BIID: North Carolina Woman Blinds Herself (With Alleged Help Of Doctor) To Fulfill A Lifelong Dream To Be Disabled

220px-Eye_irisIn Raleigh, North Carolina, Jewel Shuping is finally happy. With the help of what was described as a “sympathetic psychologist,” Shuping, 30, fulfilled a lifelong dream in blinding herself with drain cleaner. Shuping says that she always wanted to be blind and is now overjoyed to be disabled. It is the latest example of what is called Body Integrity Identity Disorder (BIID) where able bodied people disable themselves. What is even more astonishing is that there is no indication of any discipline of the alleged psychologist who performed this harmful practice.

Shuping says that the tried previously to blind herself in 2006 and spent her childhood staring into the sun to try to become blind. By 18, she was walking around with dark glasses and a white cane. By 20, she was fluent in braille.

She said that she finally found a doctor who agreed to blind her by giving her numbing eye drops and then drops of drain cleaner. She recalls the painful procedure with joy as fulfilling her longtime dream. A hospital tried against her will to save her eyes but they were unsuccessful. Indeed, she said that she was enraged when she woke and could see the television but soon her eyes failed entirely.

Shuping is now studying for a degree in education and says that she wants to help fellow blind people. Her only regret is that she wishes that she could have seen her father’s face again and now he has died. That could raise a challenging question of the suitability of a person for a teaching position (if she seeks one) after engaging in self-mutilation.

She insists “I really feel this is the way I was supposed to be born, that I should have been blind from birth . . . When there’s nobody around you who feels the same way, you start to think that you’re crazy. But I don’t think I’m crazy, I just have a disorder.”

This strikes most of us as a form of mental illness and the question is why a psychologist would participate in the mutilation of a patient to satisfy her craving to be blind. Obviously, such a doctor should be stripped of his or her license but there is no indication of any effort to identify the doctor. There is also the question of whether such action should be prosecuted as a crime. Many of us believe in the right of people to take their own lives but this is a case of someone who is clearly mentally ill seeking assistance with a mutilation of their body. Yet, there are clearly tough lines to draw here. After all, we allow people to engage in extensive piercings, branding, and blood lettings for recreation or style. Some are effectively permanent changes like the cutting of the tongue of “Lizard man.” Yet, this is a disability which imposes social costs for the community. The one thing that I am confidant about is that any doctor who participated in this action should not be treating patients of any kind. Shuping may be lying about the doctor but it seems hard to believe that someone could do this without help (at least not in both eyes as opposes to one eye given the pain, even with numbing drops). It is not impossible but, given her account, I would think that there would be an effort to determine the truth.

Source: Mirror

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  1. The “opinion” of an “MD”. An MD is a Medical Doctor. Those are the humans allowed to write so called prescriptions so that the pharmacist can sell drugs to a supposedly sick human. The human waits in line in the waiting room, walks in when called and says: “My back hurts!” The Medical Doctor says: “Here take this to the drug store and get these pills. Next!”

    Medical Doctors are in the competition with each other for customers. If they do not write the scrip then the customer goes to the next so called Medical Doctor. Honest ones can not make a living.

    You humans in America have a drug problem. Not just the coke, meth and heroin.

    1. Beldar – competition is always there, but good doctors attract patients. My GP has so many patients he has 2 PAs. He was selected a Top Doctor in the US 2012-2013. There are lots of great, honest doctors.

  2. bam, I’ll ALWAYS take the medical opinion of an MD[KCF] over an LPN. I think any intelligent person does.

  3. Annie

    The same argument that you propose supporting fixed gender dysphoria victims can also be made to support this disturbed woman, who is now happy and content that she can no longer see. Yes, indeed, she is fixed. She can now feel complete and whole in the destructive path that she has chosen in her life. She will find meaning in teaching the blind, and her life’s purpose has finally been achieved. Her eyesight, which she believed was such a hindrance, is no longer a problem. Not much different from the argument posed by you supporting the same maiming and destructive practices aimed at a seemingly protected set of folk. I’m surprised that you don’t see–pardon the pun–the correlation.

