Shutout: Cubs Win The Wild Card

Unknown-1UnknownYes, it has happened. The Cubs shut out the Pirates 4-0 just minutes ago. For Cubbies, this has been long in coming. Years of all of the ribbing and jeering about the “lovable losers.” Well, there is a wave of Cubbie blue heading for the St. Louis Cardinals and this is going to be one heck of a series.

I was pretty ticked about what seemed an intentional hit on Arrieta. I was really worried that he might be thrown out when the players storm the field. That pitch just missed his elbow. Ross and others did a great job in controlling emotions.

For some of us lifelong Cubbies, this is an incredible moment. As I have discussed in past columns, I grew up near Ernie Banks and my friends would see him on the weekend. (He actually showed me how to prepare my new mitt after one Christmas and I worshipped him). I lived near Wrigley and could hear homeruns from my backyard. My friends and I would go outside of Wrigley with radios and mitts to catch balls like by the likes of Banks and Williams. Despite living in McLean, my kids have remained Cubbies and we hoist our Cubs banner every year outside of the house. Even when we were losing, it did not matter. I would tell the kids that anyone can be a Yankees fan but being a Cubs fan demands character. But, truth be known, it sure feels better to win. A lot better.

I will be in Chicago to watch the Cards game (on television) with my family (as well as the Bears game) before heading to Salt Lake City and Oklahoma City for speeches. I cannot wait. Billy goats be damned. The Cubs are moving forward.

22 thoughts on “Shutout: Cubs Win The Wild Card”

  1. Juris, That fact about not winning a series @ Wrigley shocked me as well. Epstein took the curse off the Red Sox, now maybe the Cubs? Still a long way to go. And, I’m w/ you. I got the Cubs unless they play the Royals.

    I know a few Card fans and they are knowledgeable, unspoiled fans. I’m guessing there’s crying in the Bud in Mound City? The Card fans I communicate w/ live elsewhere. They are not immersed in the drama. NOBODY bitches like Philly fans. I went to school in PA. and have many Philly/Eagles/Flyers/6er’s fans for friends. TOUGH city. I think Chip Kelly is about to be run outta town.

  2. Thanks, Nick. No worries here. Cards had a hell of a season and lost to a damn good team in the Cubs. I am actually getting sick of hearing all my spoiled fellow Cards fans bitching and moaning the last few days. They are becoming ungrateful. Go Cubs, until they meet the Royals in the WS.

    I can’t believe that was the first time the Cubs have ever clinched a postseason series in Wrigley. Hats off to the Cubbies.

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