Illinois Prosecutor Involved in Bizarre Scene At Sex Shop Agrees To Suspension Of License

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 11.09.33 PMWe previously discussed the bizarre case of Cook County prosecutor, Sarah Naughton, who was involved in a drunken, swearing, biting incident at a sex shop after a Cubs game. The Illinois Supreme Court has now accepted a consent suspension for Naughton.

Naughton and her friend, Bradley Gould, 31, were reportedly intoxicated after the Cubs game and visited Taboo Tabou, which advertises itself as a “Purveyors of Adult Accoutrements, Toys and Lingerie.” Witnesses say that the two were causing a disturbance and was asked to leave the shop. Once outside, witnesses say that the couple were flipping the bird at everyone walking by and “acting like jackasses.” When the manager of the business next door The Blue Havana Cigar Lounge reportedly confronted the couple, Naughton allegedly bit him in the leg.

Worse yet, the owner of both stores says that when he told them that they had to leave, Naughton pulled out her badge and said “You can’t do this to me. Do you know who I am?” Then there was that little matter of the videotape reportedly showing Naughton under arrest and calling the arresting officer a “b—h” and a “whore.”

A cigar store employee confronted the women and Naughton “fell to the ground at the cigar store employee’s feet and grabbed his legs. She then got up and began yelling that she had been assaulted.”

Both women were arrested and Naughton allegedly kept saying that she was a prosecutor and swearing at the female office and generally “screaming obscenities.”

Naughton was acquitted of misdemeanor battery and criminal trespassing (including an allegation that she allegedly bit a man’s leg). The acquittal raised some suggestions of favoritism due to Naughton’s powerful political connections described as family ties to Ed Vrdolyak and the South Side Joyce clan.”

Source: Yahoo

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  1. I lived in Chicago. Fast Eddie, Rezko, Blago; all are the same ilk, travel in the same circles, feed off the same trough. You remember Stuart Levine, the star witness in the Blago trial? He tied Fast Eddie, Rezko, and others together along w/ Blago. This is the cesspool, and these are the corrupt pols and bag men that attracted Obama and that propelled him onto the national stage. You are splitting hairs, either out of ignorance, intellectual dishonesty, or maybe a hybrid. But, one must always protect the cult leader, even if it means dissembling. Bring your ‘A’ game. I don’t dance!!

  2. Now that its been pointed out that Vrdolyak was DOA when he became a Republican in 1987 (before Obama had even entered law school) and topped with more than a little racial antagonism. it may be time to switch the mentor story from Vrdolyak to Rezko.

    A well lubricated move, however your credibility has not been enhanced. Better to start with the best ‘fit’ right off the bat. Flailing is not dignified.

  3. Isaac – I care less if it diminishes my position for you. Since when have we ever seen eye to eye. Ha

  4. Fast Eddie was a Democrat for 90% of his political life. He hung w/ and did biz w/ Tony Rezko. Remember Tony. That’s right, Obama’s mentor and money man. Just as slimy as Fast Eddie and Blago.

  5. No doubt that Vrdolyak is scum.

    Vrdolyak became a Republican in 1987.

    It is inconceivable that he was ever a mentor of Obama. Vrdolyak HATED African Americans and most especially Mayor Washington.

  6. KCFleming

    Not muddled at all. It is a well known and established understanding that doctors, without ‘tearing up’, do a better job, or the patient is better served, when they include the patient’s perspective, position, etc in their encounter. A doctor would not last long enough to be included in the subject matter of this point if they did, ‘tear up’. Articles are written about this on a regular basis, movies are made using this observation, etc., not muddled thinking in the least.

    That the ‘servants’ of the public should be accountable was stated exactly as meant, that they should be. What they are varies from instance to instance. The officers of the law and courts that do act as they should rarely get mentioned in the media and in this blog.

    Obviously the other extreme might hold some disadvantages during encounters with the police. Hours might pass while officers plead with a mentally disturbed man to drop a screwdriver. Or they could as illustrated above, just shoot him and get it over with.

    The one question, that stands out because of its absence is, what to do about increasing the quality of the people in these positions. Is it a cultural thing, a pay thing, a training thing? It does seem to be an American thing.

  7. LIsaN

    Jump in with the linking to political parties. There is enough pathetic to dangerous stuff unique to both parties without grabbing whatever, whenever, to wag. This more than diminishes your position.

  8. I’m sorry but skunks do not drink. Sometimes the allusions to animals on the blog is distressing. Like when you folks say “ugly dog”. If you are in Chi Town and want to call some person a drunk then call them a Sox Fan. Drunk as a Sox Fan.

  9. Indeed, a certain degree of emotional distance, even disconnection, is a requirement for clear rational diagnostic thought in a physician.

    If they tear up for me, they aren’t thinking straight.

  10. Isaac,
    Not sure what you mean about doctors who “fail to see the encounter from the perspective of the patient.
    You did then refer similarly to lawyers saying that “a substantial part of education and training should be to see the situation from the perspective of the citizens whom they serve.

    This is muddled thinking.

    Doctors do need to be aware of a patient’s sociocultural background, educational level, and beliefs about the body.
    That hardly matters when your arm is broken, or you’re anemic, or you have cancer.
    These disorders are primary, the patient’s POV is secondary.

    The latter is needed to have the encounter go more smoothly, to be sure, but I personally don’t care if the neurosurgeon has Aspergers and can’t look me in the eye, or is an angry narcissist, as long as he has the necessary focus and skill to save my life.
    Conversely, a warm and fuzzy encounter but the wrong diagnosis and treatment is a terrible outcome.

    What you might be referring to is the idea that public employees like the former prosecutor here are “public servants”.
    We are not “customers” or “clients”, so the business approach does not apply.

    And the idea of “public servants” died out long ago.
    We are serfs, and she thought she had endless power in her prosecutor role, but she was wrong about the latter.
    Wrong, not because she mistreated the serfs, but because she embarrassed her boss.

  11. The woman’s obviously drunk as a skunk. Drunks will say and sometimes do anything, if they can keep on their feet. This appears to be one of those ‘big’ mistakes that was caught on camera. It does reveal, however, the ego beneath the surface that exists in probably everyone involved in the world of ‘justice’ and policing. At her weakest she tried to be her most powerful self using her office.

    One of the most well known criticisms of doctors is that they often times fail to see the encounter from the perspective of the patient. There are studies and education in ‘stepping out of one’s skin’ is available if not required. This should be the same with those involved in the legal and justice professions. Although a certain level of confidence and authority is necessary in the end the law is supposed to work for the people. The scrutiny should be acute and the punishments greater than if one were simply one of us. A substantial part of education and training should be to see the situation from the perspective of the citizens whom they serve. The privilege of getting away with it because one is a prosecutor, lawyer, or police official does more harm to the profession than good.

  12. “Fast Eddie” Vrdolyak, for those not familiar w/ Chicago, is the classic sleazy attorney Chicago pol that run the city. He, and the other Chicago Machine pols mentored our President well. “Do you know who I am” said w/ condescension and entitlement, is uttered more often in Chicago than anywhere else in this country. In Chicago, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” This post is just one of many examples in the most corrupt city in the US. Remember that when Rahm Emmanuel throws his hat into the Presidential ring in 2020.

  13. I’m not so sure the antics are the business of the Illinois Bar. I see worse from attorneys when they are sober and “doing their job”. It’s when she pulled out her badge that she crossed the line.

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