  4. BamBam, the gender reassignment surgeries do not render the patient disabled. Those who suffer from gender dysphoria are still productive, healthy and happier, not because they are “maimed”, but because they are “fixed”. I’m not going to place them in the same category of this destructive mentally ill woman. You are free to see them as you please, but I think you are mistaken.

  5. Annie

    If you noticed, I mentioned that the life saving procedures that you had previously alluded to earlier in the thread–specifically the need for a hysterectomy or the removal of testicles–were not conducted based upon some demented whim or a delusional fantasy. I stand by what I said. These procedures are performed because they are life saving measures, backed by science and medicine–procedures which are not associated with the actions taken by those seeking to maim otherwise healthy bodies. You, yourself, admit that you don’t know the cause of gender dysphoria, yet you express no hesitation about supporting or defending those–claiming to be plagued by this problem–with what many describe as mutilation–plain and simple. Do you insist that all such elective and permanent operations cease, since science is still out on the cause of gender dysphoria? People are outraged that some nut wants to purposely become blind and lose her sight, but those same people are strangely silent about a man having his penis removed, shooting his body full of female hormones, shaving down his Adam’s apple and having ginormous, fake boobs placed on his body. If you want to claim that science is still out on the subject, why not demand that such barbaric antics cease until such time as science proves the origin of the problem, or is that too homophobic to consider? I have no doubt that the woman who chose to blind herself also experienced great discomfort and turmoil housed in a healthy body, with normal abilities for sight. Despite that, few would condone her actions based on that discomfort. Likewise, using the claim that those with gender dysphoria experience great upheaval or unhappiness in their lives should not be viewed as a green light to ravage a normal, healthy human body.

  6. BamBam, I don’t think gender dysphoria is a “demented whim”. It’s real and it causes much upheaval and unhappiness in the sufferers’lifes. We don’t know what the cause for this is, it may be biological in nature for all we know. Medical science may not have discovered the cause yet. I’m not going to portray these people as mentally ill, I think there is far more to this syndrome.

  7. I agree, bam bam. The surgeries and injections used to “treat” transgender individuals are medically unnecessary and I consider them a form of maiming. At the base of it: surgeries and hormones cannot make a male into a female, or a female into a male. That is impossible. Of course a woman who has a hysterectomy is still a woman, as is a woman who gets a double mastectomy and a phaloplasty in an attempt to become a male, Males who have their Adam’s apples shaved down and inject themselves with estrogen are still males.

    There are lawsuits going on involving Androgel, a synthetic testosterone which is apparently causing increased incidence of blood clots, heart attack and stroke among males who use it. Androgel is regularly given to females — even minors — who wish to appear male, although there are no studies showing it is safe to use on women. I even learned about a case where a female with Down Syndrome, a history of childhood cancer and recent pulmonary embolism was given androgel and is scheduled for a double mastectomy to help her appear more male. Based upon this person’s questionable ability to consent, plus her fragile medical state, to me this screams medical abuse.

    I predict many more lawsuits in years to come, as transkids grow up and realize the permanence and magnitude of the decisions their parents and doctors allowed them to make as young kids. Minors are not allowed to get tattoos, yet we give them the power to consent to permanent body mutilation based only upon self-proclamation that they “feel” like the opposite sex. How does a girl know what it feels like to be a boy and vice versa? In my book, a girl who likes trucks and football is a girl, and a boy who likes sparkly princess crowns is a boy. Why do we let toy and clothing preferences be the indicators that a child must receive permanent, unnecessary medical procedures?

