Muslim Man Beaten To Death By Hindu Mob After Rumor That His Family Killed A Cow

1024px-Flag_of_India.svgblack-and-white-cow-3India has yet another case of religious vigilantes murdering neighbors to punish what they view as a blasphemy. Mohammad Akhlaq and his 22-year-old son were dragged from their house by around 100 villagers in Dadri and Akhlaq beaten to death on the outskirts of Delhi. The cause? A rumor that they had butchered a cow. Mohammad Akhlaq’s older son Mohammad Sartaj, 24, is an engineer with the Air Force.

After a rumor spread that Akhlaq had eaten beef, the mob turned on his home. The attack only occurred thirty minutes after the rumor was voiced (including the allegation that he stole the cow before butchering it). The fact that this was only one of two Muslim families in the area was clearly a strong motivation for the mob. The attackers destroyed Akhlaq’s house around 10:30 p.m. and attacked his wife and 70-year-old mother. When police arrived, the mob was still beating Akhlaq. Six young men were arrested. His son remains hospitalized with serious injuries.

What is chilling is that police investigated the crime . . . by testing what the family said was mutton in the fridge to determine if it was indeed beef. It remains a crime to kill cows in Uttar Pradesh and other areas in India.

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  1. Oscar Wilde said of truth, “The truth is never pure and rarely simple.” So, one must be intelligent to seek and understand truth.

    1. Nick – Oscar Wilde said a lot of things. He is not to be taken as Gospel.

  2. Watching TV news it is obvious the left is appalled the Pope would meet w/ Kim Davis. JT and others here are consistent w/ the outrage. What did Lincoln say about pleasing people? I have found the greatest liberation a person can attain is not giving a rat’s ass what other people think. My job is to uncover the truth. The truth is often ugly. But, I remember quotes that help sustain me. Keats said, “Truth is beauty, beauty truth. That is all we know on this earth, that is all we need to know.” I have learned that during times of conflict, between individuals or groups, when truth is most needed, it is often most elusive.Churchill said, “The first casualty of war, is truth.” I am hardly a bible expert. But I often say to myself, from John 8:32, “Then you will know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

  3. No, the rumor was not that he “ate beef,’ but that he stole a calf to eat it.

    “Around Sep 16: A calf goes missing from Bisara village, according to residents
    Sep 28, noon: Rumours about remains of the calf being found near a field close to Mohammad Akhlaq’s house in Bisara spreads.
    Rumour alleges Akhlaq was carrying beef in a polythene bag when dogs started chasing him. He threw the bag in a open field. Residents found remains of the calf in the bag”


    As one man wrote:

    “So the article is wrong. The Muslim was not killed “because he had eaten beef”, but because he was suspected of having stolen private cattle and killing an animal that is venerated as sacred and protected by law. To Muslims nothing is sacred, and no ones culture is given respect. There has been a surge of new tensions rising across India between Hindus and Muslims due to increase in provocation, terrorism, rape and sex-jihad and persecution of Hindus. This has expanded to Muslim theft and slaughter of the sacred Hindu animals which is a cultural tradition dating back thousands of years.”

    So are the multiculturalists here going to agree that the local culture should not be disrespected by the Muslims?

    The underlying problem here is that Islam seems to have difficulty living cheek by jowl with others.

    “A group of Muslims from Bhumma village in Muzaffarnagar remained besieged in a mosque for half a day after it was surrounded by angry villagers protesting the killing of a Hindu youth nearby. The Muslims were rescued on Tuesday afternoon after police dispersed the mob with a lathicharge and by firing shots in the air. This is the third incident that has led to communal tension in western Uttar Pradesh in recent times. “


  4. @Lloyd Blankfien
    Other acceptable answers include:
    1. Socialism
    2. Liberals
    3. Democrats
    4. Leftism
    5. Communism

    See, these ideologies accounted for 200+ million deaths at the hands of their government in the 20th century.
    What was the “religion” body count during that interval?
    Let me help you: “a tiny fraction thereof.”

    1. KCFleming – Several Years ago after a life long study of economics, sociology, psychology and even things such as group dynamics, I came to the conclusion that it is the nation state that is the underlying problem. Obviously an opinion, but one that I can surely provide substantive evidence, principles and theory as to being a logical conclusion. I was a young naïve Democratic Party member like many start out to be. Then you find out the Party itself, just like the Republicans are a hierarchy run from the top down and I have a couple of personal experiences as evidence.

      Israel is a good study. The Zionist wanted their own nation state, got it during WWI and have been at war with their neighbors ever since. How did they get it. Just like the got it the first time. By FORCE. Of course a gift from God because they are Gods chosen people.

      Perhaps human being are just violent idiots.

      This is one of my most read articles called Complicity within an Institution; how can atrocities happen?:!topic/harrietrobbins/TdY6cgWMmY4

  5. What one word defines the acceptance and promotion of intolerance, hatred, ignorance, bigotry and murder? Religion.

  6. When the Pope meets with religious fanatics like Kim Davis, he supports the kind of mind set that results in tragedies like this.

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  8. Surely the point here is that as a Muslim no religious law was broken?

    As a citizen, if the cow was killed a State law was broken and therein lies the “crime”.

    Murder by mob without trial is a crime in any religion except maybe for KKK (which I do understand is a white supremacist group rather than a religion so maybe it’s not the best example)

  9. In America this would be called sticking to their deeply held beliefs… Ah, Religious Liberty. No?

    Maybe the Pope will commend them for being strong religious folk, like Kimmy D.

  10. That old Wendy’s commercial–WHERE’S THE BEEF?–didn’t go over very well in this town.

  11. Stupidity and hatred often seem to go hand and hand. Rule of the mob. I wonder if stuff like this would go on in a libertarian anarcho capitalist society. It most likely still wood but the man and his son would have AK47s and at least it would be more of a fair fight. Guns are probably banned in India.

    I thought I would check:
    There are estimated to be 40m guns in India, the second highest number in the world after the US. Licenses are hard to obtain and most are illegal weapons, many manufactured in backstreet workshops. Ownership levels per capita remain low – three guns for every 100 people in India – but there is strong anecdotal evidence that middle-class interest in firearms is rising fast.

    Apparently women in India can’t get on some buses without being sexually harassed and even raped.

    Maybe we should sent all the anti-gun women to India for a couple of months.

  12. Religion: The Opiate of the people. Even when science and math is taught the humans still fill half the brain with the religion apCray. I dont get it. Think about joining The Eighth Day Dog Adventists folks. Instead of praying to God you simply ask a Dog for guidance.

  13. Stories like this is why Trump continues to gain traction on the isuue of immigration. Sad, but true.

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