“I Didn’t Finish The Job”: Virginia Police Halt Tryst In Parking Lot

jackson-kimberlyKimberly M. Jackson, 36, is every defense attorney’s nightmare . . . though it is not like she had a particularly strong defense to begin with. Jackson was photographed having sex, or at least trying to have sex, with her boyfriend in a parking lot Norfolk, Virginia. She helpfully explained that “[I] was in the mood, and that’s basically what happened.” Her boyfriend, Earl Palmer, did not exactly help things out when he came in to “clear her name.”

Jackson explained that alcohol put her in the mood and “The alcohol made me think I wouldn’t. I’m not into erotic public sex or anything like that.” Apparently, that was not a barrier. What was something of a barrier was that fact that Palmer was unconscious.

Palmer then came in and made a bad case worse. He told the police “I’m here trying to clear her name and let them know I consented to that, I just didn’t finish the job as you could say.” He then explained “Everyone wants to do something spontaneous. I’m not being disrespectful to you. Have you ever done anything spontaneous?”

Well, sure but it is usually something like going bungee jumping or trying to do the Macarena.

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  1. At least at some point he was consensual.

    Ah…..but according to the new rules of sex, it has to be consensual and needs confirmation at EVERY step along the way. Did he have a notarized or witnessed contract on consent for each and every step of touching, kissing etc. Can I kiss you?……Yes/No Can I touch you there?…..Yes/No. How about here—–> Yes/No and so on.

    I doubt she had actual consent it because he was unconscious and unable to give consent during his black out and she was probably incoherent at the same time.

    That’s how it works for guys on college campuses and in other situations. Just because she is a woman and she THINKS she has consent doesn’t mean she really does…..now does it?

    That was sort of sarcastic…..but not really.

    This is what we weave when we allow such ridiculous standards to be played against one sex and not the other. Trying to overturn millions of years of sexual behavior with micromanaged rules.

    1. DBQ – I am on your side for the charges. Actually, I am not sure they need his consent to file rape charges, however he is not going to make a good witness.

  2. Palmer could have passed out during the act and he isn’t screaming “Rape!” so I guess it is not rape rape. At least at some point he was consensual. And I give Parker points for giving it the old college try even when Palmer clearly was not up to it. (pun intended) I want to know what happened to the voyeur?

  3. People should be able to pork in the privacy of their own car. Now a rental car is a different matter.

  4. I had a friend who told me of his experience when he and his girl friend were so worked up they wanted sex in the worse way…
    So they did it…
    Standing up….
    in a hammock…
    in a hail storm!!!

  5. HumpinDog humps other dogs and sometimes human legs right out in the open for all the public to see. He does not get arrested. If a dog can do it a human should be able to do it. Equal Rights!

  6. DBQ – exactly. If their genders were reversed, and the female was unconscious, this would have been a rape headline.

    Since they were both drunk and in a car, had they been driving, or was this in the parking lot of a bar? Sounds like one of those embarrassing bad decisions fueled by alcohol.

    This reminds me of all the naked people I’ve passed, at a quick trot, on the trail over the years. They thought they were being slightly naughty, out in nature, where no one could possibly come upon them unaware. They never account for how quickly a bike or horse can cover ground.

  7. I gather from the collection of sentences that the woman was in a car in a parking lot porking some guy who was not the boyfriend who came to the station to clear her name. And, that he had not wanted to pork so she went out and found someone else and then passed out while getting porked. But what I do not get is whether she consented to the porking on the parking lot.
    There was a woman back in Cape Girardeau, Missouri whom the town referred to as “the parking lot porker”. She would pork an adult male in exchange for money. That hooker was a looker according to the men who knew her. This one on the photo does not look like she would attract too many applicants. Unless they were really drunk. Then they might be too drunk to perform. So hopefully she wont get knocked up.

  8. What was something of a barrier was that fact that Palmer was unconscious.

    Why isn’t this rape?

    If the unconscious person was a female, the cries of RAPE would be deafening. Double standard much?

    Seriously, though, if these people want to have drunk sex, they should be allowed to do what they want……just not in public.

  9. 😆 As soon as I started reading this article I just knew the comments would be salted through with those by the sorts that don’t believe in the existence of lewd and lascivious behavior, public decency, or rape – if the victim is male. I’m only shocked that there’s been no outcry by these same sorts that their “right to privacy” was violated by the photographer(s) and police.

  10. @ Tony: harmless, sure, in the privacy of one’s own car/home/pigpen. But in public??? That’s really jerky liberal idiocy. Good grief….

  11. Who of us hasn’t had sex in an inappropriate place?

    But we were probably a little smarter than they were – we didn’t do it in the open (no car), we didn’t do it in broad daylight, and we didn’t do it in front of people (with cell phone cameras).

    A future Darwin Award winner in the early stages of development.

  12. I don’t see the point of this post. This couple got into trouble for harmless behaviour, and your response is what? To publicly humiliate them even further?

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