    Adult males who transition later in life, (Bruce Jenner, perhaps?) tend to be autogynephiles, who choose to feminize their body in an attempt to play out a sexual fetish/fantasy — this is why they often keep their male genitalia, as it is necessary for climax. They often state they have felt like women or girls all their lives because it is more palatable story for their families and the public. Autogynephiles who are in the closet regarding their fetish have a vested interest in keeping transgenderism a medically enabled condition, as it allows them to get the surgeries necessary to play out their sexual fantasies, while garnering hero status, AND to have their surgeries categorized as medically necessary, therefore covered by insurance. If these autogynephiles were really brave, they would admit that adult sexual fantasies drive their desire to become woman-like, and stop making up stories about feeling like a girl ever since they were little kids.

  8. Annie

    I’m baffled by your mention of those who must, unfortunately, endure a medical procedure like a hysterectomy or an operation to remove testicles. As a medical professional, you are more than aware that those operations are not conducted based upon some demented whim or some delusional fantasy. Those procedures occur, or at least they should occur, as necessary moves to save the life of the patient. What possible connection could those have to the bizarre antics of those who intentionally seek to blind themselves or their mentally ill counterparts who maim themselves with injections and surgeries in an attempt to change genders? There is no comparison. None.

  9. Blind lady, as well as her psychologist, are perfect examples of who we should mandatorily sterilize.
    Three generations of imbeciles are enough. Except with psychologists: one generation exposed to Freud is enough.

  10. Someone up above mentioned Bruce Jenner a/k/a Caitlin or somesuch. How do we know he has had some surgery where the cut the weeny off and gave him a slot? He is a drag queen. He is bent. I suspect that if he gets porked it is a rear ender. If he did have some surgery and is wacko it is still different than this lady getting her eyes blinded. A darn sight different. Pardon the pun. Dont pardon anyone who assisted this lady in going blind.

  11. Karen S
    Girrrrl… In the ’80s in my 20’s I ‘d party all night in downtown Seattle at a popular gay club, surprisingly it’s still around (and has been terrorized, btw) I’d take breaks outside and flirt with the local PD in the alley. Trust me, men in iniform….

  12. Jeff,
    I think the chance this is a hoax is pretty high. Thanks for posting the Snopes link.

  13. “It’s a challenge to not feel at ease in your own body.

    Indeed, and that is the crux of the issue here.
    Why that occurs and how to manage it are not clear, and yet we now are asked to treat related disorders differently.

    We are justly horrified by someone blinding themselves, yet simultaneously supposed to praise sex reassignment surgeries.

  14. Max – you also have to recall that I’ve hung out in Hollywood and have literally seen it all. For Halloween years ago in West Hollywood, I attended a party with a bunch of fireman friends. We grew bored at the party and wandered across the street where the music was cooler. It was a drag queen party. And you should have heard all the squealing when we showed up. “Girls! Real firemen! And they’re STRAIGHT!” The girls were all really nice and all super tall. Of course, being a drag queen is different than transgender. A drag queen is just a gay man dressing up as his flamboyant female alter ego, usually for entertainment. Transgender can be straight or gay feeling like they’re in the wrong body. It’s a challenge to not feel at ease in your own body.

  15. Max:

    No, I understand that it’s different than some woman chasing youth or buxomness through plastic surgery.

    My concern is that gender dysmorphia is a type of BIID. I want transgenders to be happy and healthy. If the dysmorphia is that they see themselves 10 inches shorter and 20 years younger and with a delicate bone structure, no amount of surgery can fix that.

    A high rate of suicide and depression means that this community is not getting the help that it needs. That could involve anything from community support and acceptance, to counseling, to surgery. I don’t know what the answer is, but I would want to be very cautious and exhaust all other avenues before relying on surgery.

    A friend of mine told me about a fellow teacher at college who was a man in his 40s, lots of body hair, who went around in tube tops and a mini skirt. He wanted to be dainty and feminine so badly. Although he could certainly have gender reassignment surgery, and may have by now, he was never going to be tiny like he wanted. At some point he was going to have to love and accept himself as is.

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