Albuquerque Police Nab Driver Who Allegedly Shot and Killed Four-Year-Old In Road Rage Incident

1022 tony torrez6412334_1445435749.4648Albuquerque police have announced that they have arrested the man responsible for the killing of Lilly Garcia, 4, in a road rage incident. Tony Torrez, 32, reportedly confessed to the crime and the police hit him with a long list of charges that should guarantee that he remains in jail most if not all of his life. Indeed, even a plea agreement at this point would likely place the sentence near the maximum level but, if Torrez confessed, there is little in terms of a defense to present without striking the confession on some grounds.

Alan Garcia was traveling westbound on Interstate 40 when Torrez cut him off in a Lexus in attempting to exit the freeway. The men exchanged words and Torrez pulled out a gun and fired at Garcia’s truck. He hit the four-year-old girl. With the witnesses and alleged confession, Torrez is toast absent some surprising development.

151021-lilly-garcia-jsw-01_04a0df3f0efcbc03b7c44c7e61b26344.nbcnews-ux-600-700Torrez is charged with murder, aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, assault with the intent to commit a violent felony, shooting at or from a motor vehicle, child abuse, child abuse resulting in death and tampering with evidence. He was being held on $650,000 bail.

While the actions of Torrez leaves one, again, depressed about our society, it is important to note that Torrez was captured with the help of a tip. Moreover, two nurses stopped and rendered aid to Lilly until she was taken to the hospital. Finally, thousands of people have gone to a gofundme site to contribute to the family.

Just showing the picture below is enough to secure a death penalty.


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  1. Wow, Karen, we are in a remarkable degree of agreement here:

    I think the ACA is too large and unwieldly.

    And I believe modern healthcare could do a better job of adopting a more holistic approach to healthcare, focusing on all those things you listed. Dr.’s are too quick to prescribe a pill, in my opinion, with too little consideration for the side effects. I’m a big fan of Dr. Andrew Weil.

    One of the better aspects of Obamacare is it encourages preventative care; things like wellness checks.

    I do understand that costs have risen for people around the country, which really isn’t right.

    I never said the ACA was an ideal plan. Perfect, however, is the enemy of good.

  2. THall:

    Thank you. I’m glad you enjoyed the link. I’ve learned a lot on this blog, sometimes from dissenting opinions. I’ve been trying to explain that there is more common ground than people think. If we don’t alienate each other so no one hears the other side, there can been some good discussions.

    I understand that my bitterness is apparent in my comments on Obamacare, because I was figuratively burned. I agree with healthcare reform. I just passionately feel that it would behoove us to make a series of very tightly worded, very small bills dealing with just a few issues each. That way, Congress (had better!) read it. If it doesn’t work, each one can be adjusted or thrown out without disrupting the entire health care industry. We would have an agile, responsive system of laws that we can adjust comparatively easily compared with this massive bill.

    I would also like to see an approach to improving national health care through better nutrition, whole foods, nutrition education in public schools, exercise, city planning …pretty much everything that can make our bodies healthy enough to fight illness in the first place. Insurance leans too heavily towards chasing symptoms and supporting the massive pharmaceutical industry, without supporting health in the first place. It’s not balanced.

  3. Hi Karen,

    I am heartened to know that we have some area of agreement on the issue of background checks.

    I also agree with you on the way mental health is handled in this country. I know you may not like Obamacare, but I believe it can do a lot to help people get treatment for mental illness.

    I also consider myself better informed for having read your comment and the link you provided. Thank you.

    While I may have been off target on the reasons why states weren’t reporting, the actual reasons originate from a sense of civil disobedience, a sense that I believe are due to a poor understanding of the Constitution.

    Again, thanks for the solid link.

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