Muslim Man Beaten To Death By Hindu Mob After Rumor That His Family Killed A Cow

1024px-Flag_of_India.svgblack-and-white-cow-3India has yet another case of religious vigilantes murdering neighbors to punish what they view as a blasphemy. Mohammad Akhlaq and his 22-year-old son were dragged from their house by around 100 villagers in Dadri and Akhlaq beaten to death on the outskirts of Delhi. The cause? A rumor that they had butchered a cow. Mohammad Akhlaq’s older son Mohammad Sartaj, 24, is an engineer with the Air Force.

After a rumor spread that Akhlaq had eaten beef, the mob turned on his home. The attack only occurred thirty minutes after the rumor was voiced (including the allegation that he stole the cow before butchering it). The fact that this was only one of two Muslim families in the area was clearly a strong motivation for the mob. The attackers destroyed Akhlaq’s house around 10:30 p.m. and attacked his wife and 70-year-old mother. When police arrived, the mob was still beating Akhlaq. Six young men were arrested. His son remains hospitalized with serious injuries.

What is chilling is that police investigated the crime . . . by testing what the family said was mutton in the fridge to determine if it was indeed beef. It remains a crime to kill cows in Uttar Pradesh and other areas in India.

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  1. In India, animal life is more sacred than human life…. O wait… That’s true in the U.S. #thankyouObama

  2. Just another commuinal riot. Indians are primed to do this. has been going for decades. Happens because “rumors” of some kind or another. I think inbreeding for centuries has dulled many people’s wits.

    1. Since the bigest alleged enemies to American empire are dissolute Muslims (a/k/a Shiites), I have never understood why we have not invited Indian Hindi to do what they do best, kill Muslims. In fact, the Taj Mahal has not been blown up, or desecrated to remind the folowers of the late, lost Mughuls once you awaken the Indians. Btw, isn’t that where Alexander the Great decided, oops, time to get back to Macedonia? Sikhs are hardcore. Just sayin’.

  3. The disabled were and are free to buy, or obtain from their employer, disability insurance. Next question.

    We don’t need a Supreme Court to “interpret” that.

    Freedom and self-reliance.

    See? It’s easy.

    You take care of you and I take care of me.

    Freedom. Don’t you love it?

    Don’t you get it?

  4. Religious mobs are dangerous. India has a long history of violence between Hindus and Muslims, with massacres on both sides. So much unrest.

  5. This article was posted the day before the Oregon shooting.

    “If you’re an orthodox believer at a mainstream college, you don’t need me to tell you that you feel like an oddball, maybe even besieged. Your professors and most of your peers would treat your most deeply held beliefs with condescension and probably horror, if they knew about them.”

    It is interesting to be a witness to so much anti-religion and most importantly anti-Christian commentary on this blog. The call for the ‘elimination’ of a segment of a culture that holds a belief in God makes you what, rational? The only difference I can see between the rhetoric posted on this blog and that posted by the others actually killing Christians is they “walk the walk”.

    So go ahead and leave your digital trail of hatred so when some other nutjob decides to actually do what you only have the stones to say, perhaps they will digitally thank you personally for inspiring them to act out your fantasy.

    Nicely done!

  6. Paul

    OK, anyone and everyone that believes that they are closer to god, believe in a god given right, etc. That would reduce the population of the world by about a half. The rest of us would simply continue to slaughter each other for reasons of robbery, etc. You can negotiate a robbery but not whose god is better or whose idea of god is right.

    Stealing an object is easy to understand and easy to control. Stealing someone’s soul, not so much. If you feel so strongly about souls and who controls all that stuff, then just show up in a soon to be designated space, you will be armed for free as a courtesy of the NRA, and you will be given a corner. Wayne the Peter will be officiating and there will be armed ‘militia’ referees from every participating nation.

    1. Enchanted – would you have us treat the disabled different than the abled?

  7. Toss in a rumor that the Hindus flushed a Quran down the toilet. That should balance things out.

  8. It would be beneficial to the world if somehow all the religious and other fanatics could be assembled for one great battle. The Christian thumpers could show up, Islamic horse riders to heaven, water walkers, burning bush talkers, all the nut cases that deep down inside feel that they have the link but the rest of the world is expendable. Then the rabid gun nuts could supply all the weapons.

