Chicago Former Gang Member Arrested After His 6-Year-Old Son Kills His Brother With Loaded Gun Left In Kitchen

562400f51400002a00c7a30bMichael Santiago, 25, is under arrest for felony child endangerment after his 6-year-old son accidentally shot and killed his 3-year-old brother. Santiago kept the .32-caliber Smith & Wesson revolver fully loaded on top of the refrigerator.

The boys were reportedly playing “cops and robbers” when the gun went off. Their grandfather was watching them but was upstairs at the time. Santiago is a former gang member who said that he had the gun (purchased illegally off the street) to protect himself after testifying against a fellow gang member. Santiago, a manager at a Papa Ray’s Pizza restaurant, is being held on $75,000 bond.

Santiago appears to have been working hard after leaving the gang — putting in six days a week at the pizza restaurant.

The combination of the illegal purchase and the endangerment allegation could result in serious time for Santiago. The question is whether a court should consider the loss of the child in reducing the sentence. Santiago is described as a loving father who did a terribly stupid and reckless thing. Given the loss of the child, do you think that serious jail time is warranted?

Source: CNN

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  4. Babsbee & Olly:

    In answer to your chart and your question:

    43 toddlers died or were injured by gunshot wounds.

    3553 children of any age drown in pools annually, on average.

    So, literally, which is the biggest threat to child safety?

    We need to get real about safety and ban pools! And negligent parenting…of course there are already laws that punish criminal negligence.

    Negligent parents tragically cause death or injury to their own beloved children every day. It’s true that it’s heartbreaking and preventable.

    All they need to do is follow the law and common sense and tragedy can be averted. So . . . what do we do? Do we outlaw pools, prescription drugs, sharp objects, choking hazards. How do we prevent parental negligence from causing death or injury to an innocent child? We already have laws against negligence . . . so . . . what is the suggestion?

    Statistically, pools are a far greater threat to child safety than firearms, even when you take into account gangland shootings. So, based on the facts, how do we deal with the biggest threat to childhood safety? Which is actually pools, for anyone who isn’t following.

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  7. How about allowing the CDCP to start studying and gathering data on gun deaths again? If Congress wants to solve a problem, why did they ban the use of any funds to study gun deaths as one aspect among many of public health issues?

    And why have some states forbade doctors from asking about guns in the home? Are we that f*ing crazy? A gun in the home, as we see at least once a week, presents a substantial risk to every household member. A good pediatrician or family physician will ask about household poisons, access to swimming pools, and the whole array of risks to the lives of children which can be mitigated in a variety of ways. Why on god’s green earth would you not let them talk to parents about gun safety?

    Let them make families, parents, mothers, grandmothers aware of the risks. Then let the families start acting on it.

    Oh, and while we’re at it, why is it that when a gun manufacturer or gun safety advocate proposes a new safety lock or similar safety measure that rabid NRA members go crazy, even threatening the lives of gun safety advocates.

    If you don’t think we have a problem, you have a problem.

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  9. @ KCF

    I see. However, the claims seemed just ludicrous and delusional enough to have been real. I fell for it.

    Trigger locks do NOTHING unless they are used. Does justice really think that someone who is already breaking the law and who is so negligent as to leave a loaded gun laying around would seriously use a trigger lock.


  10. “…once he breaks from the pelvic examination schedules.

    What does this mean? Anything?
    What has it to do with your silly idea that trigger locks would do anything at all to prevent the child’s death in this post?

  11. I cited Hubble, Pluto, your pocket computer, driverless cars.

    I’m not impressed.

    Hubble is interesting if really relatively useless. Did make some very pretty pictures of things that are millions of years away from us in real time.

    Pluto. Meh. Interesting but again of what value.

    What do you mean pocket computer?

    Driverless cars one of the biggest jokes ever. Absolutely useless in 90% of the US and 98% of the entire world.

    I’ll put you down as an hysterical female who lives in an insular bubble and probably has never had anything worse than a hangnail or some sort trigger event like a guy complimenting your hair or something happen to you. When the real world comes crashing in you are going to be in big trouble and us gun tottin’ drooling rednecks will decide you don’t really have much redeeming value. You are on your own honey.

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