Turkish Fans Disrupt Moment of Silence For Paris Victims With Boos and Calls Of Allahu Akbar

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 6.58.59 AMUsually moments of silence are solemn and dignified events that can help heal wounds left in the aftermath of tragedies. Two such occasions this week however show how they can leave troubled feelings in their wake. The first blown event was G-20 Moment of Silence for the victims in Paris. The problem is that it turned out to be a G-19 Moment of Silence because President Obama walked in late. While one would hope that this deeply symbolic moment would be sufficiently important to get the President there on time, problems can occur. Yet, this President has been criticized for years for being consistently late to events, which shows a lack of respect as well as organization. This is one of the worst such failures in a long line of delayed arrivals. The second incident was far more disturbing in Turkey.

Before the soccer game between Turkey and Greece, the officials called for a moment of silence for the Paris victims. The response from Turkish fans was to start yelling “Allahu Akbar” in Istanbul and booing the expression of sympathy for the hundreds of dead and wounded victims of the attack by Muslim extremists.

The scene at the Basaksehir Fatih Terim Stadium in Istanbul was deeply disturbing and Turkey manager Fatih Terim was quoted as saying: “Our fans should have behaved during the one minute silence.” That is an understatement.

I understand that, like American football games, fans at soccer games are not necessarily the best behaved crowd. However, this raises more obvious concerns for many who have watched changes in Turkey under the current government. The attacks have been widely condemned by Islamic scholars and groups — making this response even more disconcerting.

It is deeply concerning that, even with a disgusting massacre of innocent people like the one in Paris, many fans would still see their allegiance with the murderers due to religion. It also deepens the concern of the impact of the disastrous tenure of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan who has fueled the rise of Islamic parties in that country. 220px-Recep_Tayyip_ErdoganWe have been following the gradual erosion of Turkey as a symbol of secularism in the Islamic world under Erdogan. Erdogan was elected by Muslim parties and has steadily broken down secular traditions and introduced more and more Islamic influences in government.

I often write about my great love for Turkey and Istanbul, a city that defies description for its beauty and history. I have been fortunate to visit Turkey and I have met many Muslim civil libertarians and secularists who have bravely resisted the encroachment of religion into their government. Erdogan has destroyed the one major Muslim country that showed that it was possible to have separation of mosque and state in a Muslim nation. The result seems to be a rise in extremists like those seen at the game. We have seen the same trend in countries like Pakistan where the government seeks to encourage but control religious parties despite rising extremist elements.

Unfortunately, this moment of silence spoke loudly about the direction of Turkey under Erdogan.

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  1. Once again, the narrative is about “extremists”–why is it that JT can’t seem to fathom that the Muslim “crowd” was booing and screaming, not just a few, lone extremists? Listen to the tape. It’s a roar. An isolated, single extremists? Hardly. Read the tepid response, by the manager, to the crowd’s conduct. This isn’t about extremists–it’s about a toxic ideology which, even in its most sanitized form, directly calls for and directs its adherents to kill infidels. A death cult, where adherents are promised paradise for murdering innocents. Remember, the “extremists” wouldn’t be attending a soccer match–extremists would shun such un-Islamic events. This was a stadium filled with the average Turkish guy–the one on the street, smoking cigarettes, doused in too much cologne and wearing tight American jeans. These are the “moderates” in Turkish society, but the MSM wants us to swallow the lie about those fringe societal members who are the extremists. It’s simply not true. As long as JT and others continue the fantasy narrative about how “extremists” are the problem, the West is signing its own death warrant.

  2. Erdogan fully supports IS (ISIS) 100% through arms, fighters, free border crossings, intelligence, medical treatment It’s time to stop Kowtowing to Erdogan.

    There are peaceful Islamist’s, but not when people like Erdogan aiding the wrong factions and making things worse and excusing the bad behavior.

  3. U.S. Turkey travel warning 2015

    The Department of State warns U.S. citizens traveling to or living in Turkey that the U.S. Consulate in Adana has authorized the
    voluntary departure of family members out of an abundance of caution following the commencement of U.S. military operations out of Incirlik Air Base in southern Turkey.

    I’m thinking a trip to Patagonia, Argentina is safer. Beautiful area too.

  4. Bubba was also notorious for being chronically late. In analyzing people I find people like Bubba and Obama who are chronically late do not fit the main profile of people multitasking and overwhelmed. They are of the group that think themselves better than everyone else. How many times have you heard sycophants of Bubba and Obama say, “They’re the smartest people in the room.” These types people surround themselves w/ sycophants. They make people wait to show ALL they are in control, they are better than you.

    There was a moment of silence @ the Packer game Sunday. ONE Cheesehead yelled “Muslims suck.” The Packer QB made note after the game of the wrongness of that ONE fan. Listen to the crowd @ this soccer game. It was Muslims who slaughtered the people in Paris. Our President cannot come to say that. And it was MANY Muslims dishonoring the victims. Those are the FACTS.

  5. “Erdogn” in Turk language means “without God”. Or without dog. The man needs guidance. NATO needs to kick Turkey out.

  6. If the US does not sponsor a new state for the Kurds along the southern border of Turkey, then Russia will. A Kurdistan of northern parts of Syria and Iraq would buffer Turkey from the nut case/thugs, create a homeland for those disenchanted Kurds in Turkey, and provide a jumping off place for the allies of the new country to wax the thugs. Hopefully this will happen under US sponsorship and not Russian. However, it is somewhat inevitable. Otherwise the Kurds that are growing in military strength and governing the areas more and more will be mightily peeved if it doesn’t. There are sides to back and then there are sides to back.

  7. The West needs to better understand what drives people’s commitment to their religion and everything associated with their religion,even when it slaughters non-believers or puts them in prisons and refugee camps subject to perpetual torture. The study should probably start with Israel, progress to violent Christian Fundamentalism, and then with that background, progress to a better understanding of Muslims.

  8. NeighborDave is usually one of the smartest persons in the room, and he usually gets there early so he can pick out a strategic seat (or standing spot). Of course, I never thought of that while I was doing it growing up, just realized it upon achieving old age. If you have to express that you are smart, you are not.
    Yes, this is a bunny trail, but that is what I see here – mostly.
    Too bad about the changes in Turkey. History is such a good teacher, but most humans just don’t learn well.

