Man Arrested In Fatal Hit-And-Run In California Was Previously Deported Six Times

Ramon-Jaime-HortaA tragic hit-and-run crime in California has rekindled the controversy over our porous borders after it was learned that Ramon Jaime Horta was not only driving on a suspended license but had been deported six times for criminal offenses from the country. Despite his serving time, Horta showed that he was able to move freely back into the country where he ultimately killed Marcello Bisarello in Santa Ana.

Horta was convicted in 2001 for sale and possession of a controlled substance and driving on a suspended license. He was given nine month in jail and was deported. He was deported again in 2002 and 2006. However, in 2008, he was back in the criminal system and pleading guilty to possession of a controlled substance with intent to sell. He was given two years in state prison.

That brings us to 2015 when he hit and killed Bisarello while driving without a valid license and while driving under the influence. He fled the scene but was captured a few blocks away. He had a prior DUI as well as a probation violation on a record with convictions for battery, drug possession, and other crimes.

Horta was deported in 2001, 2002, 2006, 2009 and 2012. He has now allegedly killed a man.

The case has already been introduced into the political campaigns over immigration policy. Putting aside the debate over walls and deportations, it is clear that we need to do a better job in handling recidivists like Horta, who seems to have found a revolving door in our border. I am unsure why he spent so little time in jail given his record of habitual offenses. Notably, this is a case where deportation occurred . . . repeatedly. Yet, it did not prove to be any real barrier to this man. At a minimum, the case may offer an insight into how these figures are evading the system and reentering the country with apparent ease. He does not seem like a particularly clever fellow, which raises the concern that even more dangerous figures from terrorists to organized crime might have equal ease in entering the country without detection. That should be a serious concern.

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  1. My great-grandmother was 3/4 Mexican. Her Anglo grandfather, a ship’s captain came to California in 1823. To gain residency, he had to convert to Catholicism, marry a Mexican, and give title to his ship to the Mexican government.
    I am not in favor of illegal immigration at the dawn of the golden age of robotics. Plus, a lot of illegals are functionally illiterate in their own languages. Sadly, estimates suggest 1/4 of our population is also illiterate or barely literate. So, if there are unskilled jobs to go around, I would rather see our poorly educated citizens get those jobs rather than foreign scabs.
    The most common male occupation in the US is trucker. If robotic trucks and cars are licensed and insured their will be a lot of people out of work: bus drivers, taxi drivers, truckers, chauffeurs, etc. So, no, we don’t need unskilled immigrants.
    Japan has created a robot that loads garbage onto garbage trucks.
    All these advances and others are reasons to control immigration. It’s economics, not racism. We can’t afford to be the to be the social safety net for foreign nationals who cut in line.
    India has 277 million illiterates. What if 10% decided they want to come to America? Whose going to pick up the tab?

  2. To where was Horta deported? How about deep in the Amazonian jungle? How about Tierra Del Fuego?


    an interesting survey of US mischief in the Middle East. The kind of thing that causes mass migrations; but the US citizens have to put up with the consequences and the show must go on. Same thing Mexico– WHY do all these people come here? Not just because it’s the land of opportunity but because American drug demand and NAFTA and “democratization” have turned the place into a total mess!

  4. The Shah did not fall he was deposed. The entire government was an illegitimate US patsy. Why are we entitled to self government but not other nations?

  5. randyjet:

    “Since I helped a friend enter the US illegally, I am not against such LEGITIMATE claims. He was fleeing from Iran and faced death if he was returned home. Of course the first thing he did once he got a place to stay, was to turn himself in to the INS, and start the process.”

    Was that after the Shah fell? That was bad.

    Your friend did it right. Fled in an emergency but immediately reported himself to INS and began the process. That’s how the system is supposed to work. And that system could use an overhaul because it is a beaurocratic quagmire.

    I agree with your post that the asylum system is abused, and that the vast majority of people never show up for their court date.

    We need to secure our border, and have a process in place for real emergencies, like for your Persian friend.

    1. I helped my friend get back to Iran when the revolution got rid of the dictator and he was part of a political group that was contesting in the elections there. Unfortunately, we all know what happened after Komenhi won. He lived there for a few years and worked as an electrical engineer, but his neighbor called him at work and told him the police had just broken into his home. He left immediately, and fled. His escape route had not been prepared as he had directed, and he damn near died of dehydration in the desert. From him I learned that dying of thirst is the worst way to die. I will take his word for it too.

    2. randyjet – don’t I remember a member of your family being guilty of a war crime? If so, do you think that people inherently break the law?

  6. And we have already reached the tipping point where illegal aliens control elections.

    It is already the majority opinion that any presidential candidate who vows to crack down on illegal immigration (not legal immigration), will lose the Latino vote and inherently the election.

    A simple vow to enforce our laws means you cannot hold higher office.

  7. Oh, and another consequence of the tidal wave of illegal immigration that I have mentioned before – the crews working under the table.

    Californians are so conscientious when they vote for higher minimum wage, more regulation, more costs for doing business. Anything labeled pro-worker will likely pass.

