Pennsylvania AG Rails Against Bar Leak . . . In Her Case Alleging Grand Jury Leaks

kathleen_kane_mugshotThere are some cases that produce truly Earth shaking ironies. The prosecution of Pennsylvania attorney general Kathleen Kane is one such case. We previously discussed the case where Kane is accused of leaking grand jury information and lying about it to a grand jury. She is accused of using the leaks to attack her opponents or critics. Her team is now objecting to the damage to her case after a leak that confirmed that bar authorities in Pennsylvania are seeking to suspend her law license. They insist that such leaks are clearly designed to hurt Kane.

Defense counsel Gerald Shargel insisted “The leaks about a disciplinary proceeding to suspend or remove attorney general Kathleen Kane as a member in good standing of the Pennsylvania bar are singular in purpose. These leaks are part of a broader campaign to deprive the attorney general of the process to which she is due.” He added “The leak of confidential information only weeks before attorney general Kane’s formal arraignment in the criminal case (at which she will plead not guilty), can only have been designed to poison the jury pool in the criminal proceeding now pending.”

Both the prosecutors and the state bar insist that they are not responsible for the story in the Associated Press. The report states that the Disciplinary Counsel recommended a temporary emergency suspension based on a rule usually reserved for lawyers accused of stealing clients’ money. The rule however also covers “egregious” conduct by an attorney — allowing the board’s counsel and one board member to petition the high court in an emergency.

Source: Penn Live

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  1. I feel much better now.

    I’m in good company.

    Professor Turley is criticized as much as I.

    Pay it no mind, Professor. Pay it no mind.

  2. Excerpts from a longer story at

    Kane had fired prosecutors Frank Fina and Mark Costanzo for sending and receiving emails containing pornographic images, some with suggestive images relating to statutory rape and child pornography. WMR has obtained all 396 pages of unredacted emails and most of the images are close up photos of breasts and vaginas. However, among the images was one of a child looking at pornography on a computer screen. Another was of a young girl wearing a tank top bearing the inscription, “Admit it, you’d go to jail for this.” [Below] Some of the images sent by Fina were so suggestive, WMR decided not to publish them because they could be considered to fall under the category of borderline child pornography.

    [While Pennsylvania’s politicians try to unseat Attorney General Kane for misconduct, the prosecutors she fired for emailing porn and smut were required to undergo “sensitivity training” by their current boss, Philly D.A. Seth Williams. This training is paid for by the taxpayers.]

    Ferman [, the Republican district attorney for Montgomery County, the location of Philadelphia’s wealthy “Main Line,”] has made no secret of her desire to replace Kane as attorney general. However, in order to beef up her credentials, Ferman has announced plans to run for Common Pleas Court judge.

    In 2014, Ferman dropped a rape case against Montgomery County GOP chairman Robert Kerns. Kerns was accused of administering a “date rape” drug to a female at a Christmas Party. However, Ferman later said her staff misread a laboratory report, which cleared Kerns of the rape. WMR was told by an informed source that Ferman was present at the Christmas party where the rape was said to have occurred.

    Kane is up against a powerful phalanx of Sandusky and Penn State pedophilia cover-up artists. The Republican judge investigating the alleged leak of grand jury information by Kane, William R. Carpenter, appointed a special prosecutor to probe the leak. That prosecutor is Montgomery County attorney Thomas Carluccio, also a Republican. One of Carpenter’s judicial colleagues, retired Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice Seamus McCaffery, was accused of sending sexually explicit emails to an employee in the state Attorney General’s office. He resigned from the bench. There are strong indications that Chief Justice Ron Castille, a former Philadelphia district attorney, covered up for McCaffrey. A source told WMR that Castille and Corbett are now retired in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, far from the scene of their improprieties and possible crimes. As many as 30 prosecutors and agents within the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s office, many of them hired by then-Attorney General Corbett, transmitted over 380 pornographic images over the state government’s email system.

  3. Getting to the heart of the story. Wikileaks is for outsiders like Snowden. Wait, Snowden was an insider. Oh, but Chuck Todd called Snowden a traitor. Well , George Washington was a traitor, at least in the eyes of the Brits. So I guess leakers are only pissers in the eye of the beholder. Take Eric Holder for example. If someone would take a leak on him it would suit this dog fine.

    Usually mean are better leakers because they can stand when they leak. And have a weapon to aim with. Which is why female prosecutors should not leak. Same with female attorney generals. There was a male assistant prosecutor in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. His nickname was Festus. Some folks leaked out a story to the press that he had the crabs. They hung a crab pot by his office with his name on it. None of the girls in town would go out with him anymore.

  4. Prof. Turley

    You obviously don’t have enough time to edit your posts. This problem crops up on a regular basis along with misspelled words, incorrect grammar, and a general lack of ‘flow’. Why not include editing as classwork for those students of yours who need the refinement in organization of ‘stuff’ to provide for a clear understanding of what it is you wish to say. If you need it, they certainly might as well.

  5. I’m with BitchinDog on this! Prof. Turley, if a student handed in such shoddy, tossed off, completely unvarnished prose would YOU accept it? The eyes of the world are watching sir.

  6. The “state bar” is not involved in the disciplinary case. Rather, the discipline is being pursued by the Office of Disciplinary Counsel for the Disciplinary Board of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania. The state bar is not a part of the disciplinary process in Pennsylvania.

  7. Please have someone edit the article. Some of the sentences are confusing. Taken together they are confusing. For example, this one: “Her team is now objecting to the damage to her case after a leak that confirmed that bars authorities in Pennsylvania are seeking to suspend her law license. “

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