  9. So, just for fun, Bitchindog and Doglover, do you have an appreciation for the behavior of dogs when left on their own in an open field without humans influencing their behavior?
    I have realized that I am like a Pyrenees Mountain Dog: satisfied with the status quo unless a threat emerges. In such instance the next step by me is not a choice.
    Just having fun with the dog theme. (all people exhibit some dog tendencies if you care to spot them)

  10. John Kerry said yesterday there was a “legitimacy” to the Charlie Hebdo attack. This is a glimpse into the mindset of the Obama Administration.

  11. …to a better understanding of Muslims.

    The first step should be to stop thinking of “Muslims” as one unified religious group. They are not, any more than Christians, Jews, Buddhists, or most other religious groups are. Many varieties make it confusing, but the misconception is aided by things like “Arabs” (although “Arabs” are a minority in the Muslim world) who are easy to notice due to appearance, language, and cultural distinctions. The more Westerners try to lump all varieties together the more recruitment tools they provide the radicals. Take Joe Sixpack Muslim and deny him/her a distinct identity and you remove the sense of “safety” in the larger world that they actually prefer….encouraging their “retreat” to ancient texts, myths, and consideration.

    I live among mostly Lebanese, Iraqi, and Yemeni Arab Muslims and I assure you that even that small population are very diverse in their relationships with each other and with you and me. Most are delightful people. Squeeze them in to one lump and you get tribal thought and behavior. I don’t know any Syrians and I am rather against sudden resettlement of Syrian “Refugees” in large numbers…so I don’t have an answer of any kind on that topic. I do wonder who is left minding the store in Syria? I do know one thing and that is that Syrians are not the same as the Lebanese, Iraqis, and Yemenis I know. When refugee migration is massive and caused primarily by their own oppressive people, I have to be suspect. At least I try to not lump all Arab Muslims together and claim they are the same. Not much I admit…but it’s a start, similar to the distinctions I had to make long ago half a world away. Everyone is not your enemy, but your enemy can hide among the ambivalent and again that makes it hard to distinguish one from the other.

  12. If anyone tells me that this isn’t a question of Muslims against the rest of us, this clearly answers that question. It is galling that we, the US, would have to jump to the defense of this country if it was attacked because it is a part of NATO. Disgusting.

  13. I completely agree with bam bam. The Western liberals cannot admit what has become increasingly clear – that these terrorist acts are not limited to Islamic extremists, but rather involve ordinary, non-religious Muslims. The family of the Paris brothers own a bar – obviously they are not particularly religious Muslims, much less fundamentalists. Others of the terrorists had arrest records for drugs, and one is believed to be female. The best thing that could happen to Turkey would be to run the Turks out and give the land to the Armenians.

  14. Right. Because extremism is the norm, not the exception in the Middle East. As we’ve seen from Patriot’s stream-of-consciousness posts on other threads.

    That is why I respect those who immigrate here who do want to leave that hatred behind. It’s so difficult to overcome brainwashing from birth.

    Turkey used to be more secular and cosmopolitan. I am saddened to see its downward slide to extremism, just like Egypt.

    Nick – I think Kerry redlined in outrageous on that comment.

    Aridog is right that there are a lot of differences among communities. Persians think that only back woods savages follow female genital mutilation. Plus a lot of young people in Iran yearn for more freedom, and are pushing the limits of the religious police. And yet, they start every school day in Iran chanting “Death to America! Death to Israel!” Those who come over here young or are born here usually integrate seamlessly, which is why it’s such a betrayal when a subset are radicalized in countries where they have prospered.

    Isaac: Sometimes it seems like everyone has tried to wipe out the Kurds at some point in the region. I too hope they get their own country.

  15. TinEar: They will never admit to the Armenian Genocide, because they don’t want to make reparations. And the US and the rest of the Western world will not insist upon it, because it’s been a rare, fairly friendly ally. That connection may fade, however, if the extremists continue to gain a foothold in the country.

  16. No real surprise. A lot of Turkish citizens, including the government, see the Kurds and the Assad regime as a much bigger threat to them than ISIS. In fact, Erdogan created ISIS to fight the Assad government and the Kurds.

    Now that ISIS is losing territory to the Kurds in Syria & Iraq – with the help of the West – I am sure there is a considerable amount of frustration among many hardline Turkish citizens and members of the government. Therefore, an attack on the West by ISIS will definitely be cheered by many Turks.

    When the dust settles on this mess, Turkey will be the big loser and they know it. The Syrian Kurds will be stronger than ever and will control mostly all of the northern Syrian border that connects to the southern border of Turkey. The same with the Iraqi Kurds, they control the northern border in Iraq that also connects to the southern border of Turkey and they will also be stronger than ever.

    As for the Assad regime, yes it will be replaced, but not by some hardline Sunni group supported by Turkey. The new government will probably involve a loose federation of different groups supported by Russia, Iran, and the West. Turkey will have very little, if any, influence in the new government.

  17. It is deeply concerning that, even with a disgusting massacre of innocent people like the one in Paris, many fans would still see their allegiance with the murderers due to religion.

    Get used to it and accept it. We are at war with Islam. Not just a few radicals who do the heavy lifting of killing, bombing and the actual terrorist actions, but with ALL of Islam and the Muslims who stand by and allow this to happen. Just holding up a cardboard sign on Facebook with the hash tag….#not in my name, doesn’t do diddly squat.

    Until the peaceful Muslims, in mass, denounce this terrorism, march in protest and have the majority of their religious leaders loudly and vociferously rail against murder and mayhem …..we must assume that they are either FOR it, as demonstrated by the crowd in Turkey who booed…..or that they like the “good” Germans in WWII are going to stand idly by while the world burns.,

    For their OWN safety the peaceful Muslims had better start doing something. And soon.

    We are AT war and all the wishing, hoping, concerned feelings are not going to make it go away.

  18. The first step should be to stop thinking of “Muslims” as one unified religious group

    @ Ari

    No. The first step should be for the “Muslims” to demonstrate that they are not all unified and show us that they are not behind the terrorists. Show us the differences and SHOW us that you are not in agreement.

    That is the first step and they need to act.

  19. Here’s what should be chanted back at them. Let’s just say, it has to do with making bootlaces out of barbarian skins and hoisting the cross above the Hagia Sophia.

  20. Obama and his administration, as well as most liberals have shown a complete lack of interest in protecting the United States from invasion, from illegal aliens, from importing (at great expense) possible Islamic terrorists who meld into the public into sleeper cells who want to kill us. Obama has refused to do anything at all constructive in the middle ease and has actually made it worse, creating this Syrian “refugee” crisis. His dithering is pathetic or worse, purposeful.

