China Awards Mugabe Human Rights Prize

200px-mugabecloseup2008130px-Mao_Zedong_portraitThis is truly something that belongs in The Onion. Indeed, I had to double check to be sure that it was serious. China, one of the most oppressive nations on Earth, has given a human rights award to Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe, one of the most oppressive and corrupt leaders in the world. China continues its almost comical issuance of the Confucius Peace Prize, its answer to the Nobel Peace Prize. China was tired of the Nobel people giving a human rights price to human rights advocates, particularly Chinese dissents or the Dali Lama. So it created its own prize to give those hard-working dictators an opportunity to shine. So this year, China is honoring a man who has destroyed the economy of Zimbabwe, starved his people, oppressed dissidents, and maintained one of the most disgusting levels of corruption and personal excess of any dictator in the world. Vladimir Putin previously won the award. Last year the recipient was that great humanitarian Fidel Castro.

The prize will no doubt fuel Mugabe’s delusional state where he denies that there is any suffering or corruption in this country.

The Chinese celebrated how Mugabe, 91, “inject[ed] fresh energy” into the global quest for harmony during his authoritarian 35 years in power. Yes like the fresh energy he has used in persecuting gays or his annual birthday extravaganzas or the endless energy his wife shows in her infamous shopping trips to Europe.

The Committee announced:

“Ever since Robert Mugabe was sworn in as the president of Zimbabwe in the 1980s, he has worked hard to bring political and economic order to the country and to improve the welfare of the Zimbabwean people by overcoming hardship.”

Honestly, that is what it said. While shame seems to no longer register in China, irony appears a Party-sanctioned theme.

Qiao Damo, the committee’s chairman, said the following with an entirely straight face: “If Zimbabwe did not have Mugabe as its president, the country would be facing great difficulty – even public security might be in danger.” Thank God Zimbabwe is not facing great difficulty given its collapsing economy and rampant corruption.

Liu Zhiqin, one of the committee’s 76 members, acknowledged,  “Frankly speaking, there were internal concerns about awarding Mugabe the peace prize . . . Mugabe has been in power for such a long time that he could be easily be labelled a dictator, tyrant or despot.” Gee, you think? The question is what else could he possibly be. Nevertheless, the Committee overcame its “concerns” and embraced one of the most despicable figures in the history of Africa as a model of leadership for China.

The prize comes with an award of 500,000 yuan (£51,000) and a gold trophy. Perhaps he could put the gold trophy next to his prized, guarded commode to perfectly capture China’s latest contribution to human rights.

Source: Guardian

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  1. chipkellyshouldgoogleleibniz,

    Judging by your moniker, you stand on formality.


    Das ist Herr Schulte

  2. “The better part of valor is discretion.”

    “In your face” radical, extremist protests-as-honorable-pursuits, such as “Doctors Without Borders,” must be exposed for what they are, compensating, psycho-babbling, radical liberal extremists.

    Greenpeace boats, having the same personnel and motivations, should be rammed and sunk by international whalers.

    “You pays your money and you takes your chances.”

    No person in his right mind would go “mano a mano” with a 1,000 pounder – or anywhere close.

    As I recall, “free fire zones” were literally free fire zones. That’s kind of made clear by the title.

    It would appear that Afghanistan is an active “theater” including “combat zones.”


    I wouldn’t send my friends or family there.

    This episode may not directly involve “free fire zones,” but what kind of idiot plays on a freeway?

    Oh yeah! The one seeking attention.

  3. Mr. Schulte,

    Hardly legal?

    Oh, a war crime only might have been committed, but no legal issues here (sounds like a garden-variety American patriot).

    Hahahahah this place not talking about the DWB bombing controversy, but getting awards for news/analysis. hahaha impressive.

    1. chipkelly – I know that DWB is up in arms about this. However, what purpose would be served by the US government bombing a DWB clinic? A mistake is not a war crime.

  4. Even citizens (if they are colored and poor of course) lined up for massacre are called justified on this blog. Or not really discussed in the case of Mike Brown.

    This place is more akin to an American Saudi Arabia than its attempts to pride itself on values that indeed are nowhere to be found in principle theory and very rarely in application.

