Saudi Arabia Remains Adamant On The Beheading and Crucifixion Of Political Dissident

ali-mohammed-al-nimrWe previously discussed the truly bizarre scene of having Saudi Arabia sit on the UN Human Rights Council despite being one of the most infamous violators of human rights. As if to remind the world of the crushing irony, Saudi Arabia has issued a statement telling the world that it has no business objecting to the planned execution of a religious dissent. The Saudi Arabian embassy in the UK has denounced “any form of interference in its internal affairs” regarding the case of 21-year-old dissident Ali Mohammed al-Nimr, who has been sentenced to death by beheading for engaging in pro-democracy protests.

Al-Nimr has been sentenced to death by beheading and crucifixion in Saudi Arabia for simply taking part in anti-government protests in 2012. He was just 17. The case is the ultimate expression of the Kingdom’s medieval legal system, often imposing Sharia principles and punishments. Not only is the Kingdom imposing a barbaric sentence but killing a boy because he dared engage in free speech and free thought.

Al-Nimr is the nephew of a prominent Shia cleric and activist. The human rights organisation Reprieve says that Al-Nimr was forced to sign a confession under torture to attacking police, breaking allegiance to the king, setting up terror cells, rioting and robbing a pharmacy. The Sharia judge sentenced him to first beheaded and then his body crucified in public.

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  1. The difference is that the US performs atrocities and its people speak out and the country adjusts and evolves to a higher level, even if some of its citizens are ok with the atrocities and seem to shrink from admitting faults. The arab countries execute those who speak out and justify their atrocities as necessary as indicated by their religion regardless of how it is interpreted and for what reasons, control or simple thuggery.

    The US and the West are evolving. The arabs seem to be receding into mumbo jumbo and slaughtering at one level or another.

  2. Paul Schulte,

    Am I missing something? I’ve read through this entire thread and nowhere do I see an ad hominem attack on you. What are you referring to?

  3. Mr. Schulte,

    Sorry for the honesty?

    I’m not sure of the name, I don’t speak Arabic. It was in Kunduz, and our State has officially apologized for the war crime already (Actually said we would compensate victims).

    Your kind-of person has arrived though @PhantasyPhactoryShootout.

    Islamophobia is king here.

    1. chipkelly – you named one hospital, but you claimed ‘hospitals.’ So far you have named only one. You are shy at least one more hospital.

  4. Civilization never extended to the mid-east. Only jackals and snakes preside there.

  5. “JT
    Yes, that Saudi Arabia is a member of the UN Human Rights committee is a quandary… However that the USA is a member should also be held in question. Torture, worlds largest prison population, use of drones to kill innocent people and of course, bombing hospitals.”


    You are absolutely correct that U.S.A. membership should be in question.

    On the daily, JT praises men that owned several slaves (the backdrop of the entire site). The genuine realities the majority (those opulent people) is only viewed from the perspective preserving the “glories” of the American brand. Good luck with rational arguments, Mr. Schulte’s jingoism is much more influential here.

    1. chipkelly – again with the ad hominems. Please name the hospitals and locations we have bombed.

  6. Davidm2575, you are correct. Interesting that being a political dissident (free speech) trumps the crimes (not in the headline) which are not analogous to sitting in a white’s only section etc.. I suppose that further write-ups will carry the story as political dissident then list the alleged crimes down in the body of the article. How about alleged traitor or arsonist etc. then add “who advocated free expression”?

    Wasn’t B. Arnold a dissident? Rosenbergs? Brutus? Was Gen. Lee a dissident or traitor? I guess it could be said all traitors are dissidents but not all dissidents are traitors.

    Still for us, I believe the punishment isn’t appropriate to our way of thinking. However, hardly any uproar about all the Chinese business men executed for white collar crimes. Some might say that certain bankers and CEOs might not have participated in what lead to 2008 if they had known their necks were actually on the line.

  7. If this boy was setting up terror cells, rioting and robbing a pharmacy, then he was doing more than just protesting. Does anybody know the truth? If he is a traitor to his country, then he deserves death.

  8. Nick,
    To confuse a person’s ability to speak out against their Government as some sort of hate for the government is telling. To protest is despicable? To voice anger is hate? To hold accountable is contemptible?

    Makes me have to ask… why do you hate our Freedoms?

  9. The Lincoln assassin was dead within days.

    The Lincoln assassination conspirators were hanged within 4 months.

    “Justice, Tranquility,…”

  10. One of the reasons we should not allow the export of American oil. Keep it for ourselves, import no ME oil.

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