    I find it greatly ironic that the fight to push back on this war is coming from Russia and now France while the US, supposedly the strongest nation is sitting in the corner sucking its collective thumbs.

    It may be Putin and the Russian Orthodox Church, which has survived communism, that will lead the fight. Obama won’t. Obama has created a vacuum and someone will step in.

    Whether that is a good thing or not, since Putin isn’t really a “good guy” in the sense of the white hat cowboy coming to the rescue, and has his own agenda will be a thing to see in the future. Is our choice going to be cow to the Islamist and Sharia Law, or ally with Putin and a strong Mother Russia? I know which choice I would make.


  21. Aridog says:
    1, November 18, 2015 at 9:36 am
    …to a better understanding of Muslims.

    The first step should be to stop thinking of “Muslims” as one unified religious group. They are not, any more than Christians, Jews, Buddhists, or most other religious groups are. Many varieties make it confusing, but the misconception is aided by things like “Arabs” (although “Arabs” are a minority in the Muslim world) who are easy to notice due to appearance, language, and cultural distinctions.
    Thank you, again, Ari for being the voice of reason. It should be easily graspable but seems to challenge most people here.
    Arabs constitute 20% of Islam. Not that difficult to get.
    Syria was very a modern and secular of a nation (and as for civilization, do your research people, they are one of the oldest and advanced civilization), and they were sacrificed to the West’s lust for world domination.

    Interesting to see as usual Bambam and Karen defend extremist Judaism yesterday then attack Islam today!

  22. Phil S

    Turkey may have helped ISIS on but they did not create it. Pakistan helped the Taliban-armed them with tanks-to quell the tribal warring that was leaking over the border from Afghanistan into their areas. That worked for Pakistan until the ultra religious and inbred muslims morphed into al qaeda. This brought death and destruction to the taliban and al qaeda but also fueled their argument. Both ISIS and the Taliban resulted from the void and chaos created by the US in Iraq and Russia in Afghanistan. An oppressed people can always find recruits from the impoverished and otherwise useless dregs of their society. Who other than those who have nothing going for them would jump at the bait of being able to rape girls, chop off heads, and be big in this disgusting way? There is a dark side of the human condition here that goes beyond religion. Islam happens to be in bed with this dark side and that needs to be realized where ever it surfaces. The only good radical imam is a dead imam.

    The answer is to attack on all fronts: continue to admit refugees but enhance the verification process, use the moment to train and enhance the special force units from not just the US but France, GB, etc.-go in surgically in large numbers, wax as many as possible, take back the oil, and continue the bombing, arm the Kurds to the teeth and sponsor a country for them, increase the monitoring of suspects and remove all those who have contributed to ISIS-if a lad, regardless of ethnicity, goes to Syria and fights for ISIS then he or she should never be allowed back in, if someone is found to have been sending funds to ISIS then they should lose their citizenship and/or be imprisoned, establish safe zones for those refugees who are attempting to leave Syria and Iraq and send back those who have entered Europe and the US without going through the proper immigration procedures. In short use every existing means but at an enhanced level.

    The time has come for the US to reduce its armed forces and recalibrate them based on special forces and surgical strikes. If there is ever a need for a half million man army to invade a country that can be put together quickly enough. The wars of the future will be the cutting out of cancers. The paradigm is the FFL in Africa. No one hears about a hundred or so Legionaires dropping in to wax belligerents. It is happening on a regular basis. The French have been doing it for a while. They just don’t publish it. That is counterproductive. A well coordinated series of strikes by thousand man special force groups in several spots all at once would do more to put ISIS down than any other move. It is the way of the future. The West needs to get with this program. As far as ‘boots on the ground’ and ‘sending our boys and girls into harm’s way’ goes, there are enough young men and women who yearn for this sort of action, regardless of the cause. It is nature’s way, use it.

  23. Po:

    I said Israel was not behind the 9/11 attacks. Is that what you consider defending extremist Judaism?

    Also, I have condemned Jews when they do wrong. I do not use religion, or politics, to suspend judgement. I said the Jewish rabbis statements in the above article were wrong. In another post I criticized Orthodox Jews for holding up an entire flight because they demanded to have their female neighboring passengers moved.

    I’ve also stated many times that Westernized, modern Muslims live quite peacefully here in the US, just like any other religion. I’ve had many Muslim friends, and enjoy many aspects about the culture. For me, as for most people, I only take issue with extremist Islam.

    From your documented behavior on this blog, you take great offense when I criticize extremism. That says a lot about your own beliefs.

    Can you imagine what Muslims, globally, would do if Jews tried to take over Mecca? If they strapped on suicide vests and blew it up periodically? Israel is Mecca to the Jews. Most Palestinians descend from Arab migrant workers who arrived to benefit from the British building projects as they worked on the Jewish Homeland. It has a few sacred sites to Muslims, but nowhere near Mecca.

    Israel has the right to exist. I oppose extremist Islam, especially when it stones women and drops gay men off of buildings. If that’s an extremist position to you, then you’ve destroyed your image as a moderate.

  24. DBQ: I recently watched an interview with the former intelligence advisor, who said the FBI currently has the manpower to follow about 68 to 70 suspects 24/7.

    Obama plans to import 10,000, 90% of which have no documents, the rest of which may have forged documents. They may be from Syria, they may not. Syria is a common training ground for terrorists. They could have worked for Assad torturing people, they could be jihadis, or they could be just desperate for a Western free life. There is no database of complete information on them to peruse. They’re just blank slates, coming from a region of high terrorist activity, where ISIS is active. The vast majority of them are young males.

    Just what is the intelligence community supposed to do to vet them? How much resources do we have to follow 10,000 and learn what they do when they get here? And what about those who have already arrived in European countries, who can now come here without a visa? The numbers are staggering. Resources to cover 70 people, and we have 10,000 more coming, with hundreds of thousands in the rest of Europe, now with access to the US.

    What could go wrong?

    I do think that real refugees, with no terrorist ties or inclinations, are welcome to come. But we have to have the time and the information to prove who they are.

    And isn’t it interesting that the wealthy Middle Eastern countries have absorbed none of them?

