Turley To Speak at Oklahoma Town Hall

THI have the pleasure of speaking today as part of Oklahoma City Town Hall speaking series. I will be speaking on the Supreme Court and upcoming cases this term. The event is held at St. Luke’s Christian Life Center.

Whitewater_12.3.13_image-940x375I have previously written about my love for this beautiful city with its incredibly moving memorial for the victims of the Oklahoma City bombing. The city continues to build on its success, including a new Olympic training center in the Boathouse District. It is part of Oklahoma City’s $45.2 million whitewater rafting and kayaking center.

The Speaker’s Series will hold four additional speeches this year and anyone interested in attending the series can call 405-755-2362 or email: okbean@cox.net.

5 thoughts on “Turley To Speak at Oklahoma Town Hall”

  1. I really enjoyed your talk today at Town Hall. I never realized that in choosing new Supreme Court Judges, that ideally they were chosen for not having a body of work so to speak. I found myself really wanting know more about the Supreme Court in general and the Justices in particular.
    Thanks so much for coming today.

  2. Congrats. The Oklahoma City Memorial is a first class tribute. I was just passing through OKC a couple years ago on my way west. I just stopped on a whim and was floored @ the emotion this memorial evokes. I would love to see this conference.

  3. Will questions actually be allowed?? This place doesn’t like to practice free speech unless it’s to get paid or to hear their own beliefs confirmed.

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