Illinois Prosecutor Involved in Bizarre Scene At Sex Shop Agrees To Suspension Of License

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 11.09.33 PMWe previously discussed the bizarre case of Cook County prosecutor, Sarah Naughton, who was involved in a drunken, swearing, biting incident at a sex shop after a Cubs game. The Illinois Supreme Court has now accepted a consent suspension for Naughton.

Naughton and her friend, Bradley Gould, 31, were reportedly intoxicated after the Cubs game and visited Taboo Tabou, which advertises itself as a “Purveyors of Adult Accoutrements, Toys and Lingerie.” Witnesses say that the two were causing a disturbance and was asked to leave the shop. Once outside, witnesses say that the couple were flipping the bird at everyone walking by and “acting like jackasses.” When the manager of the business next door The Blue Havana Cigar Lounge reportedly confronted the couple, Naughton allegedly bit him in the leg.

Worse yet, the owner of both stores says that when he told them that they had to leave, Naughton pulled out her badge and said “You can’t do this to me. Do you know who I am?” Then there was that little matter of the videotape reportedly showing Naughton under arrest and calling the arresting officer a “b—h” and a “whore.”

A cigar store employee confronted the women and Naughton “fell to the ground at the cigar store employee’s feet and grabbed his legs. She then got up and began yelling that she had been assaulted.”

Both women were arrested and Naughton allegedly kept saying that she was a prosecutor and swearing at the female office and generally “screaming obscenities.”

Naughton was acquitted of misdemeanor battery and criminal trespassing (including an allegation that she allegedly bit a man’s leg). The acquittal raised some suggestions of favoritism due to Naughton’s powerful political connections described as family ties to Ed Vrdolyak and the South Side Joyce clan.”

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  1. I find it more than unsettling that Courts are more interested in suspending prosecutors for something like this — after hours and with nothing to do with her cases — and never seem to take their tickets to practice when they are exposed for having lied, cheated, held back exculpatory evidence from the defense, etc.

  2. Yes, especially the observation that those in the justus [sic] system, have bubbling in the background of their psyche the sense of privilege and superiority. But they only let that slip when drunk or the SHTF and that is their ace card to extricate themselves out self-caused trouble.
    Locally, the NYS Chief Family Court judge Gerard Maney got nabbed drunk driving, and he tried to use his status for a professional courtesy pass. Fortunately it didn’t work, otherwise we would not even know about the incident.
    But he still got that pass later on at the inquest as to whether to let him continue judging, which they did.

  3. When a person does not respond to the facts I provide regarding Levine, Rezko, Eddie, and Blago, all documented under oath @ Blago’s trial, and focus on a throw away line I made w/ snarky comments, I know I WON. Get back to me when you got game, Mike. Snark is the specialty of intellectually dishonest liberals. Oh, I was living in Chicago when Harold was elected and I voted for him. The nastiest election I’ve ever seen w/ the racism of alleged liberal Dems exposed.

  4. Oh? You lived in Chicago?

    That’s quite an impressive resume and makes you stand out from the crowd of 2 plus million people who also live there. I’m sure the very mention of ‘Nick Spinelli’ made all the old pols quake. Along with your stories about Obama mentors, I look forward to your tales of the Billy Goat with Royko, Studs, and maybe even Phillip Roth. Who knows….maybe you can even manage to develop a timelline to include Carl Sandburg or Upton Sinclair.

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