  25. Since I lived in Turkey for a couple of years at Incirlik AFB, I am dismayed to see the course of events in Turkey. When I was there, it was a military dictatorship imposed after killing the leftist Premier, and the Turks were not too happy about that. So we had three major anti-government riots there in which a lot of GIs had to run for our lives. The average Turk was not at all religious and the reforms Ataturk had instituted were popular and wide spread. The problem is that the US and Turkish military destroyed the left, and thus the only thing left in the political landscape was the right wing. This is similar to the result in Iran where a secular, democratic government was overthrown, and the Shah installed. The only place to protest or plot against the state of things was the mosque. Thus any left group was killed or exiled, while the religious right could organize under the cover of the mosque.

    The elite of Turkey was secular and controlled the military which made sure no dissent got out of hand for the elite. So my impression is that if you hate the government and the situation in your life, then Erdogen can pose as the one to change things since he is not secular and hates the West. So I was quite surprised to find no left wing party in the elections other than the Kurdish ones. That is not the way to change Joe Turk’s mind since it runs counter to the nationalism of most Turks. I wish I knew more, but I have limited contacts and knowledge of recent events. I found that the propaganda tries to use Ataturk as a rallying point and they go so far as to actually lie about him. I posted with one Turk who tried to claim he was a good Muslim, which is outlandish since he was a militant atheist and hated Islam. He leveled many mosques and got rid of the Muslim influence and land holdings in the course of his revolution. He also got rid of the Arabic alphabet the Turks had used and installed the Roman one.

  26. Saudi Arabia is the largest twitter user concerning posts about the greatness of ISIS. The USG just sold that nation a very large amount of deadly weapons. Why is that? Why did the stocks of the world’s weapons corporations go through the roof after the Paris attack? (see wikileaks)

    So far, none of the bombers are refugees from Syria. (see Glenn Greenwald)

    People cheering over the death of civilians is repulsive. US citizens should stop cheering the death of civilians by our own govt. In the same way, these spectators who evidently loved the bloodshed committed against Parisian civilians should stop their own madness. What is it about killing civilians that makes people proud of their nation or religion? To kill the innocent is an act of cowardice and cruelty. It shows weakness, not strength. To celebrate this cruelty and weakness is a sign that a person neither feels nor thinks with honor, justice or integrity.

  27. There still is a much greater probability that I might accidentally be killed by a crazed American gunman in my supermarket than by a jihadist anywhere in the USA. I am more fearful of the former than of the latter.

  28. Aux Larmes, Citoyens ?
    The day after the Islamic attacks on Paris, I wrote a poem (see below), instigated by the predictable plethora of resultant feel-good sappy and downright fraudulent turn-a-blind-eye cartoons, echoing Obama’s predictable feel-good, fraudulent, post-Paris platitudes, as in “…an attack not just on Paris, it’s an attack not just on the people of France, but this is an attack on all of humanity and the universal values we share.”
    Clearly, however, as others have noted, freedom of speech, freedom of expression, and vigorous debate—democracy’s very cornerstones—, for example, are NOT universally shared values. The Muslims who slaughtered 129 defenseless people in Paris did not share those values! Islam does NOT share those values! Do Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Syria, Iran, ISIS, and other Muslim nations share those values? Of course not! Millions of Muslims do not share those values! But Obama and many others, unable to fathom that reality, are entrenched in a multiculti-pro-Islamic, turn-a-blind-eye fantasy cocoon… spun by the Muslim Brotherhood.
    The plethora of feel-good cartoons fail to express what Islamists did in Paris… without evoking—even just slightly hinting—Islam as the culprit. Solidarity sadness, as a means of dealing with the horrendous Paris massacre, in a sense, is a cowardly escape, a cowardly multiculti-avoidance of the problem: the Quran. What motivated the terrorists? Islam motivated the terrorists! Obama should manifest the courage to alter his now infamous pro-Islamic statement “the future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam” to “the future must not belong to those who murder in the name of the prophet of Islam.” But he will not do that. Again, it is the multiculti-feel-good cocoon that blinds him. “Aux larmes, citoyens”? Mais non! “Aux armes, citoyens!”

    The Aftermath: Vacuity
Lame cartoonists,
    given voice by the lame press,
    cartoon the Paris terror attacks,
    producing… lame cartoons.
    What else is new, eh?

    But would it not have been better to keep
    the pens holstered, rather than sketching
    pitiful, ineffectual, PC-conform,
    feel-good affectation—
    a blind eye turned, Sharia-fine-tuned?

    And the hacks—Obama, Merkel, Hollande
    —spew their nauseous platitudes,
    ever spinning their failed policies,
    obsessed with their vapid egocentric legacies…
    What else is new, eh?
    For the cartoon I drew today, a composite of several lame cartoons with my right eyeball added, see wwwtheamericandissidentorg.blogspot.com

  29. Inside Every Liberal Is A Totalitarian Screaming To Get Out

    Caninophobic Muslim Suicide Bomber Blows Up Hero Police Dog
    Dogs are on the front lines in the war against Muslim terrorism
    November 18, 2015
    Daniel Greenfield

    Mohammed, the prophet of Islam, hated Jews, Christians and all non-Muslims. He also hated a long list of animals. Including dogs. In a rabid fit of Dogophobia, he even ordered his crazed murderous followers to kill all dogs. Or all black dogs.

    So it’s only fitting that dogs are on the front lines in the war against Muslim terrorism. Now a French anti-terror police dog was killed by a Muslim suicide bomber during the raids.

    An anti-terror police dog has died after being blown up by a female suicide bomber during a firefight with suspected ISIS militants behind the Paris massacre.

    The seven-year-old Belgian Shepherd named Diesel was killed during a raid by up to 100 police and soldiers on a flat in the French capital this morning.

    Diesel was sent in to the building to sniff out booby traps but was blown to pieces when a jihadi bride came out firing her AK-47 at police before detonating her suicide vest.

    Tributes quickly poured in to the decorated canine, with one police handler saying: ‘It’s a little like losing one of our colleagues.’

    One Twitter user said Diesel had ‘died to defend our colours’.

    The official profile for Police Nationale tweeted that Diesel ‘was killed by terrorists in the current operation in Saint-Denis’.

    The gunfight started at 4.30am when SWAT teams and special forces surrounded the building believing the architect of the massacres that killed 129 people, Abdelhamid Abaaoud, 27, was inside. It is not known if he is dead or alive.

    A woman ‘with long blonde hair’ who may be Abaaoud’s jihadi bride is said to have fired her AK-47 at police before blowing herself up as an assault squad first stormed the apartment block.

    Survivors of the Bataclan massacre where 89 people died insisted there was a female shooter.

