Atlantic City Man Arrested After Video Show Him Taunting And Assaulting Homeless Woman

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 8.56.54 PMIbn Hunter, 25, is one person that Atlantic City could do without. Hunter was arrested after he starred in a vicious video posted on YouTube where he taunts and then knocks out a 45-year-old homeless woman. The videotape below is disgusting and all the more disturbing by the utter lack of reaction of people around them.

Hunter is shown standing in front of the victim and asking her: “I ain’t gonna do what? I ain’t gonna grab you? I ain’t gonna do what?”

A person off camera joins the taunting and says: “She said you ain’t gonna smack her, dog.”

Hunter then stares into the camera and decks the woman as the cameraman yells “Bing! and “It’s over.”

The role of the cameraman should result in his arrest as well since he is actively participating in the creation of a videotape (which appears the strong motivation of Hunter). They appear joined in a common purpose to assault the woman while filming the crime.

The woman suffered severe head trauma. She was eventually upgraded to serious but stable condition.

Hunter was arrested on a warrant for aggravated assault. Not surprisingly he has a long criminal history with prior convictions for drugs and theft, including five adult convictions for burglary, robbery and drug possession. He racked up his first cocaine conviction at the age of 16.

It is not clear if an individual identified as Bdsp BroadDay was the man who filmed the crime, but police are trying to find him. BroadDay said on the web that the woman had tried to spit on Hunter.

The joy shown by Hunter in the taunting and assault of this woman should weigh heavily in my view on sentencing. I consider this type of criminal to be the most dangerous to society — someone who enjoys causing and watching the pain of defenseless individuals. It is conduct that should push a sentence to the very top of the discretionary scale for a court in my view.

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  1. Paul C… … my point exactly. Open carry is provocative and not just to the police. Few places, other than by law enforcement, does it make any sense. But, yeah, I know, I know…it is a “right.” Doesn’t make it less stupid. I want any opposition I might have to be a little bit in the dark about what I might have with me. Surprise is a tactical advantage. No flashing of the weapon and there’s no harm either way…you just go about your business. I suppose I am an odd ball among the gun fancy.

  2. Paul C… … so is Michigan, not by law, but by dint of no law prohibiting it. Still makes no sense to me. Half the planet can take it from you from behind when it is so obvious…just how does that make sense?

    1. Aridog – I used to tell my students (felons in training) that if they wanted to drive the cops nuts, just walk down the street with their gun exposed. 😉

  3. Can anyone here, among the various advocates, tell me why “open carry” is so sought after? It makes no sense to me.

    1. Aridog – Arizona is an open carry state, but I rarely see it. However, it drives the cops crazy. 🙂

  4. I get it why concealed handguns are not allowed in federal buildings, or court houses, after a neighbor of mine was gunned down in the federal building lobby here by a guy with a gun in a paper bag….right at the check in magnetometer. Ron was a Federal Protective Service Officer, and a very good guy and good cop…fair to everyone. He reached over the table he stood behind for the bag and the guy fired through the bag, hitting Ron in the armpit, because of the reaching-over action, thus by-passing his armored vest and hitting his heart. All of us who worked in the federal building were just fine with only certified police officers with arrest authority able carry sidearms….and that it was strictly enforced. I’m feeling far less safe in churches where the likelihood of resistance by police is scant and the lunatics know it. The guy who shot Ron down didn’t make it two steps further before three other officers shot him down. I was pleased…since at the time I was waiting for my elevator in the elevator lobby just a few feet around the corner from the entrance. All of us who heard the gunfire knew it couldn’t be good given the usual enforcement precautions…and yes, dang right I was nervous until I knew the shooter was down.

    I have a CPL and carry most of the time, but I am not bothered by restrictions that make sense…such as when others in authority are armed and can deal with fools.

  5. Paul – Yes, I understand this. I argue it is unconstitutional – taxpayers own the building, their rights should not be infringed on their own property.

    1. Steg – I agree with you on this one, however try getting a judge to agree with us. They all carry a gun under their robes, but we have to go ‘nekkid’ so to speak.

  6. ringhals – I think I understand you. All I’m really trying to argue is that – if a CCW permit were reciprocated by all states – there would be no unique state law to learn like driving because it is a negative right (meaning it puts no onus whatsoever on other people if I exercise it). The right to carry concealed, can only be prohibited by a private establishment. All public places paid for by taxpayers would recognize our civil rights. Driving is not a civil right, so the states have more unique regulations, and it is allowed. I can’t think of any way a state would legally be allowed to regulate my bearing of arms that would not infringe on my right. This is already conceding the infringement of a CCW, unless it is free. If it’s not free that puts an artificial barrier against poor people getting their CCW, and why hate on the poor like that?

    Of course- I am arguing from the absolute 2A position. This has not existed in America since before my grandparents came here. The breakdown I go from is here:

    SORRY to open up the argument again. If you or anyone is interested in gun law history, here is a good story:

    I do remain convinced that education is the key to our gun woes. We need to have, as Max says, ‘More gunz’, and learn how to use them. We need to remove the stigma around them, remove the mystery, become familiar, educated, and practiced in all aspects of the gun. The world for all three of these combined into one is ‘regulation’. I wholly endorse the Citizens of the USA to educate and regulate themselves concerning the 2nd amendment. Like regulating your tooth brushing habits.

    1. Steg – try carrying your pistol into court and see how far you get. Your rights WILL be restricted.

  7. Paul – I recognize that anyone not a prohibited purchaser has a right to own a gun, whether I like it or not, so it’s a moot point not worth arguing about. But again, I’m sure it’ll come up in another thread.

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