  5. “Do you think fewer innocent civilians were murdered? State-sponsored hypocrisy smells the same everywhere.”

    Has this place (JT or DS) event mentioned the bombing of the Doctors Without Borders hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan?

    That questions answers itself after logging on to this site with its backdrop and reading a bunch of posts (if not a few).

    If it’s American sponsored, the analysis changes completely. It’s quite fascinating to observe.

    1. chipkelly – the bombing of the building with Doctors Without Borders is an interesting problem, but hardly legal. I was watching a series of extended videos on the air war of the US starting with Desert Shield and the head of the air command said the biggest problem they had with targets was intelligence. About half of all casualties by the Allies in Desert Storm were friendly fire.

      My considered opinion is that since they landed three bombs on the building, there are two possible answers. They missed the original target. They hit the right target but got bad intelligence about what was in it.

  6. Absurdity is camp!

    Given the Nobel Peace prize awarded to Obama, China simply didn’t want to be out done.

  7. BarkinDog,

    Free to matriculate and hire based on affirmative action.

    Free to have children forcibly bused.

    Free to be ordered whom to sell or rent one’s private property to.

    Free to be subject to rent control of one’s private property.

    Free to be forced to pay confiscatory and punitive taxation to fund wealth redistribution.

    Free to be forced to fund social services.

    Free to be forced to fund bloated, do-nothing government.

    Free to be forced to fund teachers unions and pay ridiculous government worker wages.

    Free to have psycho-democrazies establish unconstitutional “sanctuary cities” near our towns.

    Oh Hells yes. That be free, my man.

  8. T Hall,
    Don’t you know? We’re privileged to read Nick’s blog he allows JT to post on… Or something like that.

  9. Shorter Nick:
    “It’s never supporting despotic governments when the USA does it and anyone who says otherwise doesn’t support despotic regimes and naturally hates Amerca.”

  10. You are Free! As long as you obey the law. And look at the laws you have on the books. You cannot artFay in Church; can’t speed in your car; can’t sail your boat in a Great Lake without all these permits and licenses. Live Free Or Die!

  11. I think Bush was responsible for the Holocaust, wasn’t he?

    I know Bush must have interred Japanese-Americans and dropped he atomic bombs on Japan. A Democrat would never have done that. “Had to be Bush, definitely Bush[said in a Rain Man voice].”

    1. Nick – don’t let Bush off the hook for the Italian-Americans and German-Americans he interred. And don’t forget he ordered Sherman’s March to the Sea.

  12. T. Hall,

    “…you can check out any time you like,

    but you can NEVER leave…”

  13. This blog post helps us understand why the one and only important thing the American Founders expected and intended to accomplish was the establishment of individual freedom.

    You can please some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time.

    What the hell are the very communist Chinese and the evil, despotic Mugabe cooking up?

    The only thing government can truly and effectively accomplish is providing the people with freedom.

    From there, people are on their own; as nature would have it.

    The American thesis is freedom and self-reliance.

    The “blessings of liberty” are freedom and free enterprise without interference by government.

    Keep the nutjobs, despots and dictators out of our lives – make us free.

  14. China and Zimbabwe.

    Great minds think alike.

    Why aren’t they ever on Jeopardy?

  15. Commoner,

    Is the Corgi puppy analogy that of balanced, coherent and rational people attempting to cope with the fraud,

    greed, self-indulgence, narcissism and cavalier nature of unreasonable, intransigent and immalleable,

    “the-end-justifies-the-means,” collectivist, socialist-cum-communist, progressive liberal democrazies?

    That is an inordinately edifying video.

  16. The award should have been named Inhuman Rights. What else we from the free world could expect from the country where human rights is not in the dictionary. They found the real winner in Mugabe who is the champion killer of human rights. I do remember the younger Mugabe during the change of once prosperous British colony Rhodesia becoming a basket case Zimbabwe. Killing hundreds of White farmers was not raised in any international forum because all were still talking about apartheid in South Africa. Look at the difference between the two countries. South Africa had a steady transition and Nelson Mandela knew the value of keeping people from all races in the government for a better country.

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