    While Diesel was only a dog, she died a hero helping save lives. The human garbage that blew herself died trying to take lives because she was following the hateful words of a murderous 7th century warlord. (Considering that Muslim men get 72 virgins, I’m not sure what she was expecting to get.)

    Islamists like to taunt non-Muslims as being dogs, but they have made themselves less than dogs. A dog like Diesel has more value than all of them combined together will ever have. Her life is worth far more than theirs ever will. In her own way she contributed to mankind, while Muslim terrorists only seek to destroy human civilization for the sake of their barbaric beliefs.

    Kalb, or dog, is one of the worst possible insults in the Muslim world. Call a man Kalb or Kalb ibn Kalb, if you want the knives to come out. In Afghanistan, those who fled the Taliban and returned to help the Coalition rebuild the country are called “Sag shouey” or “Dog washers” since Americans are infidel dogs and the Afghans who cooperate with Americans are menial servants of the dogs.

    After Osama bin Laden’s execution, an imam of the Al-Aqsa mosque castigated the “Western dogs” who had done it. And as it turned out a dog actually did accompany the SEAL team that took down Osama. Unlike the billions spent on trying to win over Pakistanis and Afghans, who went on aiding terrorists anyway– the dogs remained true and loyal friends.

    On September 11th, among the first responders were our four footed friends who risked their lives clambering around the smoking rubble in search of survivors. Muslims believe that an angel cannot enter a home when a dog is inside. But after the Muslims had killed thousands of Americans, it was the dogs who acted as the angels finding the bodies where they could and helping give the families of the dead something to bury.

    When Muslims plot terrorist attacks, it is the bomb sniffing dogs who serve as the front line of defense against them. Military dogs walk the front lines searching out Taliban explosives and have become primary targets of enemy snipers. At airports, we would do much better to fire the TSA’s gropers and luggage thieves, and dump the naked scanners, and replace them with dogs. The enemy may fool our politicians, our clergy and our law enforcement– but they will never fool a dog.

    How can a dog tell the difference between a Muslim and a non-Muslim even when there are no racial or ethnic differences? There may be no physical differences, but there are moral ones. It may be the casual cruelty that Islam inculcates in its followers that is as visible in the body language and attitude to a sensitive animal– as a gun is to an airport metal detector.

    In Iran, visitors tell of dogs who could distinguish between Zoroastrians and Muslims; “In Sharifabad the dogs distinguished clearly between Moslem and Zoroastrian, and were prepared to go…full of hope, into a crowded Zoroastrian assembly, or to fall asleep trustfully in a Zoroastrian lane, but would flee as before Satan from a group of Moslem boys.”

    Dogs are good judges of character. So you can see why a monster like Mohammed hated them. He could fool his followers into thinking that he was a good man. But he couldn’t fool a dog.

  30. The turkish crowd does not respect dead people in France. Just imagine a moment of silence at a Dallas Cowboy football game for the dead in Afghanistan. A moment of silence at an NBA game for the dead in Syria. Just imagine anyone anywhere caring about people they have been taught to think of as pawns in a game of governments. If you don’t care about everyone across the whole world……… don’t expect them to care about you.
    Symbolism is far less crucial than actual actions ( or inactions ) in the real world.

    By the way, someone can be smart, realize they are smart and publicly say they are smart. Smartness comes in many different packages.

    Gus in Denver aka 99guspuppet

  31. Inside Every Liberal Is A Totalitarian Screaming To Get Out

    Obama Inc: Refuses to Give Law Enforcement Info on Syrian Refugees
    That’s how extreme Obama is
    November 18, 2015
    Daniel Greenfield

    Two points here.

    1. Obama Inc. is predictably refusing to slow down or stop Syrian migrant dumping in US states. Including those states which have said no to it.

    2. Obama Inc. is refusing to even work with Democratic governors who are pro-resettlement, like Jerry Brown in California, to provide local law enforcement with information about risks.

    In a call with senior Obama administration officials Tuesday evening, several governors demanded they be given access to information about Syrian refugees about to be resettled by the federal government in their states. Top White House officials refused…

    On the call several Republican governors and two Democrats — New Hampshire’s Maggie Hassan and California’s Jerry Brown — repeatedly pressed administration officials to share more information about Syrian refugees entering the United States. The governors wanted notifications whenever refugees were resettled in their states, as well as access to classified information collected when the refugees were vetted…

    That’s the surprising thing. Obama won’t even throw Jerry Brown a bone.

    Brown said he favored continuing to admit Syrian refugees but wanted the federal government to hand over information that would allow states to keep track of them, the GOP state official said.

    McDonough responded to Brown that there was currently no process in place to give states such information and the administration saw no reason to change the status quo. The non-governmental organizations that help resettle the refugees would have such information.

    Brown countered by noting that state law enforcement agencies have active investigations into suspected radicals and that information about incoming Syrian refugees could help maintain their awareness about potential radicalization. He suggested the U.S. had to adjust the way it operates in light of the Paris attacks.

    McDonough reiterated his confidence in the current process. While promising to consider what Brown and other senators had said, he emphasized that the administration had no plans to increase information sharing on refugees with states as of now.

    So now we have the White House openly saying that the VOLAGS that resettle migrants operate at a higher level than state governors and that states are excluded from the process. And Obama Inc. is refusing to cooperate with local law enforcement even when asked to do so by one of the most liberal governors in the country.

    That’s how extreme Obama is.

  32. Po … I am frequently criticized for what appears to be my defense of various groups others want to lump in a adversary group…when what I really advocate is getting to know them and distinguish the good from the bad as well as the ambivalent. Whether Arabs or Asians they are NOT all your friend, some really do hate you, for irrational reasons IMO, but knowing the difference is key. If you sweep any population in to one group, all good or all bad, you defeat the purpose of knowing them. And them knowing you. And we continue in a world of chaos. where our eyes are closed, on both sides, all sides.

  33. On that point, Obama is the epitome of the eyes closed mentality. He seems incapable of intellectual discrimination. Which is too bad given his high office.

  34. PO … BTW, I don’t think Karen S or Bam Bam are irrational. They have opinions and express them just as you or I do. That’s what we’re here for, or am I wrong?

  35. Ari

    I posted this earlier in response to your comment that we need to realize that all “muslims” are not the same. Yes. We do.

    BUT….the burden of showing us this lies on those “muslims” who have chosen to move to another country. In light of what has been happening and what IS happening, the moderate and peaceful muslims should be actively marching against the radical jihadist. If they want us to know the difference and to know them, then it is upon THEM to get out and educate us.

