many instances where a firearm was necessary to me and my family. I’ve talked about them before – the rattlesnakes on the property, my dad preventing a break-in at night when the family was home merely by chambering a round . . . Plus, when I was house sitting a ranch I had a run in with a mountain lion who had previously attacked the horses. I had a rifle slung over my shoulder with me whenever I threw hay, and the park rangers found fresh cougar prints every morning all around the house. And that’s just me. Firearms are just another tool to be treated with respect to all the people out here in rural areas.

    So any law that makes it more difficult for me, as a law abiding citizen, to carry is counter intuitive. We law abiding citizens are not the problem.

    Break the gangs.

  9. I believe you are correct Paul. How many communities have programs like gun buybacks? Nice way to prey on the poor, law-abiding demographic that will trade their ability to defend themselves for the ability to eat and pay rent. What a great opportunity for the local thugs to then offer “protection” for these neighborhoods.

  10. Paul, There was a case back in the 90’s in Florida where a couple European tourists were killed in a rental car. Rental companies had all types of license plate holders and decals proclaiming it a rental. Because of that horrible case, rental companies took their names off of vehicles. HOWEVER, you can still pick out a rental auto by the bar codes they put on the lower part of the windshield. They use these bar codes for security and logistics going in and out of their lots. Even idiots like these felons can still pick out a rental auto.

  11. Karen, I was a juvenile probation officer in KC as a young man. I was liberal, but raised on common sense, ethnic blue collar values. It is a probation officers job to recommend sentences to the judge. If the offense was violent, I always recommended some form of incarceration. Some of the liberal judges would balk. What I would then suggest, if the judge was going to put the kid on probation, that he give the kid a suspended sentence and hold it in abeyance until the kid completed probation. I often knew the kid would offend again. Then the judge was obligated to send the kid away. A trick taught to me by a great liberal, like minded, common sense, supervisor.

  12. “Over the past 100 years, our government has been transformed from a limited, constitutional, federal republic to a centralized administrative state that for the most part exists outside the structure of the Constitution and wields nearly unlimited power. This administrative state has been constructed as a result of a massive expansion of the national government’s power.”


    I used to believe the rise of the administrative state was solely a Democrat thing but once I understood this progressive mindset exists in both major political parties then I really began to see just how destructive it was to place political parties before constitutional principles. I no longer support any politician that does not advocate for unwinding the administrative bureaucracies that are choking this nation to death. The above article is a great history lesson. Take note of the people that will attack this post as many have openly admitted they believe ALL rights come from government. That is pure progressivism.

    The following article is very good at showing how the administrative (progressive) state’s modern day gun control efforts are really no different than what the colonists endured from the British. Take note of the post-Katrina efforts under the Bush administration. History can and will repeat itself:

    “Yet, Kopel believes “the most important lesson for today from the Revolution is about militaristic or violent search and seizure in the name of disarmament,” something that occurred in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Local law enforcement confiscated firearms, many times at gunpoint. A federal district judge properly issued an order finding the gun confiscation to be illegal.”


    1. Olly – last I heard some of those people in NOLA still didn’t have their guns back.

  13. I, too, think the term “game” was misapplied. It sounds like “boys will be boys.” Call it what it is – a crime.

  14. “He was previously charged in a serious offense but avoided prosecution. In 2013, he was charged as an adult at 16 with attempted murder in a drive-by shooting targeting a member of the rival Gorilla gang.”

    This, in a nutshell, encapsulates the tragedy of youth in the criminal justice system. They throw every chance they get away with both hands. It’s like the summer bird cage. The teenagers are pounding on the gates of jail, “Let us in! Let us in!” and the inmates are pounding on their doors yelling, “Let us out! Let us out!”

    And then, when they get caught, they and their enablers will blame everyone else around them other than themselves. Because only by taking personal responsibility does this vicious cycle ever end.

    It all starts with the high rate of single motherhood, which has been demonstrated to be a high risk factor for kids going into foster care, living in poverty, doing drugs, joining gangs, engaging in crime, going to jail, and/or dying young.

    Now that cops have been blamed for crime because they’re going after innocent minorities, they no longer engage in proactive policing. The murder rate is skyrocketing in these cities, and the high crime creates more of an incentive for kids to join gangs out of sheer self preservation.

    It’s so sad to see these young people throwing away their futures. My husband’s handicapped relative died young of a brain tumor. She would have given so very much for the gifts that these teenagers throw away every day – a healthy body, lack of handicaps, and a normal life span.

    I’m just glad they didn’t kill Alaniz.

    These kids have screwed up enough that now they have a conviction that has seriously hindered their future chances of getting a good job. It must be hard for their mothers to see them wrecking their chances at life like that.

    DBQ: You’re right. If people live in an area where they don’t feel they need armed protection, then they’re not being forced to buy a firearm. They shouldn’t force others to lose the right to arm. And our rural area, too, is a dumping ground for sexual predators. The map looks like scatter shot. If people want to make a real difference in gun crimes, break the gangs.

    1. Bernie Sanders is from a rural, hunting state and has common sense, something that Nick lacks apart from a lack of fact. As a long time liberal, I did tutoring in the black community when I was in high school and moved to NO where single handedly, I integrated my apartment complex. My neice is married to a black man and I attended their wedding in Panama which was mainly black. Then I love that Nick doesn’t know or will not admit that his liberal enemy, DeBlasio, is married to a black woman,yet he makes these stupid comments.

  15. Some of the strongest proponents of the 2nd Amendment are law abiding black people who live in crime infested Dem controlled, big cities. These law abiding urban black folk KNOW they are the most likely target and KNOW the cops can’t protect them. They simply want to protect themselves but the white privilege mayors like Rahm and DiBlasio don’t want them to have their 2nd amendment rights. It’s despicable.

  16. @Lisa N
    Actually, I have not heard of democrats wanting to take guns away from law abiding citizens at all. Rather, I have only heard of democrats wanting to make it harder for non-law abiding citizens (like the criminals mentioned in this article) to get guns.

    I must not be the one with sand in my ears.

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