Law Student Gets Reprieve From Exam Due To Cubs – Pirates Game

Unknown-1UnknownI have long bee ribbed by my colleagues for excusing students from any assignments the day after either the Chicago Bears or Chicago Cubs win (They may claim either a “Lovie” — after former coach Lovie Smith — or a “Cubbie.”) Indeed, with entry into the post-season, I awarded a week off in-class assignments in celebration. It appears that I am not alone. One of our regulars has sent me a story from of a law student that was given permission to skip class due to Wednesday’s game against the Pirates. What is most impressive is that this is a waiver for an exam the day after the game. Good lawyering. Below is the exchange between Ben Larson and his University of Illinois law professor.

The Twitter exchange shows that there remains an element of grace and the divine left in our law schools:



Well said.

I am unsure that I can take the tension of this “one and done” game for the Cubs (despite having a better record than most Divisional winners — the league needs to go to a 3 game system to avoid this problem). With the three best teams all in the Central Division this year, this will be a nail bitter. I will be wearing my Ernie Banks jersey and lucky Cubs hat Wednesday surrounded by my children in Virginia (an outpost of Wrigleyville with a banner in front of the house). I have told the class that if the Cubs win, we all win — with assignment waivers to follow.


Kudos: Nick Spinelli

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  1. I remember growing up in Ferguson, when the Cardinals would be in the World Series (64, 67 & 68) my parents would let me skip school so I could watch the games…of course this lead to my proclivity to skipping school for any reason whatsoever, hence the 6 year plan for a Bachelors degree.

  2. If this was for a different event (not a popular sporting event) this blog would likely (probably has before) cite this as unprofessional. Say, a special event for observing the Israeli occupation of Palestinian land? Principled?

    Nonetheless, the grace and good lawyering exhibited by the student is refreshing.

    However, no need for a play-in game….. Go CARDINALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Don de Drain, I grew up in New England and the good sisters of St. Joseph allowed us to listen to the 1967 World Series. The Impossible Dream year for the Red Sox. Your Cards and Bob Gibson broke our hearts.

  4. Expat, The kid has tickets to the game in Pittsburgh. He wouldn’t be able to make it back in time for the exam if the prof didn’t have some empathy.

  5. I went to a Cardinal vs. Cubs game in Saint Louis last year when visiting Ferguson. It was a great event and what I noticed was that there was no animosity between Cub fans and Cardinal fans and the fans did not jeer the team they were not rooting for. But, they “rooted” as you humans like to say. So I wish the Cubs well today.

  6. If this guy can afford to attend law school, can’t he afford a VCR? DVR? TIVO?

  7. I wonder someday whether this student will remember this when he asks for a continuance on a matter. This will be the benchmark! 🙂

  8. I can still recall the teacher wheeling in a black and white TV into the classroom so we could watch the 1964 World Series, when I was in grade school. I’m a lifelong Cardinals fan, but the Cubs have played really good baseball over the last two months. Better than the Cards.

    It really is a shame that 2 of the 3 top teams in the National League can’t make it to the NLCS.

  9. I had a professor in college who would list a few quotes at the end of every exam and give extra credit for correctly identifying who wrote them. He usually favored music lyrics, and if in doubt, it was common wisdom to guess Bob Dylan or Bruce Springsteen.

  10. I just realized, JT may have jinxed the Cubs. It really is odd that JT would have a post about killing a goat and the Cubs posted in succession. Or is it??

  11. Lisa, Schmoozing is integral to being an attorney, not so much in the medical profession.

  12. I’m just gobsmacked at the thought of asking my professors to be excused from class to watch a sports game. My professors are all doctors and when I told them I was going to have knee surgery last semester, they basically told me to get ahead on my school work, so I won’t get behind.

    I wouldn’t dare to ask to be excused for a baseball game. However, all of my professors are women. That might have something to do with it. I call misogyny on this! Lmao 🙂

  13. I courted my bride in KC during the 70’s, when the Royals had outstanding teams. She cared little about baseball until we met, but turned into a true fanatic. For 3 consecutive years the Royals lost to the Yankees in heartbreaking postseason series. And each time my bride wept uncontrollably. I felt so guilty. I mean I felt bad w/ the losses, but had played sports and knew the deal, “The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat” an all. In 1980, the Royals swept the Yankees to make it to the WS, and the sheer joy I saw on her face wiped away all the sadness from previous losses. That’s the way it works. One of the players on the Royals during those 70’s was Clint Hurdle. He will be managing the Pirates. I like to observe behavior. The first couple innings Clint does not chew gum. But, about the 3rd inning he starts chewing bubblegum and check out those jaw muscles. I mean, the man CHEWS it. I’ll be pulling for the Cubs, but don’t hate the Pirates. Two great old franchises.

  14. I share your tension on the “one and done” format. I’ve felt (even before this year when the Cubs are in it) that this should be a best of three series. Baseball is a game of series, unlike football. Let’s hope for the best.

  15. Go Cubs! Until you play the Cardinals. But if you win the series with the Cardinals then Go Cubs!

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