    Reaching out instead of remaining insular. Assimilating into the community and showing the people who they are. THEY cam here, not the other way around. It is on them. If they remain strangers, remain covered up and disdain to mingle, refuse to play by the laws and rules in the country that they have moved to….they will remain strangers and remain “the OTHER”. Dangerous to be “the other”.

    If they do not, in mass, loudly and repeatedly, make some sort of real showing that they do not stand with the radicals, I fear that it will not go well for them.

  36. The behavior of vast numbers of Turks, who are supposedly allied with us AND France, jeering at a moment of silence for a terrorist attack in Paris, does nothing to engender trust. The celebrations after terrorist attacks around the world further mistrust.

    We judge people by their actions, and Turkey’s commitment as an ally to the West just took a hit. The trend in the country is troubling.

    For comparison, I’ve voiced my concerns about terrorists slipping in with the Syrian refugees. And yet I was outraged that a journalist tripped a parent with a child fleeing Syria. I was crushed that the US bombed a Doctors Without Borders hospital, and I still want to know what happened. I grieved for the civilians lost, especially the kids, regardless of ethnicity. And although Putin is a grave concern, I was heartbroken that a Russian plane was destroyed by a terrorist bomb, with children aboard.

    I just can’t understand anyone who would be thrilled at harm befalling civilians, regardless of whose “team” they are on.

  37. Just as a point of information and not one of confrontation here, the Turks are ‘protesting’ that there are no moments of silence for the Muslims that have died in Syria.

  38. I think that The Donald or another hawkish republiCon will win the White House race because of the terrorist events. If you go back to the late fifties and sixties the Democrats were accused of being “soft on Communism” and therefore John Kennedy and LBJ got pushed into Vietnam. This has morphed over to the terror world. They are indeed a threat and indeed it will take humans on the ground to defeat them. Not boots on the ground. Obama is looking lame. The Frogs and Krauts are not standing up with any readiness to send human troops into Syria and Iraq. Bombing is not enough. This will shift the election in favor of The Donald or some other hawk. Hillary will have to start clamoring for human troops on the ground or she will get beat. It is real clear. We dogs can see things clearly.

  39. JFK criticized Eisenhower over a non-existent ” missile gap” with the Soviets.
    He also criticized Ike for allowing a Communist regime “90 miles from our shores”.
    Nobody “pushed” JFK or LBJ into Vietnam.

  40. Dog

    You’re right. It’ll mean war. We’ll win. But here’s the hard part. What happens after we win? If we leave, ISIL or some other will morph right back. If we stay, we will be surrounded by a population that hates us as oppressors and occupiers.

    We cannot win Part Two. Ever.

    You’re offended by some Turks being insufficiently sorrowful? You’re gonna have to face a whole lot more hard to come as we race down this path.

  41. And what’s so odd is that those that call to let loose the dogs of War, are absolutely terrified of Syrian refugees. Just like they were terrified of Ebola. And Mexicans with cantaloupe calves.

  42. Tom: The “soft on Communism” accusations made JFK and LBJ more militaristic. I am not saying JFK was “pushed” where he did not want to go. He did run for office on his PT 109 thing. And when he got into office he spent time with Marlyn Monroe and others. Nixon got us out of Nam but did it slowly. I am not sure that a Democrat President would have been able to leave Nam without taking a beating.
    Today there are those in both parties who do not want ground troop warfare in Syria and Iraq or other muddle east territories. But Obama is getting it really hard today because he has not started the ground war. The war is coming. The Dems wont win unless Obama puts the human troops on the ground soon in Iraq, Syria and the hard place. Obama is between Iraq and a hard place. If he does not go to war he will go out a lame duck and be called worse.
    Expect an attack in the U.S. any minute. I do think we will get hit soon.

  43. Washington Refines Its False Flag Operations — Paul Craig Roberts

    “The only benefactor of the Paris attack is the Western political establishment and Washington’s goal of unseating Assad in Syria. The Paris attack has removed the threat to the French, German, and British political establishments from the National Front, Pegida, and the UK Independence Party. The Paris attack has removed the threat to the US political establishment from Trump and Sanders. The Paris attack has advanced Washington’s goal of removing Assad from power.

    The answer to the Roman question, “cui bono,” is clear.

    But don’t expect to hear it from the Western media.”

  44. BitchinDog….There was a “cold warrior mentality” in the Democratic Party that I think was independent of any from Republican pressure to paint the Dems as “soft on Communism”.
    We had two long term Senators from Washington State…Jackson and Magnuson…who were of that mold.
    The Gene McCarthy or George McGovern “dovish” wing of the Democratic Party didn’t exist until the late 1960s.
    There was a really interesting exchange in the Oct. 21, 1960 Kennedy-Nixon debate.
    Nixon termed JFK’S plan to use Cuban exiles to “retake” Cuba as “dangerously irresponsible”. He specifically warned that such as invasion would be an open invitation for the Soviets to increase their presence in Cuba.
    (The transcript of this 10-21-1960 debate is online).
    In April 1961 we saw the Bay of Pigs fiasco, followed by the Cuban Missle Crisis 18 months later.
    In some respects, I think JFK was more hawkish than Nixon. I cite the comments in this debate as an instance where Nixon was actually advising caution and restraint, rather than egging JFK on to take aggressive stance.
    (I’m not a Nixon fan by any means…..this just happens to be a case where Nixon made some extremely accurate predictions, and was actually “dovish” compared to JFK.)

  45. It’s unfortunate that Hildegard continues to try to find conspiracies that don’t exist. First, if you remember, she posted another wackjob describing a video clip as proof that there was no massacre and that this whole episode was some sort of French play, where actors were playing the parts of victims. There was no massacre–just actors, playing parts. Remember that? Seems she’s jumped off that delusional mystery ride–probably because of the body count and the funerals. Now she’s posting a video relieving the Islamic terrorists of all responsibility, as this is some sort of widespread imperialist plot. F’ing nuts.

  46. The Salafist terror groups aka ‘Moderate Syrian rebels” have been armed and trained and financed by US, Israeli, and Saudi elements. That is verifiably true and there is an obvious geostrategic dynamic of NATO-Israel-Saudi-IS versus Russia-Iran-Syria-HIzballah. The negotatiator on NPR was pretending it was a three way negotiation but that’s transparently false. So give Hilde a break.

