Police Seek Two Teenagers After Attack On 89-Year-Old Woman In England

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 4.57.54 PMWe have another shocking video posted by police seeking a vicious attack on an elderly person by teenagers.
The two girls attacked an 87-year-old woman who was punched in the face and had to be taken to the hospital.

Police have released CCTV footage of the “nasty” attack to try to track down the girls in the attack on Brighton Road in Coulsdon at around 3:20pm on Friday October 16.

Another passenger came to the aid of the elderly lady as the two girls fled. The release of the video appears to have worked. One girl has been arrested and another is being sought. The arrested girl however is 14 years old. That would like mean that she will face limited jail time.

This case present difficult questions with minors. My concern is that the attack on an elderly person like this shows a fundamental lack of humanity and control. A person who commits such a crime harbors a serious emotional problems in my view. If the photos above are after the attack, my concern is magnified even further by the virtually giddy image. Yet, minors in the United States are generally held until 18 in most serious crimes unless they are treated as adults given the nature of the offense. That can result in the release of someone with a dangerous and violent disposition. We recently saw such a case in the United States of a cowardly attack on a homeless woman.

It is difficult to balance the need to recognize the fact that these are minors with the gravity of the crime. What do you think?

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  1. Paul C. Schulte…..thanks Paul. I’ll try to watch that when I get my new bandwith “allowance”.
    A movie named “Bubba Ho-Tep” features Ossie Davis as an older JFK who actually survived the assassination attempt. An uneven movie, with some funny parts.

  2. Have her witness a couple of ‘bangers’ punch her grandmother in the face. Record it, and subject her to about a thousand viewings – Clockwork Orange style…. That should fix her.

  3. I think that Bobby was behind it.
    And that Bobby was killed by Freddie.
    Freddie Mac.
    And MLK was killed by J Edgar Hoover.
    And J Edgar died of HIV from his queer pal.
    Lindbergh never crossed the Atlantic.
    Man never walked on the moon.
    The Japanese deserved the A Bomb.
    Korematsu should not have been pardoned.
    All Muslims should leave the U.S. now.
    Trump and Putin need to get together.
    England needs to get rid of the Queeny.

  4. Ninian….Files may be trying to enhance his image with his fellow inmates by claiming that he shot JFK.
    Mark Lane was probably the first to cash in on conspiracy with his book RUSH TO JUDGEMENT. And there are numerous books about various conspiracies.
    I’d recommend Vincent Bugliosi’s RECLAIMING HISTORY, or Gerold Posner’s CASE CLOSED.
    I’m in the minority in that I think Oswald acted alone.

    1. Tom Nash – you might try watching the movie/documentary Interview with An Assassin.

      1. I think any assassin of JFK would not have left a bitten shell casing from a bullet at the scene of the crime. A professional would have removed all evidence from the scene of the crime.

  5. Oswald punched this old lady in the face, and he didn’t act alone. The way the punch was thrown–the angle, the force, the distance–means the Oswald had help. There must have been others who punched her. I hear that Oliver Stone is making a movie about this punch.

    JFK?????? Really?????? On this thread????? Some people are one-trick ponies.

  6. Ninian….there are at least 800 different “theories” as to who actually killed JFK.
    They all disagree with the Warren Commission, and mostly disagree with the other 799.
    It really didn’t matter what the Warren Commission decided…it would have been disputed in any case, especially when historical “knowledge” is dispensed by fantasies (as in Oliver Stone’s movie JFK.)

    1. Tom Nash: I understand what you mean and I guess you are a sceptic about this claim by James Files. It is interesting that no one else came forward making any serious claim to be the assassin?

      Is he trying to sell a book or something along those lines?

  7. Queeny, Queeny bo beanie..
    Banana fanna fo feenie..

    When I go to Britain its always the same..
    They bow to Queen and praise her name.
    Its Queen Bee, friggin f o b and Mary Mary is contrary…

  8. ninian

    You may be on to something. Send these losers to some desolate island, where they can feed on one another. By George, you’ve got it. Let’s catapult them there, and, if they miss landing on firm ground and, instead, land in the ocean, oh well. Problem solved, either way.

    1. KCFlemming: I am only trying to explain the measures that have been tried and the legal obstacles encountered. I’m not hitting anything with a hammer unless you volunteer to hold the nail.

  9. I couldn’t help but notice:

    While we are all so busy discussing what should be done with these two criminals, there is no real discussion of the victim. Quite typical, where the misguided emphasis is on trying to rehabilitate the offenders. What about the victim’s rehabilitation? What are the consequences for her? Silence. She’s just a cog in the wheel, and an old, useless one, at that.

    What was the aftermath of this brutal assault on the elderly VICTIM? Did the punch result in breaking her nose? Knocking out any teeth? Does she have any long-term effects from this assault? Migraines? Dizziness? Loss of cognitive function? Has this assault in any way, shape or form hastened her death? No one is asking THESE questions. How about a long diatribe on those questions, ninian?

