Valor Stolen: Burglar Steals Deceased SEAL’s Medals From Father’s Home

By Darren Smith, Weekend Contributor

Jeff Lucas

bronze-star-v-deviceThere truly is no honor among thieves, and this was definitively demonstrated in Corbett, Oregon the evening of September Seventh when a burglar broke into the residence of a deceased Navy SEAL’s father and stole several medals and challenge coins, including his Bronze Star and Purple Heart.

Jeff Lucas was killed in combat operations in Afghanistan on June 28th, 2005. He died along with several of his fellow SEALS during a helicopter operation during a heavy firefight. He was laid to rest in Arlington Cemetery. A stadium was constructed in his honor at the high school he attended–Corbett High School.

With the loss of his son, now his father lost to thieves a few of the honors he earned.

From his online Memorial Page:

Upon graduating high school in 1989, Jeff enlisted in the U.S. Navy. After graduating recruit training and Electronics Technician “A” school, he transferred to Naval Submarine Training Center Pacific, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. After Hawaii he transferred to the Brand Medical Clinic, San Diego California, from May 1991 to June 1993.

Jeff entered Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL in June 1993, graduating with class 191 in January 1994. After graduation, he reported to SEAL Team ONE, San Diego, California, from 1994 to 1999. Jeff came to the East Coast in 1999 and was assigned to Naval Special Warfare Development Group, Dam Neck for a year. Later he transferred to SEAL Team EIGHT for a year before coming to SEAL Team TEN in March 2002.

As a Leading Petty Officer, Jeff was known for his leadership. His enthusiasm and quick wit was portrayed in everything he did. He was considered a very funny man who was guaranteed to put a smile on the face of all in his presence. His ten years as a Navy SEAL has allowed him to create a laundry list of qualifications; such as sniper, sniper instructor, and military freefall parachutists to name a few. Jeff was an expert in qualification and was known for his innovation and constant tinkering with his gear.

Jeff’s medals include a Bronze Star (with “V” for Valor), Purple Heart, Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal (4 awards), Combat Action Ribbon, National Defense Service Medal (2 awards), Armed Forces Service Medal, Kosovo Campaign Medal, Afghanistan Campaign Medal, Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, Humanitarian Service Medal, Sea Service Deployment Medal (4 awards), NATO Medal, Rifle Expert, and Expert Pistol.

His duty stations included SEAL Team TEN, Norfolk, Development Group Dam Neck, VA, SEAL Team eight, Norfolk, SEAL Team ONE, Coronado, CA, Basic Airborne School, Fort Benning, GA, Basic Underwater Demolition School, Coronado, CA, Naval Air Station, Miramar, CA, Naval Submarine Training Center, Pearl Harbor, HI, Electronics Technician Class “A” School, Great Lakes IL, and Recruit Training Command, Orlando, FL.

Anyone with information on this theft is encouraged to call the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office or CrimeStoppers Oregon.

By Darren Smith


Portland Police Bureau, via CrimeStoppers of Oregon
Jeff Lucas Memorial Website

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33 thoughts on “Valor Stolen: Burglar Steals Deceased SEAL’s Medals From Father’s Home”

  1. Whoa bad English, should be “Why do you consider those who join the military as being unsuccessful?”

  2. Oxa, seriously? Wow. My daughter has been in the Navy since 2002 and I consider her quite a success. She’s happy with her career and the Navy seems quite happy to have her. I have three other children, one an attorney, one a art history major stay at home mom and a son who is a millwright journeyman, I consider them as equally successful to my Navy daughter. Why do you think those who join the military as being unsuccessful? My Navy daughter is a liberal Democrat, go figure.

  3. Oxa:

    “I would consider myself a failure as a parent if one of my children joined the military.”

    That statement alone makes you a failure.

  4. “You or one of your children ever serve in the armed forces?”

    I would consider myself a failure as a parent if one of my children joined the military.

  5. In the end, everything material is just “gewgaw.” It’s not going to save us…

    Oxa has it right.

  6. I think by Oxa’s reasoning, it would be okay if the original Declaration of Independence or original copies of the Constitution were destroyed or stolen. After all, there are copies everywhere so no particular document or item holds any significance whatsoever.

  7. Also: following Oxa’s logic, Greece should stop whining about the Elgin Marbles. They can just make copies.

  8. Oxa: Ridiculous comments. The reason some if not all of those *particular* medals matter is because they were awarded to the brave soldier *directly.* New copies wouldn’t hold the same sentimental value.


  9. “Would the Department of the Navy replace the medals if requested by Mr. Lucas’ father?”

    Yes, they will replace for any next of kin. Even the Global War on Terrorism Service Medal.

  10. Oxa… You or one of your children ever serve in the armed forces? You ever been out front? You have any idea what it takes to earn a Bronze Star (V) award? My guess is…No.

    Because if this, to you the medals may simply be “some pieces of fabric with a hunk of metal attached.” I can assure you that to this deceased sailor’s father, they represent something far greater than you are capable of comprehending.

    You Sir, have no idea what you’re speaking about.

  11. @ Oxa – would the Department of the Navy replace the medals if requested by Mr. Lucas’ father? Or are medals replaced only for the awardee?

    In either case, I agree it wasn’t Lucas’ valor that was stolen, but it was the tangible symbols of that valor that he was awarded – The US Government recognized his service and sacrifice. I’m sure that “…some piece of gewgaw…” was deeply meaningful to his father in the way that a replacement could never be.

  12. The holier/more patriotic than thou attitude of some commenters is stunning. When will some people realize that valor is a characteristic of one’s behavior and actions, not some piece of gewgaw you hang on the wall?

  13. No one stole Jeff Lucas’s “valor”. They stole his medals — pieces of fabric with hunks of metal attached. Easily replaceable. All he has to do is contact the Department of the Navy. Let’s hear about some news that matters.

  14. Infuriating. If the POS eventually gets caught, are there further punishments due to the nature of what was taken? If not, should there be?

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