    But when it comes time to mow their lawns, watch their children, hire a handyman, renovate their house, or almost anything else, they go with the lowest price and hire illegals. There are illegal alien day worker crews crowding on street corners that have protection from the cities to be there. Go to any work site in construction, and the vast majority of people there will speak zero English, which means that work site is dangerous. The illegal crews are not following codes, not communicating or understanding dangers between other crews, and sometimes installing completely hazardous renovations.

    Californians vote for other people to spend money they are not willing to spend themselves. I have also seen this in taxation. While howling about the rich taking every single legal deduction they can on their taxes, they line up at H&R Block demanding that they maximize their refund and not pay a dime more than they owe.

  8. This is the tragedy for the victims of illegal alien criminals. They were never supposed to be here. The loss should never have happened, would never have happened if we secured our border to make illegal immigration more difficult.

    Californians pay almost $1 billion to house illegal aliens in prison. We don’t have that money to spend. It drains money from where it could actually do some good. And those prisoners come from all over the world, including Afghanistan and other high terrorism countries. The most rabidly anti-semitic Muslim I knew had immigrated here illegally from Iran via the Mexican border. He eventually became legal by marrying someone who immigrated here legally.

    There are so many consequences of our failure to secure our border, one of the most fundamental requirements of any nation:
    1. illegal alien criminals, including the drug cartels that not too long ago hung up a female reporter and eviscerated her, leaving her hanging there with her entrails hanging out as a warning to other journalists. Plus there are the many gangs, human smugglers, sex traffickers, pedophiles, and all the other people who would be specifically screened out by going through the legal immigration process
    2. Failure to stop repeat offenders from entering, like the man referenced above
    3. Undue strain on our benefits systems, because we are unable to limit the flow to what we can easily absorb
    4. Competition for entry level jobs at a time when the economy is struggling, and our own poor citizens are struggling to find jobs and many have just given up and dropped out of the work force
    5. Disease. Legal immigrants are required to undergo a health screening. Illegal immigrants from around the globe bring Third World diseases that could have easily been prevented by a simple health screening and treatment at the border. For example, the bulk of leprosy cases (yes, that’s the Biblical leprosy) in Texas and NY come from immigrants. In addition, Mexico has 10 times the rate of TB, including multi-drug-resistant TB, than the US. TB is now on the rise in CA, and the mortality rate of treated MDR TB is 50%. 84% of MDR cases were “foreign born” according to the CDC, which did not note the legal status. In another consequence of the unaccompanied minor illegal immigrant surge, border patrol agents who cared for them contracted scabies, among other illnesses.

    Endless surge of illegal immigrants in TX Rio Grande, which has completely overwhelmed their holding facilities, rendering it short of basic necessities like a 3rd world country.

  9. This country is so screwed up when I guy like this can walk and we have a Missouri college President forced to resign for not breaking any laws. Yea America!!!

  10. Nick — San Francisco voters might have voted for Vicki Hennessey because it is “kewl” that she would be “first woman sheriff” rather than giving Ross Mirkarimi the boot because of stance on Sanctuary City and Francisco Sanchez and the Steinle shooting. My jaded view is that policies like Sanctuary City provide a “cover” or excuse to look the other way for something else that is unlawful or wrongful.

  11. I am unsure why he spent so little time in jail given his record of habitual offenses.

    I will point out that the Catch and Release program is also an equal opportunity program for the meth heads, tweakers, petty thieves, burglars and others regardless of race or ethnic origin. In our county is is common to see the guy or gal, who a week ago had been arrested for B&E or drug charges or DUI back on the streets again. And of course released into OUR neighborhoods, because really who wants them in theirs right?

    We are getting really really tired of this.

  12. Nick,
    The hypocrisy of phillyT’s comment is if this illegal alien had instead been a citizen that identified as a Republican or God forbid a Tea Party supporter or even worse, an Oathkeeper, he would be relentless in his pursuit of justice for the victim.

    Shame on JT? NO, shame on phillyT!

  13. Welcome to the Catch and Release program. Catch the criminals in the act, slap on the wrist….we don’t want to hurt any minority or criminals (but I repeat myself) feeling, so we return them to the wild so that they can continue to prey upon the public and oooh by the way get all the freebies and goodies that the hard working taxpayers are paying for.

    I think we are just about finished swirling the drain and are about to to down for the final count.

  14. We also have a major problem in the abuse of our asylum laws. Illegals have now figured out how to game the system better so that they can stay here legally. All they have to do if caught crossing illegally is to cry political asylum and they will be released with a green card and a date to show up for their hearing. Since I helped a friend enter the US illegally, I am not against such LEGITIMATE claims. He was fleeing from Iran and faced death if he was returned home. Of course the first thing he did once he got a place to stay, was to turn himself in to the INS, and start the process.

    The worst case of abuse I read about was the woman who claimed sanctuary in a church in Chicago. She had plead guilty to THREE felonies, and was to be deported in lieu of prison time. She went back on that and tried to stay. They finally caught her after she had run, and was deported. Her US born son went with her too. Now that he is 18 she came across the border, and claimed political asylum from Mexico, and was given a green card and a date for a hearing. That will be at least two years or more. She spent the years in Mexico denouncing the big bad US government along with her son. Now she has realized that her American son cannot get a good job in Mexico since he is not native born, even though he has Mexican citizenship. We should mandate that any felony conviction in the US should disqualify any person from making any claim of asylum here.

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