    Yeah. Those questions are never asked. Let’s just keep worrying about these two miscreants. After all, they need our undying love and devotion.

  10. ninian

    While I am no mental health expert, I do know one thing: not everyone will neatly fit into your rehabilitation model. As Nick, so aptly, previously mentioned, some people are born sociopaths. Some people, as hard as it is to accept, are born without a conscience. I know, that doesn’t fit with the “all we need is love” theme, but a little homework, on your part, might give you a different perspective. Rehabilitation will work for some, but not for all. Society needs to be protected, permanently, from those who will never function appropriately outside the walls of some institution.

    1. Bam Bam. That’s what I am trying to say. If rehabilitation doesn’t work for some there has to be another solution for this group.

      A hundred and fifty years ago they were sent to Penal Colonies where their descendents became politicians. In fact Australia is the only country where there is pride in having a convict as an ancestor. This is where the affectionate term for the British comes from: POM (Prisoner of His Majesty). This pride even extends to the POMS back home on Blighty. When I found a Mary Peckitt was transported to Tasmania with her 2 children in 1837 I thought it might be for stealing a loaf of bread. But she had robbed a stagecoach of £8000 at gunpoint in Nuneaton. My family in the UK were thrilled when I broke the news. So having a convict in the family is apparently something to shout about – at least if it involves Australia.

      Nowadays Australia has closed it’s doors to the refugees it incarcerates. So we can’t send them there. And your House of Representatives are full in the US. 😄

      The point I am making is when time is served many re-offend. This doesn’t seem to happen in China to the same extent, so we need to register examine the issue of rehabilitation to make it effective. We don’t have the system of “Three Time Loser” in the UK. Maybe that is something to look at? This might mean that Parliament might have to run its debates from Brixton Prison 😨

        1. Paul C. Schulte : Yes the Chinese do shoot some of their trouble makers. But I’m talking about how they rehabilitate the ones they don’t shoot. It doesn’t involve torture but it is relentless behaviour management and it seems to work.

          I’m America you shoot your Presidents with a fair amount of regularity. I would like to digress if I may. I read an article about James Files and the Kennedy Assassination. Is there anything in this ?

  11. KCFleming

    You took the words right out of my mouth. These two barbarians, through their lawyers, of course, will attempt to justify their psychotic behavior by feigning victimization–they will most assuredly claim insidious and rampant societal oppression and disenfranchisement at the hands of all evil white people, thus lending them a pass to lash out at this lone, unarmed and frail elderly white individual. She, after all, deserves to be punished. She’s white and her ancestors were evil. Don’t you know that her forefathers spread smallpox by purposely dispensing infected blankets to the Indians? Yeah. She’s gonna pay for that. Even if it’s a total fabrication, keep saying it like it’s fact. Keeps the narrative going, where we can justify the cold blooded murder of police officers because evil whitey had it coming. Just like what we see happening in Columbia, Missouri, where mob rule has succeeded in forcing two individuals–both the president and the chancellor–from their posts? And, why? Because somewhere, on campus, allegedly, someone or some people acted inappropriately and used racial slurs. Instead of dealing with those who are guilty, as individuals, heads must roll, where anyone, of the wrong color, of course, can and will be the target of their ire. Emboldened by the rampant acts lawlessness and anarchy, which were accepted and dignified as acts of civil disobedience in places like Ferguson and Baltimore, mob rule was, once again, permitted to gain a foothold–this time on Mizzou’s campus. These institutions of so-called higher learning are definitely teaching one thing–mob rule is the way to go. Even if the target of that anger is unrelated to the commission of the alleged bad acts, no problem. Guilt by association.

    1. Bam Bam I share your anger but I don’t think the sentiments broker justice in this situation. Justice is required for the elderly victim without question and this should not be sacrificed by injustice for the perpetrators. Politics should stay out of the Law and the race card is an anathema.

      Sentencing needs to consist of two parts punishment and rehabilitation. Historically in the UK we have got both of these things wrong and I tried to explain why in the Bulger case.

      The stumbling block appears to be the perpetrators human rights which in effect prevent punishment. There seems to be little stomach for rehabilitation. I would say that rehabilitation in Chinese Jails appears to reduce Reiff ending and maybe their methods need to be looked at a little more seriously rather than ridiculed?

      I think that once punishment principles are accepted we need to examine rehabilitation on a more proactive manner, if the public is to have any chance of protection.

      You have your own solution in the USA – you shoot then. Problem solved….. ?

      1. ninian – you seem to think the USA is a single one with a single problem and a single solution. However, it is really 51 problems and 51 solutions. I have suggested more than once that you get a US civics book.

        1. Paul C Schulte:…. and that is precisely the problem 51 ways of getting it wrong.

  12. Notice how Ninian speaks about crime in the US in a post about crime in the UK?? He is as predictable as the tides.

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