“Dumbfounded”: French Suspect Allegedly Shocked That Anyone Thinks He Is A Terrorist After Violent Train Incident

Part-PAR-Par8253997-1-1-0Either Ayoub El-Khazzani is a terrorist or one of the unluckiest and most misunderstood men in the world. El-Khazzani is accused of wounding passengers on a French train in a foiled terrorist attack. He was in possession of an AK-47 assault rifle and hundreds of rounds of ammunition. His former lawyer, however, says that he is “dumbfounded” by the allegations and that he simply found the AK-47 assault rifle “by chance.” If the lawyer’s account is accurate, his defense appears that he was planning to hold up the train and then flee. He is simply a misunderstood wannabe bank robber.

The problem is that El-Khazzani has been on a watch list for terrorism and is believed to have visited Syria and has associated with terrorism suspects.

Sophie David, however, insists that it is a huge misunderstanding and that he found the weapon and a telephone near the Brussels station in an area frequented by homeless people like himself. She added that “When I told him about the media attention he didn’t understand,” she added.

The 26-year-old was linked to Isis and radical Islam on the Schengen register, a watch-list of “persons of interest” among 27 European countries. He was subdued after a violent struggle with US Airman Spencer Stone and National Guardsman Alek Skarlatos, their friend Anthony Sadler, and British businessman Chris Norman. They say that he tried to cock the weapon before he was tackled. An unidentified dual French-American citizen was also hospitalised with a bullet wound.

That is a tough fact pattern to turn into a colossal misunderstanding defense, particularly when you are trying to show that your client is not an AK-47 wielding terrorist but an AK-47 wielding bank robber. Jurors may not be inclined to sweat the difference.

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  1. Nick … I’m the odd father who taught his daughter how to protect herself vigorously from an early age. She’s an unlikely victim, but none the less I still worry. It’s what fathers do. Anything you do that shores up the women’s sense of security is a good thing…so congratulations. I’ll cite the book you cite to Kim, I assure you. Just to be sure she recalls all that we’ve done and practiced over the years.

  2. Of course he is a terrorist and thank goodness for our three young Americans whose first instinct was to do something! My daughter and son in law took that train from Amsterdam to Paris before there were these frequent terrorist attacks. What a world we live in when extremists main objective is to kill us.

  3. Issac said it succinctly:

    The guy is a terrorist. He walks like a terrorist, talks like a terrorists; he’s a terrorist.

    Well done. See Issac, we agree now and then 😀 I said before, here or elsewhere (?), that the courage of the Americans, the Brit, and the French who moved to take this guy down are all heroic. Recent up to date reports say all three nationalities participated in the take-down, and the French guy is shot and recovering I hope. Think about it: a long narrow aisle that someone had to go down, and others too, single file, to reach this b**tard and try to imagine how you or I might have acted. I’d like to think I’d have done the same thing, due to my military experience, I should be capable of it…BUT, we never know until faced with the situation…you just do not know. Trust me on that. Please. Therefore I am very impressed by the actions of a few brave men who did what had to be done. I believe they did a better job than I might have done. As I age I hesitate…not sure why.

    This guy’s excuses are pure spin and he’s lucky to be alive, really, no one would have faulted those who took him down if they’d killed him. Or…would they? We live in a crazy world. Would someone have blamed the reactors if they’d killed the guy? I’d bet yes, some fools would. It’s easy to be critical if you are not the persons facing a loaded AK-47 and a lunatic terrorist.

    My kid is going to Amsterdam in November and I have asked her to please not take any trains to Paris, a place she loves, because her original reason for Amsterdam (a concert…Nickelback) has been canceled and she has tickets and reservations that can’t be canceled without $erious penalty. If the urge to go to Paris hits, I have asked her to rent a car and drive herself and her friend there…no f’ing trains. She’s familiar with Europe and can do that easily. I asked her to promise me and she has done so. Fathers can be paranoid, its in the genre…even if said child is very capable of self defense.

  4. Given the number of AK-47s manufactured I can buy finding it in the alley with the cell phone. However, taking it on the train makes you a terrorist. No one robs trains anymore.

  5. BFM, Thanks. There is a superb book, The Gift of Fear. It’s written by an ex cop who had a horrible childhood. The book teaches us how to get back in touch w/ that incredible gut instinct that is bred out of us. I have given the book as a present to several young women going out into the world as young women. Unfortunately, they are often prey of the predators in our culture.