    This could reduce the problem to manageable levels for a while. The event could be held every time the slaughters for one reason or another happened past a certain level; be they at US colleges, Islamic weddings and funerals, Hindu burger joints, etc. If you want to be an extremist then you should have that option, but not in civilized society.

    NRA, ISIS, JDL, etc get them all together.

    1. issac – you forgot to include atheists and agnostics. That would really help.

  9. I thought America fixed the whole world already.

    Didn’t America fix Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Ukraine, East Timor, Puerto Rico, Pakistan, Rwanda, Somalia, etc.?

    Looks like these guys didn’t get the memo.

    You’ve been fixed world. Pay attention.

    Wait ’til Bernie Sanders gets hold of the reins.

    Why’d those pesky Founders put “Common Defence” in there? You don’t suppose they meant defense not offense?

  10. I’m sure all the villagers will soon be invited to the White House to discuss their differences and learn to celebrate diversity. It will all end in a big group hug unless, of course, the White House chefs mistakenly serve hamburgers.

  11. hsk eight years ago the story of Obama’s spiel reminded people of Moses, How did that workout for us.

  12. Beldar here. We are from Planet Remulak. I am here to observe. But, I get bored and share thoughts. So here I am commenting from my station in New Orleans. I chose the nicest city in America to observe from. Religions are here on Earth for a reason. If you had none then you humans would stick to science. Science can lead you astray or make you think alike and that is not always good. If you squabble then you get diverted from tending to the most important thing coming your way. No, not some hurricane named after a dead Cardinal baseball player. No, there is a huge meteor coming toward Earth from way out. You have a year plus. Where it lands or smashes depends on what time of day it hits. There is nothing you can do and prayers will only help you soothe your own mind. So pray. Pray to whatever God you have. And whatever Prophet who helps you get through to God.
    There is a song on the jukebox down here in the bar on Rampart Street. The song is called Bye, Bye, Miss American Pie. Look that one up and listen to it.

    1. That was cool until you started on the meteor BS. Science has historically provided our world as much BS as religion. Don’t get me wrong I surely do trust some science and not very much from religion, but believing in the potential of a higher power may not be necessarily harmful to our culture. What is harmful is when some folks believe they are speaking to or on God’s behalf, when they are really some crazy old man running around in the desert for forty years claiming to have seen a burning bush and it spoke to him. What politicians are willing to concoct and say for power, never seems to amaze me. !!!! Doesn’t the story of Moses reminds you of Donald Trump a little. Lead us to the promised land King Donald>>>>>>>>>>>>

  13. Hinduism is a religion of peace. These were Hindu extremists. And so it goes…..

  14. It’s a mistake to say that Muslims, Hindus, Jews, Russians, Iranians, Government, Corporations Taliban, Christian Fundamentalists, Democrats, Republicans, Religionists, the homeless, billionaires, banksters, lawyers, police do this or that. I know that thinking is easier when we generalize. But we must recognize that each individual thinks a little differently than others in whatever groups the individual is pigeon-holed. It’s more useful to talk about behaviors than about groups who may be associated with the behaviors. It’s more rational to arrest criminals than to bomb cities, assuming all the people killed belonged to a given group.

    1. So doglover, I shouldn’t say that “government(s)” killed an estimated 262 million of the “own” Citizens in the twentieth century alone. What should I say, the individual people working for the governments killed them? I don’t really want to believe it was actually people doing the killing. Doesn’t government sounds nicer.

  15. Truth is in the eye of the beholder.
    The beholder is not to be seen.
    So to see real truth one must imagine what the beholder has seen.
    I would imagine that Eric Holder did have something to do with this.
    He was born in Jamaica not Oklahoma.
    So his mother did not make him what he is.
    And if the truth be told those Hindus were bold and we are not talking days of old, when rubbers weren’t invented. That is when they tied a sock around the ….

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