    HOWEVER, that does not mean that the CIA “controls” or orders any such thing as these terror attacks. I don’t believe that for a second. IT does mean that IS is a Frankenstein creation that was intended to destabilize Libya and Syria and it has done that quite well as intended and these are collateral damages.

    Do wise people think that the CIA or whomever the strategic dirty work planners are really care about western casualties? Of course they don’t. If big corporations count injured and dead consumers like numbers in their risk management equations, you can be sure the government powers that be don’t give a crap either.

    So we are all just peasants in the west and the façade of democratic self rule is a joke. The mere fact that neither the US nor the EU enforce borders against millions of illegal migrants shows that the laws are mostly aimed at fleecing and controlling the native populations by any means necessary including terror and migrant invasion. Our “Western” regimes are just as illegitimate as any.

  47. Dutch:

    “Just as a point of information and not one of confrontation here, the Turks are ‘protesting’ that there are no moments of silence for the Muslims that have died in Syria.” How do you know that was their motivation to yell “Allahu Akbar” during a moment of silence for terrorist attacks? Those attacks, by the way, very likely killed Muslims in Paris, too.

    In fact, the world was outraged when a journalist tripped a fleeing Syrian refugee with a child, so it’s not like they can say no one cares.

    As far as the occupation question, I have heard a proposal that we organize a Sunni occupation by Egyptians and Saudis. Of course, I always worry that this will just be extremists guarding extremists, but at least there won’t be an interminable occupation by the West. The ME should help clean up its messes. But can it, or will it devolve further?

  48. There has been a trend in the media and online that the Muslim community feels we don’t care enough about Syria. Shouting “Allahu Akbar” during a moment of silence for the victims of the terror attack in Paris is excused because we don’t have moment of silence for the Syrian dead. I have heard this multiple times in the media.

    I cry foul. Western nations are hemorrhaging inconceivable amounts of money, taking in hundreds of thousands of “Syrian” refugees who may, or may not, even be Syrian, and who may or may not be terrorists, while the Middle East has taken in zero of them, the last time I checked. To spend such vast money and resources, and then to be told that it’s just fine cheer on terrorist activities because the West “doesn’t care” is outrageous. We cannot buy in to such shenanigans to excuse extremist behavior, and cheering on terrorists is literally extremist.

    Do you know who actually doesn’t care about Syrian refugees? The wealthy Middle Eastern countries with plenty of wealth and land who won’t take in any of them.

  49. You humans need borders. And you dont need doctors without borders. Europe needs a navy to keep the Syrians on shore in Syria or where ever and Europe needs an army to go to Syria. Syria is not in the North Atlantic so NATO is off table. I am curious. Have the French fought since they surrendered to the Germans in May of 1940? That is 75 years ago by my math.

  50. Tom Nash

    Excuse me. May I say this. You are one confused individual. Kennedy expected to lose the 1960 election. Kennedy wasn’t prepared for the surprise gift his father gave him. Kennedy wasn’t briefed on the “Bay of Pigs” until he took office.

    In fact, Richard Nixon was Vice President for 8 years and fully aware of previous South American “operations,” the deteriorating situation in Cuba and the “Bay of Pigs” plan. Nixon supported those operations and plans.

    Kennedy was “green” and unprepared and failed to provide air support which led to operational failure and was perceived as betrayal by Dulles and the “Shadow Government.” Kennedy was subjected to the very same type of CIA foreign-regime-change operation as many other Latin American and foreign leaders for this act of omission.

    In just over 1,000 days, John F. Kennedy did not order withdrawals from Vietnam and American forces, that had been in Vietnam since the early 1950’s, continued operations during Kennedy’s 1,000 days.

  51. read the transcript of the Oct. 21, 1960 debate that I cited. It may clarify for you the candidates’ positions and JFK’s subsequent actions.

  52. JFK’s increase in U.S. Vietnam advisors took the U.S. up to 16,000 troops.. There were maybe 1,000 advisors there when he took office.

  53. BeldarTom Nash is of course correct…the French soldiers & military fought bravely in Vietnam, aka Indo-China, by then a place they did not recognize….and should not have been re-introduced to post WWII…a mistake by most Asian viewpoints. After 1954 the arbitrary borders drawn up in Geneva made the mess worse. The French politicians and journalists were the surrender monkeys (not the soldiers) … sound familiar? Paging Walter Cronkite down the road?

    I’m still convinced Vietnam didn’t have to happen had we (the west allies) not escorted the French back in to their “colony” when many therein were allied with us until that point. The French politicians of course welcome the re-introduction, and sent their young men to fight a war they had no legitimate purpose in all considered. The politicians didn’t show up and Dien Bien Phu was a result. The rest is history. A proper footnote for Vietnam is that originally there were at least 3 sides, the Southern Republicans, the Northern Communists, and the majority who just wished to be left alone and on their own. We westerners made that impossible post WWII.

    Both Bernard Fall and Jules Roy (very different viewpoints) have written excellent books on the subject…and I read most of their stuff before I went off to visit the place in the late 60’s, enlisting at age 26. The coincidence of joining the military relatively older than my contemporaries gave rise to me being referred to as “Lifer” even as a PFC by some of them. Knowing a bit of the history of Indo-China made my time easier in dealing with civilian and military nationals. It probably kept me alive during my brief sojourn. I’d say that in the time period, “Street Without Joy” by Bernard Fall was the most influential to me…at the time a college kid in the 60’s. It opened up more than one or two dimensions and I’m grateful for that.

    Frankly, I don’t see a “western solution” in the Middle East today…just too many mistakes to rectify, and with the introduction of religion in to the politics makes it worse.

    I’d love it if someone would write a cogent piece on any solution for the ME issues of today. It seems like War is the foregone conclusion, as it usually turns out in our crazy world. The question is, then, who & what comes after that war?

  54. forgotwhoiam .. I don’t agree that Tom Nash is confused. Those days were confusing times, to almost all of us who lived through them. Otherwise I don’t disagree with your comment. I do like the “Shadow Government” reference…which continues to this day….and not necessarily to our benefit, if at all. Having worked in DOD for a couple decades I can assure anyone interested that their is a senior bureaucracy trying very hard to run everything….no matter who is in office.

  55. Reuters and other news organizations got it wrong about what the moment of silence was for. It was not for Paris victims. It was for Turkish victims of the bombing in Ankara, Turkey. i don’t know whether this makes the event any more palatable. The booing is perceived to be from ultra-nationalists who blame the Ankara victims as being soft on the Kurds. Regardless, The Washington Post got the story right: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/worldviews/wp/2015/10/13/watch-turkish-soccer-fans-boo-minute-of-silence-for-ankara-terror-victims/

  56. I could be wrong, but you left out the “un” before chien.

    No doubt, po will correct me if I am committing a mistake in French. I’ve been away from it for years.

