Italian Study Finds Two-Thirds of People With Gluten Sensitivity Had No Negative Effects From Digesting Gluten

290px-Gluten_SourcesThere has continued to be a great debate over the rising number of people claiming to be gluten sensitive with some experts claiming the trend is based on social rather than scientific sources. Now a study in Italy has found that two-thirds of people claiming gluten sensitivity experiences no adverse side effects when they digested gluten.

The study did find that one-third did experience negative consequences. However, the study raises new questions about the massive industry that is marketing to people who believe that they are sensitive to gluten — some 30 percent of households seeking to eat less gluten. The market expansion is remarkable with 11 percent of household purchasing such products in 2014 — up from 5 percent in 2010.

The testing of the subjects is described in the article below. The study appeared in the journal Alimentary Pharmacology & Therapeutics.

Source: Science Alert

31 thoughts on “Italian Study Finds Two-Thirds of People With Gluten Sensitivity Had No Negative Effects From Digesting Gluten”

  1. I was tested for celiac disease with a simple blood test. I have multiple food allergies, including anaphylaxis to peanuts and am asthmatic. be that as it may, the celiac test was negative, I do have a wheat sensitivity and my fingers itch and develop little tapioca like bulbs when eating pizza and sourdough. This is dermatitis herpetiformis, which itch, ooze clear fluid and can even bleed. To much sugar can also create a rash on my hands and a little wheezing…

  2. The problem of self-reporting has plagued the medical and pharmaceutical industries as long as there have been medical and pharmaceutical industries. Patients report far more symptoms, secondary symptoms, side effect and adverse effects than their doctors report they do. Even when they tell the doctors exactly what they are experiencing, the doctors fail, or refuse to report it. The same thing happens in pharmaceutical trials. One of the reason many doctors hate the pain scale is that it is only based on patient reporting, with a few tests that can be done to verify the kind and intensity of pain reported.
    I’m sure the same things is true in this instance and in many others. If you feel bad after you eat wheat. or think you feel bad, who can say if you really do or do not, based on what may or may not show up in a lob test.

    Very tricky business.

  3. Yeah, Paul, I’ve had to make that same decision for myself. Shows she really loves you.

  4. Don’t tell me, Paul. That ingredient is called “a freezer”.

    You’re lucky to have a wife who will simplify your life and not complicate it like many wives do. And, she cooks food for you, too. I can choose to fix food for myself, or go hungry. I have no wife, either way.

    1. Tyger – there is an upside and a downside. She does do the cooking but has decided that I am going on a restricted diet. Very little meat.

  5. Gluten, like ice cream, is health food. How do I know? I feel better after eating them.

    1. LTMG – did you here there is a new ingredient that will keep ice cream from melting so fast.

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