  6. Unfortunately for the lawyer, you gotta play the hand that you’re dealt.

  7. And, before I’m castigated, it also took many other countries to follow the lead of the UK and US in WW2, including our great friends to the north, Canada. Indeed, the Canadians were important during the Normandy Invasion.

  8. I see anonymous is spinning. Indeed, ONE brave Frenchmen did try to stop this terrorist. There were some brave Frenchmen in WW2 who tried to stop Hitler. But, like in this in incident, it took US and Brits to do the job.

    I watched the presser w/ these 3 HUMBLE young men. A reporter asked if there was any message. Alex said, “Yes, do something, don’t hide, do something.” Later, a reporter asked if it were their military training that is why they were successful. It was I believe Alex again who said “No, it was just gut instinct. The military training helped after we got him under control, but it was just gut.” The tone of the reporter was this should be left to “experts.” That is WRONG. I have always taught children to listen to your gut. You see, children have the strongest gut instinct. As they get older and become more pretentious and worried about what others think, we lose some of that gut instinct. To date, I’ve not read anyone make the obvious comparison to the brave men on Fight 93.

    My wise mother would often say, “The Lord helps them who help themselves.” And, let me add, I saw the older Brit interviewed earlier, a great, humble guy as well. As ISIS changes the attacks from large scale to this, it is incumbent on regular citizens to prepare themselves to do what these brave men did. It was “citizen soldiers” who won WW2. Remember, when you’re in a street fight there are no rules. Biting, kicking, and squeezing gonads is all good!!

    1. ” The tone of the reporter was this should be left to “experts.” That is WRONG. I have always taught children to listen to your gut.”

      I think you have this one exactly right.

  9. What do you expect? The guy reads newspapers and understands that the moment an accusation is leveled at a politician or high up mucky muck, the first move is to deny and respond with as ridiculous an excuse as possible. By the time the laughter and disgust has settled, the issue is back page news.

    The guy is a terrorist. He walks like a terrorist, talks like a terrorists; he’s a terrorist.

  10. JT – “That is a tough fact pattern to turn into a colossal misunderstanding defense”…..

    I’m seeing a pattern. All these lone wolfs have Islamic Imam clerics that stick up for, vow and swear that these people will not harm anyone.
    Also many photos appear of happy, smiling jihadist just before the massacre.

  11. http://www.theguardian.com/world/2015/aug/24/legion-dhonneur-for-men-who-prevented-carnage-on-french-train

    “Hollande also praised three other French men who intervened, particularly a young banker who was the first to tackle the gunman when El-Khazzani burst out of the toilet. The banker, who has asked for anonymity, is to receive the Légion d’honneur in a private ceremony.

    “Mark Moogalian, a 51-year-old dual French-US national who teaches English at Paris’s Sorbonne university, also attempted to intervene and was badly injured by a bullet. He is currently being treated in Lille. He will also be honoured at a later date alongside a French train driver who was travelling in the carriage off-duty when he also helped subdue the gunman.”

  12. Don’t be too hard on the lawyer. They are often called upon to defend the indefensible. As far as the motive for carrying weaponry to rob the train, one would have to explain where exactly the desired booty was located and how it would have fit inside the backpack, already occupied by other items.

  13. Johnny Cochrane, Robert Karsashian, et. al. have nothing in this lawyer.

  14. ” His former lawyer, however, says that he is “dumbfounded” by the allegations and that he simply found the AK-47 assault rifle “by chance.” ”

    So …. he was trying to find the conductor so he could turn in the AK to the lost and found? How thoughtful, you never know when you might need an AK on the commute.

  15. I love the part where he just happened to stumble on a bag full of weaponry and ammunition in the train station. If his defense lawyer loses this case, there’s probably a job available writing science fiction or comedy routines. “Far fetched’ is far to mild to describe the lunacy of the scenario presented in his defense. Still laughing!

  16. Yet another poor, misunderstood and unfairly maligned Muslim. I wonder if he will sue those dreadful infidels who managed to take him down? Watch him claim that he was unfairly profiled and targeted, while the media characterizes him as that lone wolf, uninfluenced and unprovoked by his religion.

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