“Nobody is a Saint”: Nigerian Former Governor Runs For Reelection Despite Being On The Run For Stealing Billions During Prior Term

abubakar-audu-Kogi-300x162This is what passes for honesty in Nigeria. The notoriously corrupt country reached a new low this week with Kogi State APC Chairman, Alhaji Hadi Ametuo. Ametuo was asked about the slightly awkward fact of his party’s candidate in the forthcoming governorship poll, Prince Audu Abubakar, being under investigation for stealing over N11 billion during his prior office term. Ametuo shrugged off the alleged theft as something that is quite common and then promised that Audu would return the money . . . if he is elected.

Audu is being prosecuted for misappropriating the N11 billion of the states’s funds while he was governor between 1999 and 2003. However, Ametuo explained that it should not be something that actually leads people to vote against him: “Nobody is a saint. No governor can claim he has not done any malpractice or stolen anything during his time in the office.”

He then revealed what he clearly thought was a noble act by Audu: “We heard of Saraki’s case, even Tinubu is being accused of stealing funds but the truth is that Prince Abubakar Audu has pledged to return the money to the Kogi treasury when he gets elected on the November 21st, yes he will return the 11billion naira or even more than that and that will add to the Kogi economy”.

Audu was known not just for his alleged corruption but obvious egotism. His controversial acts included renaming of the Kogi State University after himself as Prince Abubakar Audu University. Then there was Audu’s physical abuse and abandonment (in a hospital) of his wife and former first lady. Once again, however, Chairman Alhaji Hadi Ametuo would note “nobody is a saint” in Nigeria.

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  1. I have visited Nigeria and Yemen. An “election”? The central government can not govern or control the entire territory called Nigeria. The place needs some guidance.

  2. Watch the movie “Africa Addio,” if you can find it, and it sounds like prophecy.

  3. The DOJ? Seriously? You just said that.

    The affirmative action poster girl, Loretta Lynch, should have, as one example of incompetence or malfeasance, been impeached for dereliction, negligence and corruption for failing to indict Hillary. The evidence is there. The example of Petraeus is there. The corruption is there. The high Crimes and Misdemeanors are there.

    Article 2, Section 4

    “The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.”

    Let’s get this party started.

    I wonder if crime and corruption are “executive privilege?” Could be “executive overreach.”

    Yeah. That makes sense. We wonder why Bill Clinton, not to be confused with Bill Cosby, has never been indicted for crimes ranging from those associated with Whitewater to those surrounding “Orgy Island,” with a few “bumps in the road” on the way (if you know what I mean).

    It just seems to go on and on. Didn’t someone say we had exceeded the “tipping point?”

    What are we to expect; post-modern, post-apocalyptic, post “tipping-point?”

    In this new era of commingled definitions, a la the Extreme Court, we can expect anything.

  4. Yeah, kinda like Obama’s DOJ letting thugs from the New Black Panther Party harass, threaten and assault voters going to the polls. Yeah. Kinda like that.

  5. DBQ

    Yeah, kinda like the ones in Florida where the voting lists are edited by the Bush family to eliminate tens of thousands of voters likely to vote Democrat. Yeah, kinda like that.

  6. They are catching up to Illinois…voters here elected a guy that didn’t campaign, was in a mental hospital, and was being investigated by the Feds.
    He never got to serve in office though….Hahhahahhaha

  7. You mean those sacred Nigerian elections, where there could never be a whiff of scandal? Where voters are urged to vote early and often? Those elections?

  8. People generally get the government they deserve. If the voters reelect him, they will have no basis to complain….

  9. Nigeria is in the category of second to lowest level Pirate Territory. Yemen is one step beyond. T here is one solution for this dork. Get ahold of his dork hat and fill it with human poop. Put it back on his head and take his photo. If he is still smiling then you will know that he is a poop head.

  10. Prince Audu Abubakar needs to hear about the money I have from several inflated contract funds which are presently floating in the US Congress and Federal Reserve.

    However, due to my position as a civil servant, I cannot acquire this money in my name. I have therefore, been delegated as a matter of trust by my colleagues of the local panel to look for an Overseas partner into whose account the sum of US$81,000,000.00 will be paid by telegraphic transfer. Hence I will be writing him this letter.We have agreed to share the money thus:

    70% for us (the officials)

    20% for the FOREIGN PARTNER (Prince Audu Abubakar)

    10% to be used in settling taxation and all local and foreign expenses.

  11. “Nobody is a saint”? What about that Junipero guy? Who will intercede for me?

  12. Here is a link about UK drug-profiteering and a reminder of CIA drug running :


    … the long and sordid tale of London’s top-down control of the trillion-dollar-a-year illegal dope trade, through 2009. This updated edition details the global explosion of heroin and opium from an Afghanistan ravaged by a British-engineered Thirty Years War, and the emergence of the massively armed Mexican drug cartels, operating freely, right smack on the U.S. border.

  13. Is Nigeria more corrupt than the US, UK, EU or Isreal?

    When viewed in the context of past and ongoing banking frauds, legal and political frauds and deceits, 911, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Ebola in West Africa…these Nigerian low lifes are just inept in comparison.

    We used to wonder how the Nazi idealogy can prevail in Germany, well we have that idealogue writ large in the global criminality that is the US/EU activity in the political, corporate and military spheres.

    Historical deceits that stem from land theft, empire building, pirating. conquest, corporate frauds put the Nigerian amateurs to shame.

    1. ebolainfo – isn’t Nigeria where I have won those lovely prizes.?

      1. Good for you, consumer scam for the greedy.
        Lets get serious, nation state and global scams!
        How about i print a trillion ebolainfo notes “out of thin air” and you pay it back with interests.
        Oh, I can also use my trillion eboloinfo notes to buy up any US politician that will do my bidding.
        With my unlimited ability to print my ebolainfo notes or special drawing rights (SDR) I can buy any corporation or nation state.
        Imagine the Nigerian newbie steals the paper. I own the press and can devalue his worthless paper on a whim!

    1. Justice Holmes, I read what you meant, not what you wrote.. Had to go back and re-read it. It does add an extra layer to the divorce.

    1. Justice Holmes – back when I was a process server, I served a couple of divorce papers a year where the wife was in the hospital. It was unusual but not uncommon.

  14. Imagine, the UN is chuck full of these corrupt, inbred, low-life turds, who wield the power to cast votes sanctioning the behavior of other nations. A nightmare.

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