The Beauty of Old Rag In the Fall

IMG_3488Yesterday, I took my annual Fall hike up Old Rag Mountain near Sperryville, Virginia. I hike Old Rag a couple times a year and it is always spectacular. This is one of the most challenging hikes in Virginia but it is worth the effort of the long climb up to the summit. The best time is in the fall when the forest looks like a Monet painting. It takes a full day to get to the trail and take the long trail up the mountain, over the rock scramble, and down through the forest floor. However, as tired as your legs will be, it is truly rejuvenating for the tired urban soul. Having just hiked the Wasatch Mountain in Utah (yes, it is bizarre to be able to climb mountains in Virginia and Utah in roughly the same week), I wanted to tackle Old Rag before it became too cold. Yesterday was ideal with temps in the 70s (after starting out in the 30s) and dry conditions.

Going at the break of dawn in mid week cuts down the number of people on the trail dramatically and you can get large stretches alone.

The trees were brilliant today and the whole range had that Indian blanket look. The leaves were falling and the forest was incredibly quiet. I feel like a new man.

Here are a few pictures from the hike:
















7 thoughts on “The Beauty of Old Rag In the Fall”

  1. I’m sure you were pondering all that concern for the public interest hahahahahahah.

  2. Beutiful pics JT. Today I am taking a trip to Sedona for the annual Pleine Air Festival. It has been going on for a week already and today is the Art by the Creek Speed Out. Artist have two hours to do a painting by the creek in two hours. It will be on display for sale tonight.

  3. My half blind human pal goes to a cat house in Fairfax. The favorite guest worker there is named Old Rag. She is neither old nor ragged looking. Walking to the cat house and doing a roll in the hay beats a walk in the park.

  4. Jonathan. . . You look dorky in that picture but I’m in love with your mind. lol 🙂

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