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Valor Stolen: Burglar Steals Deceased SEAL’s Medals From Father’s Home

By Darren Smith, Weekend Contributor

Jeff Lucas

bronze-star-v-deviceThere truly is no honor among thieves, and this was definitively demonstrated in Corbett, Oregon the evening of September Seventh when a burglar broke into the residence of a deceased Navy SEAL’s father and stole several medals and challenge coins, including his Bronze Star and Purple Heart.

Jeff Lucas was killed in combat operations in Afghanistan on June 28th, 2005. He died along with several of his fellow SEALS during a helicopter operation during a heavy firefight. He was laid to rest in Arlington Cemetery. A stadium was constructed in his honor at the high school he attended–Corbett High School.

With the loss of his son, now his father lost to thieves a few of the honors he earned.

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Veteran’s Affairs Secretary Under Fire in Stolen Valor Controversy

Robert_A._McDonald_Official_PortraitWe have another stolen valor controversy this week. This time it involves Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert McDonald who was recorded telling a homeless man in passing that he was a member of the “special forces.” People are calling for his resignation. However, as someone who has written a great deal about Stolen Valor, I disagree that this is a serious case of misrepresentation or that McDonald should resign. He did not have stolen valor. He has more than enough. What happened in this case was a mistake but there is still a difference between a venial and moral sin . . . even in cases of valor.

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