Law Student Gets Reprieve From Exam Due To Cubs – Pirates Game

Unknown-1UnknownI have long bee ribbed by my colleagues for excusing students from any assignments the day after either the Chicago Bears or Chicago Cubs win (They may claim either a “Lovie” — after former coach Lovie Smith — or a “Cubbie.”) Indeed, with entry into the post-season, I awarded a week off in-class assignments in celebration. It appears that I am not alone. One of our regulars has sent me a story from of a law student that was given permission to skip class due to Wednesday’s game against the Pirates. What is most impressive is that this is a waiver for an exam the day after the game. Good lawyering. Below is the exchange between Ben Larson and his University of Illinois law professor.

The Twitter exchange shows that there remains an element of grace and the divine left in our law schools:



Well said.

I am unsure that I can take the tension of this “one and done” game for the Cubs (despite having a better record than most Divisional winners — the league needs to go to a 3 game system to avoid this problem). With the three best teams all in the Central Division this year, this will be a nail bitter. I will be wearing my Ernie Banks jersey and lucky Cubs hat Wednesday surrounded by my children in Virginia (an outpost of Wrigleyville with a banner in front of the house). I have told the class that if the Cubs win, we all win — with assignment waivers to follow.


Kudos: Nick Spinelli

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  1. Nick, indeed it is a shame that the Bucks got eliminated. Neither the Bucks nor the Cubs should have to play a 1-game wildcard playoff with those records. I wonder if this result will cause the MLB to rethink its playoff format. The NBA recently changed its format to go on record alone, regardless of division, I believe. I think I am for that type of format in the MLB in that it will make the regular season matter more. It will also foreclose the possibility that the 2nd best record in baseball will be subject to a one-game elimination, as happened last night.

  2. The student, Ben Larson, who is the subject of this post, saw a great pitching performance. Baseball is about pitching, much more than any other aspect of the game.

  3. Cubs Win! Jake Arrieta was a man among boys tonight.

    Juris, the top 3 teams are from the the NL Central. It is a shame the Bucs get eliminated, but that’s the system for everyone.

  4. Nice to see Cardinal Nation here! If the Cubs beat the Cardinals (Cubs just blasted a 2 run HR as I started typing), I will be rooting for them. How can you not after a 106 year drought? Same if the Pirates win, they have really turned their team around over the last few years as well.

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