  57. p.s.
    GOP frontrunners are calling Syrian refugees digs ans suggest we close Mosks.

    Smell that Fascism.

    That Donald… Give Muslims ID cards? LoL
    All ISIS has to do is claim to be Mormon.

  58. In 1939… MS Saint Louis.
    America refused refugees fleeing war and sent them back home to face their own gas chambers.

    History repeats… GOP style.

  59. MAX-1 If this latest attack in Paris was an ISIS operation- and it appears that it was- then it seems to me that it makes more sense to attack ISIS strongholds in Syria and Iraq.
    But if you’re advocating dropping bombs on France and Belgium, feel free to make your case.
    I can’t see that you’ve done this so far.

  60. Aridog….actually, there are a number of people who would agree that Tom Nash “is confused”..
    But anybody who goes by “forgotwhoiam” may not be the best person to label others as “confused”.😊

  61. Liberals lie. Twelve of the Dems who voted for HR 4038 were from California, NY, CO., NJ, MA., OH, and RI. Doesn’t sound like “Dixie” to me. Of course, along w/ being liars, many liberals are dumber than a bag o’ hammers. The party of dumb liars. LOL!!

  62. Tom Nash, Engaging is not advisable. When someone dissembles they are not worth your valuable time. Ignoring is the most advisable plan.

  63. OK. I get that. I may be confused. But to reiterate, Kennedy did not “fundamentally transform” America’s course in Vietnam in the entire 1,000+ days he was in office. There will always be speculation and spin about the course Kennedy would have taken. My point is irrefutable, while he had 1,000+ days to do so, Kennedy did not materially alter or abruptly reverse course, 180 degrees, in Vietnam. He could have and he did not. I’m gonna take a wild guess that Country Joe And The Fish, for example, would have immediately ended any and all activities in Vietnam after 1 day in office, not 1,000+.

    “…read the transcript of the Oct. 21, 1960 debate that I cited. It may clarify for you the candidates’ positions and JFK’s subsequent actions.”

    There is something inherently wrong with a. listening to a politician, and b. believing a politician, especially during an election campaign. Nixon had 8 years of briefings and experience with Eisenhower and the Shadow Government as the Vice freaking President, while the playboy, Kennedy was partaking of dalliances and possibly receiving lessons on how to liaise with the Mob. I can’t account for political presentations in debates. I could care less. Bill Clinton told everyone that he “never had sex with that woman” and that Flight 800 experienced a “spontaneous fuel tank explosion”

    (BTW, we’ve flown the same plane with the same in-tank wiring for decades before, and for two decades after Flight 800, and every other in-flight, at-altitude-disintegration, by every other make and model of plane, was caused by a bomb – exactly how confused does the govt. think we are?).

    Funny, you’re probably of the school of thought that JFK was a hero on PT109 when it was he, his ego and his incompetence that caused his boat to be cut in half killing and endangering his crew. And what kind of war hero implores his father, the Ambassador to the Court of St. James’s, to finagle him the perilous assignment of taking a ski boat vacation in the South Pacific? Seriously? Talk about confusion.

    The only thing of significance that the cunning, well versed and experienced John F. Kennedy accomplished in 1,000+ days, was America’s sheepish removal from Turkey of vital electronic intelligence equipment used to spy on the USSR, in exchange for Khrushchev’s removal from Cuba of something Khrushchev installed in Cuba. Oops. Sounds a lot like Khrushchev roundly deceived and squarely dismantled the nerve and resolve of one John F. Kennedy, the naïve, ill-prepared, arrogant and egoistical, boy-President. Final score, Khrushchev 1, Kennedy 0 (holy geez, that sounds familiar in the current environment).

  64. Duly Posted On This Date

    Enough Contempt.

    May it be known that I, forgotwhoiam, just remembered precisely who I am, needless to say, ending my confusion, and that I, from this point forward, shall be known as John.

  65. To forgotwhoiam……If you can cite something from any of my comments that claims JFK fundamentally transformed the Vietnam War, do so.
    The 500-1000 troops Ike had in Vietnam, or the 16,000 troops Kennedy added, were not disproportionately crazy commitments.
    As opposed to the 500,000 ground combat troops LBJ added.
    The green light given to the coup overthrowing Diem was probably JFK’s most notable and consequential game changer in Vietnam. Rather than stabilizing the political situation in S. Vietnam, it ushered in a protracted period of multiple coups.
    I’m not sure what makes you think that I view JFK as a hero. Any aborted presidency is tough evaluate.
    His early stumbles with the Bay of Pigs and the disasterous Vienna meeting with Khrushchev stained his first year in office, to put it mildly.
    By 1963, I think he was becoming a good president.
    His speech at American University, the speech in West Berlin, and his TV address on civil rights (once he got on board and decided to seriously push for legislation in that area), went far beyond campaign promises or political posturing.
    I’d describe his record as “mixed”. For maybe 10 years after his assassination he was damn near canonized, but by the mid-1970s more realistic views of his record emerged.

  66. For those who think that HR 4038 means we are rejecting all refugees (and are completely racists weenies), here is a link to the actual bill:


    Which requires, “that supplemental certifications and background investigations be completed prior to the admission of certain aliens as refugees, and for other purposes.”

    Which sounds completely reasonable to the vast majority of people, since Syria is a training ground for terrorist organizations like ISIS, and Paris just suffered 6 coordinated terrorist attacks, of which one of the perpetrators claimed to be a Syrian refugee. And since many of the “refugees” are lying about their origins and are neither Syrian nor refugees.

    Again, most of this rhetoric is emotional, and not based on fact.

  67. It states that no refugee can be admitted until the FBI certifies they are safe, and there must be agreement between the FBI, and Director of National Intelligence. It basically requires these organizations to work together and share information.

    So…what’s the problem?

  68. At least one of the terrorists behind the Paris attack claimed to be a Syrian refugee. I say “claimed” because as we know, many people dumped their original identities and claimed to be Syrian refugees in order to gain easy access through immigration.

    ISIS claimed responsibility, saying “this is only the beginning.”

    And there are more than 8 people in the US that oppose a bill that will require vigorous screening, transparency, and cooperation among intelligence organizations in order to be very careful about who we let in? Really?


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